Earth Fare Now Open In Greenwood! (Plus a $50 gift card giveaway!)

Earth Fare is now in Greenwood

I have exciting news!  Earth Fare has opened a new location in Greenwood!  I was excited to visit the store before it opened and got to meet the teams that were putting everything together and getting the store ready for you to come shop!

Earth Fare Produce

When you walk into the store you are met by their produce department.  Everything looks delicious!  All of the food sold at Earth Fare is organic (and hormone free).  No GMO’s here!

Earth Fare Bulk Nuts PB

They offer tons of local and fresh food just ready for you!  They also have some unique things in their store.  Like in their bulk nut section you can not only have a mix of your favorite snack, but you can also add them to their grinders and make your own peanut butter!  It’s seriously SO good!

rainbow drops
Of course they have a bulk candy section too!  These are their milk chocolate rainbow drops.  They contain no artificial colors – they get their colors from vegetable juice!  They are seriously delicious!

Earth Fare Ravioli

One of my family’s favorite places is the Scoop Your Own Ravioli!

Earth Fare Mac and Cheezy Ravioli

They have really great flavors like this Mac & Cheezy Ravioli!

Earth Fare GF products

If you follow a gluten free diet then Earth Fare is a great place to pick up your groceries!  They are awesome about distinguishing their gluten free products by placing them on wood shelves and many times they will also have a tag!


Earth Fare Quality meat

The meat and seafood department at Earth Fare is fantastic!  The choices, the quality and the ideas behind the farming is right on.

Earth Fare home and beauty

Earth Fare doesn’t just carry food!  They offer a huge assortment of products for the home, beauty and vitamins/supplements! You can also pick up food to go (or eat in!) They have specials all the time (like Kids Eat Free!)  Earth Fare is definitely a place to go in and check out! And lucky for you, I have a $50 Earth Fare gift card to give away!  Good Luck!

   a Rafflecopter giveaway  

This post is brought to you by Earth Fare.  I was compensated for this post, however all opinions are 100% my own.

Daily List of Free Ebooks

daily list of free ebooks

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todays top deals

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Today’s Top Deals – Frozen Dresses, Disney Planes, $1.99 Women’s T-Shirts, Keens + MORE!

todays top deals

There are some really awesome deals today!  Get ready! :)

jane 1


Jane is rocking today! You can find all of these deals and more here.

Here are some of my favorites from today!

Lauren Heart Bracelet – $1.99
Elsa Inspired Lace Dress – $19.99
Frozen Inspired Tutu Dress – $14.99
Basic T-Shirt Blow Out! – $1.99
Infinity Scarves – $2.99
Rosebud earrings – $1.39
Bicycle Light (pack of 2) – $1.99
Monogrammed Racer Back Tank – $14.99



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Walgreens Get a Shot, Give a Shot – Getting Back to School Ready!

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Back to School Ready

I hate to think about it, but school is right around the corner.  Where did summer go?  The next few weeks will be filled for us with packing in the rest of summer vacation fun and sprinkle in some back to school readiness.


One of my favorite places to shop for back to school supplies is Walgreens!  It’s awesome.  I can pick up things I need and find great prices on things that Josh needs for back to school.  Their prices are great and the convenience can’t be beat!  Recently I learned something new!  Walgreens can help you with immunizations and getting the required vaccines!  I thought that it was only for things like the flu shot, but it’s not!  Your kids can get the immunizations they need for things like whopping cough, chicken pox, HPV and Meningitis.  (For more information click here!)  They can also help out with sports physicals!


Now I love this for a few reasons.  The first is, convience!  We are already at Walgreens picking up shampoo, perscriptions and pencils for school shopping!  There is no need to make a seperate trip to the doctors! Walgreens is quick and easy.  There is no appointment needed!  Also, most insurance is accepted and they will report back to your primary care physician to make sure that they get it in their records as well that the immunizations are complete.

I also love being able to get our vaccines at Walgreens because they have a really awesome program going right now!

get a shot give a shot

The Get a Shot, Give a Shot campaign is a collaboration between Walgreens and the UN program Shot@Life.  For every shot that Walgreens gives for back to school time, one lifesaving vaccine will be donated to a child in a third world country.  For those who can’t get the health treatment that they need, these vaccines are literally lifesavers!  Right now 1 in 5 children around the world lack access to these immunizations.  Thankfully we have come a long way with getting these immunizations to people who desperately need them (particularly in reducing cases of measles and polio), but there are still so many people out there who can use help.  And you can help partner with Walgreens to make a difference!


Now, nobody likes to get shots!  Even my son who is a rough and tough (on the outside!) 11 year old.  Another benefit to getting our immunizations done at Walgreens is that we can pick out some really cool bandages to take back with us.  And on the way out we can do a quick walk through the toy aisle.  Pokemon cards?  Skylanders?  Check!  A candy bar at checkout?  Yep!

And by the time we get to the car…he has already forgotten! :)

Keep back to school prep easy and get everything done in one place!  And make a difference while doing it!  #GiveAShot #CollectiveBias


Today’s Top Daily Deals

todays top deals

jane bubble necklace

I love my bubble necklace!  And today Jane has them on sale for only $6.99 each!  Seriously, there is no reason to not own them in every color! :) Get it here!

jane stockings
Also on Jane today, get a head start on Christmas!  These adorable burlap stockings are only $12.99 each – and that includes personalization!  Get it here!

pencil pouch 2

I think that this little bag is too cute!  It’s perfect for keeping in your purse, diaper bag, filling with make up or for back to school to hold pencils!  Best part?  It’s only $1.87 and will ship for FREE!!  (Get it here!)

pencil pouch 3

There are other patterns available too!  The pink is also only $1.87 with free shipping (get it here!)

pencil pouch

And this one is only $1.80 with free shipping!!  (Get it here!)




Today over at Best Buy you can pick up a $100 iTunes gift card for $85!  Perfect for putting back for the holidays!  (Get it here!)


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Today’s List of Free E-Books

daily list of free ebooks

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Moms Check In Week 2 – What do you wish you started earlier with your kids?


Moms Check In 1 Topic 5 moms  (1)

Last week we talked about chores and do your children do them.  This week we are on to another topic!  I absolutely am loving our Moms Check In series!  What is Moms Check In?  Well, each week we have a new topic and get the opinions of 5 bloggers.  It’s a fun way top know how other moms are handling situations and fun to get other mom’s perspectives and ideas!  We love to hear about what you think too!  We tweet answers all week on Twitter!

Moms Check In

So who are our Moms?

Amanda (@its_a_fab_life) is the mom of one boy and owns It’s a Fabulous Life, which is a one stop place for all things ‘Mom’.  You can find recipes, DIY projects, frugal living, parenting and more.

Jenni (@sweetpennies) is the mom of one boy and writes at Sweet Pennies From Haven.  Sweet Pennies From Heaven is a hearth and home website that focuses on recipes, crafts and creating a comfortable home.

Lindsay (@SeeMomClick) is the mom of two great kids and owner of See Mom Click.  She shares great deals, Disney happenings and recipes.

Stephanie (@spaceshipsLB) is the mom of one son and owns Spaceships and Laser Beams.  Spaceships and Laser Beams is a great site full of party ideas, crafts and more all with boys in mind!

This week our guest host is Esther (@couponcutting) from Coupon Cutting Mom!  She is the Mom of two girls (5 & 8).  Coupon Cutting Mom is full of deals, coupons, shopping trips, recipes, family activities and more.

You will want to make sure to check out all of our moms and follow along with Moms Check In on Twitter!


This week’s question was a tough one!  What is one thing you wish you started earlier with your kids?  Let’s see what the Mom’s said!  And don’t forget to let us know what YOU think!


  Amanda (@its_a_fab_life)

 Gosh that’s a hard one.  I wish that I would have started Josh on trying new foods more.  He was diagnosed with Autism and the doctor told us that having a sensory disorder can make different textures hard.  I was always so scared to push trying new foods on him.  But now at almost 11 the foods he eats are very limited (think no veggies and the only fruit he eats is a banana!)  We’ve started making him try a bite of something and he can do it! He may not like it, but he can do it.  I’m not sure it’s so much a sensory issue or if he’s just used to being able to eat PB&J all the time!  :) So we are for sure a work in progress!


Jenni (@sweetpennies)

I really wish I would have started getting him to sleep in his own room earlier. We knew we were creating a monster very early on, but it was so comforting having him sleep near us!! Breaking him of that was insanely difficult, but we finally did it!


 Lindsay (@SeeMomClick)

This is a tough one for me.  I don’t really think there’s anything my kids are behind on but there are a few things I wish they knew how to do. My almost 9-year old daughter has no interest whatsoever in learning to ride a bike.  Seems kind of late for her to learn but she just cares nothing about it so what can I do?  I also wish I’d handed them a knife earlier and taught them to cut up their own food. I think I spend more time serving them at mealtime than I do eating my own food!  One day I’ll be aching to cut up their potatoes again, right?!


stephanie Stephanie (@SpaceshipsLB)

I actually feel pretty good about the choices we’ve made for Sam so far. I mean, you can second-guess on issues but I’m a pretty relaxed mom overall so I don’t obsess about the should-of/could-of. You do your best for who you are at the time and trust that is good enough.  If you press me, I guess it might have been good to work on self-discipline earlier. Nothing heavy-duty…more in the realm of more chores, having intentional exercise as part of our daily routine sooner (we are doing that now), perhaps starting him in music lessons. I’m hoping he’ll want to play an instrument. Since Sam is almost five and growing in his abilities to understand and perform, I feel like we are entering a new season so there will naturally be new challenges and greater expectations.

Esther Esther (@CouponCutting)

I wish I would have started a chore chart and teaching my kids how to help with jobs around the house at a younger age. I realize now that small chores are a great way to start teaching a young kid responsibility and basic life skills but back when my kids were much younger I felt it was just easier for me to do the things like cleaning, laundry and other jobs around the house. Now when I ask them to fold their laundry or clean their bedroom I feel like I’m pulling teeth to get them to help.  My older daughter is almost 9 years old and she does a fairly good job of helping but my 5 year old has a wonderful ability of constantly trying to getting out of work and also trying to getting her sister to do both of their chores. If you have any great chore charts that have worked for your family I would love to hear about them.

What about you?  What do you wish you would have started earlier with your kids?  Let us know here or on Twitter!  Make sure to include #MomsCheckIn with your answer!  We will be tweeting your answers all week!


Next week’s topic is what is one thing you do for yourself?

Big thanks to Esther for being our guest host this week!  Want to co-host a week of Moms Check In with us? Fill out the form here!


What Does Your Summer Look Like?

Summer Has Begun

I’m sure you are well aware, but ….



When I was younger, I thought that the only people who cared about summer were kids and teachers.  But, how wrong I was!  I look forward to summer every year.  I love fall.  I really like spring.  And I even kind of like winter.

But summer time is special.   We can sleep in a little bit.    It’s time for the pool and going out on the lake.  It’s time for friends and BBQ’s.

Summer is special for kids.  But it’s important for adults too!  We were built for relationships and friendships.  There is no better time to be with people than summer!

Summer is here!  Jose Cuervo Iced Teagarita

Evey once in a while adults need to get together and have an adult drink.  Jose Cuervo makes this amazing new drink called an Iced Teagarita.    Jose Cuervo has always been the number one drink of choice to add to margaritas, but now there is a new way to drink it!  And it’s pretty amazing!  Iced Teagarita is a mix of the popular and classic lime flavored margarita, blended with Jose Cuervo Tequila and premium orange liqueur.  It’s mixed with a perfect iced tea blend and they add in the great taste of Jose Cuervo!  This is great for adding fruit to, but it’s also great just with some ice!  Seriously, it’s really delicious!!

what does your summer look like?  Jose Cuervo Iced Teagarita

I’m not a big drinker and I was honestly a little worried that the drink would be a little strong, but it was really perfectly blended!  It was just right for this lady!

Jose Cuervo Iced Teagarita

Last week I was really excited to see my little brother!  He was off in England about a month ago studying abroad and while he was there, he celebrated his birthday.  Not just any birthday, but his 21st birthday!  So I was super excited to catch up with him, hear about his trip and celebrate his belated birthday!

Happy Birthday Drew

So we poured ourselves a Jose Cuervo Iced Teagarita and sat on the back porch.   Is there really anything better than catching up with people you love on the porch in the middle of summer?  I think not!  It was awesome to see him.  I can’t believe my brother is so grown up! So this year, my summer looks like friends, family and enjoying life!  And I couldn’t be happier!

Iced Teagarita launched in May and is now available in stores!  It’s the perfect accessory for summer gatherings!  You can purchase it in two sizes,

  • 1.75L ($19.99 MRP)
  • 750ml ($12.99 MRP)

Keep up to date with Jose Cuervo by liking them on Facebook!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

I want to know!  What does your summer look like?

Daily List of Free Ebooks

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Moms Check In – Does Your Child Do Chores? #MomsCheckIn

Moms Check In 1 Topic 5 moms  (1)

I am so excited to share with you a new series we have been working on!  Welcome to Moms Check In!  Every Friday we will be posting a new topic and getting opinions from Moms.  But we also REALLY want to hear your opinions!  Follow us on Twitter (@MomsCheckIn) and let us know what you think (make sure you use #MomsCheckIn) and we will be tweeting them all week!

Moms Check In

So who are our Moms?

Amanda (@its_a_fab_life) is the mom of one boy and owns It’s a Fabulous Life, which is a one stop place for all things ‘Mom’.  You can find recipes, DIY projects, frugal living, parenting and more.

Jenni (@sweetpennies) is the mom of one boy and writes at Sweet Pennies From Haven.  Sweet Pennies From Heaven is a hearth and home website that focuses on recipes, crafts and creating a comfortable home.

Lindsay (@SeeMomClick) is the mom of two great kids and owner of See Mom Click.  She shares great deals, Disney happenings and recipes.

Stephanie (@spaceshipsLB) is the mom of one son and owns Spaceships and Laser Beams.  Spaceships and Laser Beams is a great site full of party ideas, crafts and more all with boys in mind!

And this week out guest panelist is Katelyn (@whatsupfagans) from What’s Up Fagans?  Katelyn  is a young mom of three young kids – twin four year old girls and a one year old boy! She’s busy maintaining the mayhem, cleaning the house, blogging, reading books, couponing, and finding a balance to it all. She writes about simple ways you can live better, especially as a wife, mother, homemaker, and Christian.

You will want to make sure to check out all of our moms and follow along with Moms Check In on Twitter!

Beautiful Blonde Toddler Boy Standing In Bucket Spring Cleaning Over White

This week’s topic is all about chores.  Do your children do chores?


I believe in chores!  I really do!  I honestly struggle with consistently doing chores, but we try.  Josh is 11 and he makes his bed, keeps his room picked up, helps feed the pets, and to clean out his fish tank.  I’m really lucky in that if I need him to do something and help me he will no questions asked.  I need to be  better about making it more consistent and expected.
-Amanda (@its_a_fab_life)


My little guy doesn’t have lots of chores at this point but he does have the responsibility of picking up his bedroom and the toys through the rest of the house. Each night we spend about 5 to 10 minutes picking up before bedtime. The older he gets, for SURE – the more chores he’ll have!
-Jenni (@sweetpennies)


We really don’t have a formal chore list for the kids.  There are certain expectations we have of them just because they’re part of the family.  So every day they’ll make their beds, clean up their rooms, and pick up their toys when they’re done playing. Then we do other things as needed, like bring their dirty laundry to the laundry room and empty their hampers into the basket to be washed. One thing I’ve done over the summer to keep us productive is to tackle a project a day.  So far we’ve done things like clean out their desks, reorganize the coat closet, clean out and organize the pantry, and sort through their DVDs to see which ones we want to yard sale. They actually love it and ask me every day what our project will be! (And little by little I’m organizing the house with their help. Win!)
- Lindsay (@SeeMomClick)


My son, Sam, is just turning five. I’ve seen lists of chores for kids according to their ages; I could just say I’m not into child labor…but the truth is I think that is something I should pay a lot more attention to…soon. Sam does help pick up his toys at the end of the day and he puts his dirty clothes in the laundry. Since he’s my only, my mindset has pretty much been “I’m taking care of my baby” and it hasn’t seemed like a big deal to me just to buzz through and take care of things. But I do think it’s important for kids to learn responsibility and to be good stewards. I also think there is a lot of other learning going on in early childhood and so I haven’t been worried that he is lax in working around the house just yet!
-Stephanie (@SpaceshipsLB)

Katelyn Fagan Square Headshot(1)

Yes and no. I fully expect my four-year olds to help with household duties and to clean up any messes they make themselves, and think they are more than capable to do regular age-appropriate chores both assisted and unassisted, but I don’t have any sort of “chore chart” for them. I don’t  have a chore chart because I don’t want to have make up some sort of reward system for completed daily or weekly chores. I am trying to stay away from too much “reward” and “punishment” parenting tactics, because I don’t really want to make chores, a chore. Ideally, my children should want to clean and do chores because they understand it’s part of keeping a clean home and part of what it means to be in a family. In fact I actually prefer to clean my house while my kids are still awake and around, even if that seems counter-intuitive, because I want them to see me completing chores so they can see what goes on in maintaining a home and offer their help (which they often do).   I don’t want them to be or feel entitled. So, yes, my children help me around the house daily, but no, I don’t hold them accountable to a set chore chart.
-Katelyn (@whatsupfagans)

Little girl with big curls doing the dishes - smiling, wearing large gloves

 What about your house?  Do your children do chores?  We would LOVE to hear what you have to say!  Just make sure to use #MomsCheckIn with your answer!  We will be featuring your answers all week on Twitter!

Week 2

Next week’s topic:  What is one thing you would have started sooner with your child?  (Tough one!!)

Big thanks to Katelyn for joining us this week!  Want to co-host a week of Moms Check In with us?  Fill out the form here!