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The holidays are coming! Are you ready? Well, luckily for you, we’ve got a HUGE gift guide to give you ideas for everyone on your list. And even better, we are giving it all away!! That’s right!! You can win TONS of holiday gifts right here!! Here is just one of this year’s must have gifts! PicMonkey CHSIollage


I love going to the salon.  I love getting my hair washed (oh ok, I really like the scalp massage!) I love getting pampered.  But what I really love is walking out with my new do – that they always style up so nice and feeling like a million bucks.  You always end up walking out with the confidence and swagger of “yes, I DID just get my hair done.  Doesn’t it look fabulous?”

And then the next day comes and I try to get my hair to look like that again and it’s usually a big, fat, FAIL.  My hair just doesn’t want to cooperate with me!  Anyone else ever have this happen?!?!?

Well, I have a secret.  It’s not you.  It’s your styling tools.  By using salon, professional, quality tools you not only are able to recreate your favorite just-left-the-salon-look at home but they are even better for your hair than those junky tools.  My favorite tools all come from HSI Professional.  I’ve used their products in the past and I never have to worry about the straightener not heating up or the blow dryer not turning on.  Even after YEARS of use.  These products hold up to all of my daily demands and work perfectly each and every time.

And HSI (I’m SO excited!) has agreed to be included in this years 2013 Best of Bloggers Gift Guide Giveaway!! Which means one of you lucky readers will win a prize pack from them!  Want to know what is included?  I knew you would!!

1 The HSI Power Pro 1600 Hair Dryer is WONDERFUL.  I recently upgraded to this beautiful thing and I don’t spend anywhere near the time that I was blow drying my hair.  I love that it has 3 heat settings and 2 power settings as well.  It also has a cool shot that works instantly.  It is really light weight, easy and comfortable to hold which is great – especially if you have lots of long, thick hair to dry!  (You can learn more about this item or purchase this item here.)

2 HSI Professional’s Digital 1″ Hair Straightener makes doing my hair each morning, quick and easy!!  This comes with a free glove which means no more burning your hand when you are picking up your hot hair!! ( LOVE it – I thought at first it was a little silly or unnecessary but honestly, my hands are thanking me!!)  This straightener heats up super fast (and has a digital temperature which is SO nice!) and does a great job straightening.  It straightens without leaving your hair frizzy!  The cord swivels around and the straightener is really comfortable to use.  I honestly couldn’t imagine my mornings without this!! You can learn more about this product or purchase it here.


I straighten my hair everyday.  But sometimes if we are going out or I’m having a date night I want to have some nice, sexy curls.  But my hair is thick and I could always curl my hair and a few hours later they were gone.  So I always had to pass.  (Unless I wanted to go with helmet hair and use a whole thing of hair spray!!)   I tried this curling iron out anyways and I was so excited.  My hair didn’t frizz up like it usually does and my curls stayed much longer than they did with my old curling iron.  Don’t get me wrong, I still had to use hair spray but not nearly as much (you know, when I touched my hair it didn’t crunch!)  I love that it turns from blue to green when the curling iron is ready to go (which doesn’t take very long) and how easy it is to use.  This lady will be rocking the curls more often now!! To learn more about this product or to purchase click here.


Alright well I was REALLY skeptical about trying this Argan Oil.  I have the kind of hair that is really dry but if you use too much product or the wrong product it looks like a hot greasy mess.  But I tried it out.  And…..this has to be my favorite product EVER.  My hair is shiny (and not greasy!), smooth, softer, doesn’t look so dry and frizzy.  Basically….I feel like I have pretty hair!! This argan oil makes it easy to work with which I desperately needed!  Plus, I love that it helps protect my hair from the heating elements of my styling tools.  Because the last thing I need is more damage to my hair!!  I honestly think that this product should be in every lady’s bathroom!  To learn more about this product or to purchase click here.

So you want to win right?!?  On Dec. 4th you can!  One winner will win ALL of these great products PLUS tons of other great products in the Best of Bloggers Gift Guide Giveaway: Top Gifts for Women!  Seriously, don’t miss it!! It’s valued at over $1,000!!

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Disclaimer: I received these products from HSI Professional to review.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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