Neutral Love

Neutrals with a dash of color

I’m a big fan of neutrals.  It makes them so easy to mix and match for creating tons of looks.  Just change out the accessories for pops of color and it looks like an entirely new look!

original outfit

This was the original outfit.  I really liked the tote bag and I’m a huge white jeans lover!  I think that they look so crisp and clean.  Every closet needs a pair!

For our version, we were able to find some great look alikes!  The outfit has 10 pieces total and we got the final price down to $173.40 for the whole outfit!  Here are the pieces we used:


 The original cardigan was grey and white stripes and while I am a HUGE stripe fan, I decided to switch it up a bit this time.  Who doesn’t love chevron?  The answer is nobody hates chevron.  Nobody.   So this is a fun cardigan that you will want to wear all the time!

Get the cardigan from Maurices for $32.00 here!


 Everyone needs a set of basic tanks.  Target has some really great ones that are really long.  They are perfect for layering and are great for the budget too.

Get the tank here for as low as $8.00!


 Everyone needs a good pair of white jeans!  Crisp and clean –  these jeans are from Old Navy and are perfect!

Get the jeans here! 


 We have used this belt before, but that just goes to show you how a classic piece can be used time and time again!

Get the belt here for only $6.99!


 These stacked bracelets are another accessory that I love to wear – a lot!  Seriously, I bought these a few months ago and I wear them constantly!

Get the bracelets here for $4.99!


 These gold hoop earrings get an unexpected addition with the pearls.  These pretty earrings are just $24.99!

Get the earrings here! 


If there ever was a ‘summer’ style bag, this would be it!  Everyone needs this!

Get the handbag here!


Brown sandals are a must for everyone.  I really like the shade of these and the cutout on it.

Get the sandals here! 


 How gorgeous is this shade?  It’s called salmon, but the scarf is available in many, many other colors!

Get the scarf here for only $11.99!


 Summer wouldn’t be summer without sunglasses!  I love the glasses because they look good, but also because I’m known for losing my glasses and with these budget friendly prices I don’t have to stress!

Get the glasses here!

 Neutrals with a dash of color

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Thanks Fashion 4 Mom for creating this outfit for us!

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Why I Love Audiobooks (And Why You Will Too!)

Why I love Audiobooks and why you will too

I love reading.  Really is there much better than curling up with a good book, cuddled up under the blankets, sitting next to a fire while it’s snowing out?  Or let’s go tropical!  Is there anything more relaxing than laying on the beach or pool side, catching some sun, with your nose buried inside a book?

As much as I love reading, I honestly don’t get to enjoy it as often as I would like.  Trips to the actual book store a treat and don’t happen very often.  While I still love to hold a real book in my hands, e-books have quickly become a convienent way for me to have the latest reads.

I thought my problems were fixed.  But have you tried to read a book while on a treadmill?  Maybe it’s just me, but I loose my place all the time!  And if you want to exercise outside, forget it.  And that tropical scene we were talking about earlier?  Again, maybe it’s just me, but the sun has other plans for me and it doesn’t include reading.  Usually there is a glare on my tablet screen or I have to lay kind of funky.  No thank you.

In steps audiobooks!  Now, I can listen to my favorite books which means while I work out.  And while I’m on vacation.  And I can even catch up while I’m in my car!

Remember when you were little and the teacher would do different voices for all of the characters?  I loved that!  Didn’t you?  Audiobooks are narrated in ways that make the story completely come alive!

audible (1)

I personally really love Audible.  It allows you to listen anywhere at anytime.  Just download the free Audible app on your smartphone or tablet.  And can we talk about selection?  Audible has over 150,000 titles in every genre you can think of.  Best sellers?  Yep!  Classics?  Yes!  Children’s books?  You bet!

And speaking of children’s books…

Josh loves Audiobooks!  When we planned our vacation to New Hampshire it was awesome to have Audible.  Josh would pick out a book, listen to it on the way and when it was over he would just select a new book.  And we didn’t have to worry about losing library books or bringing (even more) stuff with us in the car!


When you start with Audible you get to try it out with a free book.  How cool is that?!  And be sure to check out Audible coupon codes!

And even better is that you can get 30 days free to Audible!  Hurry go try! (This offer is valid until 4/30)

Where will you listen to your Audiobooks?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of and Audible.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

What’s Inside Your Purse?

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WhenImHungry #CollectiveBias

whats in your purse

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I am running non-stop.  I get up early, drive Josh to school (with our two dogs in tow), stop by my Mom’s house to help her, run errands, work, run back to pick Josh up from school, go to the dog park, come home, make dinner, clean up dinner, and by then it’s time for this old lady to be in bed!

One thing that goes with me everywhere (besides my son and pups!) is my purse.  Let’s face it.  If you are anything like me you have anything and everything you could ever need in it.  In a pinch, my purse has something for me to Macgyver just about any situation.  It’s my safety net!

So I was curious.  What do you all keep in your purse?  Today, I’m sharing some of the things in mine!

  • My wallet.  Inside I keep the basics: cash, drivers license, credit cards, band-aids, all those shopper’s cards and of course, a bazillion receipts for mostly useless purchases.  (The important purchases?  Well, I’ve learned that somehow those receipts generally get thrown away.  Go figure huh?)
  • Hair Stuff.  Rubber band?  Check.  Back up rubber band?  Check.  Back up to the back up?  Check.  And if all else fails there is the clip.  Everyone should have a clip.


  • Make-up.  I don’t keep a lot of make up, but I do have the basics including my favorite lip gloss, foundation and mascara.  I usually have a few make-up brushes looming at the bottom of my bag too.
  • Video Camera.  Why?  Well, because my son insisted on bringing it with us to the park and once we got there he asked me to hold on to it.  That was last week.  It hasn’t moved.  Don’t judge.
  • Pens.  Usually you can’t find one, but they are there at the very bottom.  Chances are when you pull one out it won’t write, but just stick it back in the bag.  Who knows.  Maybe next time it will work!
  • A snack.  In my case I’m a little obsessed with SNICKERS Peanut Butter Squares.  (You should totally also check out the SNICKERS Extreme and SNICKERS Almond!) 

With all of the things on my Mom-To-Do-List, sometimes I forget to grab breakfast.  Or late afternoon I realize that the coffee I had this morning really wasn’t enough to hold me over.  I’m hungry!  With so much to do – ain’t nobody got time for that!   Hungry moms do crazy things!  Hungry moms say funny stuff!  Hungry moms are NOT a good thing!


I don’t want to be a hungry mom!  So I keep SNICKERS in my purse.  I pick one up when I am at the Speedway gas station.  Convenient huh?  Throw a couple in my bag and when I find myself being a crazy, hungry Mom, I can pull one out.  Have you had these?


The packages come with 4 squares of peanut butter bliss.


The squares are filled with peanut butter, peanuts, and caramel all covered in milk chocolate.  Pop one of these into your mouth and your Hungry Moment just slips away.

So I want to know!  What is in your purse?  Do you have something to keep the hungry moments away?


Coral Jeans

I love this outfit!  I love even more that it is budget friendly and that I can actually afford it!

 Coral is one of the hottest colors this year!  I love the combination of coral and grey.

I love this outfit!  I love even more that it is budget friendly and that I can actually afford it!

 Here is the original outfit that I found online.  Don’t you love it?

I love this outfit!  I love even more that it is budget friendly and that I can actually afford it!

I absolutely adore the color of these jeans!  I think that you will be able to wear these pants with so many different outfits and add a fun pop of color!

Get the pants here! 

I love this outfit!  I love even more that it is budget friendly and that I can actually afford it!

 Chambray tops are one of my favorite things right now.  This top is from Old Navy and perfect!

Get the shirt here!

I love this outfit!  I love even more that it is budget friendly and that I can actually afford it!

 To say I’m a tad obsessed with these shoes is an understatement!  The grey color is perfect and the white tribal details completely makes this shoe fun!

Get the shoes here! 

I love this outfit!  I love even more that it is budget friendly and that I can actually afford it!

We wanted to keep the accessories pretty neutral and low key for this outfit.  This boyfriend watch is a classic!

Get the watch here!

I love this outfit!  I love even more that it is budget friendly and that I can actually afford it!

This bracelet brings in a great look.  The different textures of the metals is fun, classic and sure to be worn a hundred times over!

Get the bracelet here!

I love this outfit!  I love even more that it is budget friendly and that I can actually afford it!

 Stamped jewelry has been popular for a while now.  It’s pretty and a great reminder!  Layer this bracelet with the other for a fun stacked look!

Get the bracelet here!

I love this outfit!  I love even more that it is budget friendly and that I can actually afford it!

One day I’ll have a jewelry box filled with diamonds, but right now my diamond money seems to be going to pay for things like birthday parties, summer camp and my Starbucks habit.  :) So until then, these will do!  (And psst!  You would never know they were under $20!)

Get the earrings here!

I love this outfit!  I love even more that it is budget friendly and that I can actually afford it!

 Isn’t this scarf pretty?  It is available in other colors as well, but I’m definitely swooning over the corals, pinks, purples and yellows!

Get the scarf here!

I love this outfit!  I love even more that it is budget friendly and that I can actually afford it!

 While I was looking for the perfect scarf for this outfit, I fell in love with a second scarf.  It wasn’t quite a look alike for the original outfit since it wasn’t a tribal print, but I wanted to include it!  Here is the outfit with the cross scarf.

You can get the scarf here.

I love this outfit!  I love even more that it is budget friendly and that I can actually afford it!

 Whether you choose the tribal scarf or the cross scarf, this outfit is super cute.   And as far as your budget goes, you can get the entire look for $221.17 for everything – the scarf, shirt, pants, earrings, both bracelets, the watch and the shoes!  Not bad! :)

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10 Pieces of Jewelry Under $3

10 pieces of jewelry under 3

Looking for some inexpensive jewelry?  Here is a list of 10 pieces all under $3.00 – shipped!

Tibetan Silver Leaf Shape Turquoise Crystal Drop Dangle Earrings $2.63 shipped

Heart shape dangle unique distorted pattern Ear Wire Hook Dangle Earrings $2.58 shipped

Amber Pendant Sweater Chain Necklace $2.33 shipped

Golden Single Row Crystal Ring $3 shipped

Austrian Crystals Wreath Bow Earrings $3 shipped

Stylish Artificial Gem Love Heart Shape Pendant Necklace $2.80 shipped

Infinity Owl Giraffe Key Friendship Leather Charm Bracelet Alloy $2.50 shipped

Infinity Love Heart Eiffel Tower Friendship Leather Charm Bracelet $2.19 shipped

Hollow Out Tibet Round Rimous Turquoise Pendant Chain Necklace $2.96 shipped

Tibetan Silver Flower Pattern Turquoise Feather Dangle Earrings $2.40 shipped

Thanks, Couponing For Freebies!

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Easy Gardening Tips We Love #MomsCheckIn

Easy gardening tips we love

It’s time!  Spring is here and everyone is getting their gardens ready!  Are you?  Here are some easy gardening tips that we love!  Share your best garden tip!  #MomsCheckIn


One of my favorite things about summer is growing our vegetable garden. The kids enjoy watching things go from a seed to real food, and I love being able to walk out the backdoor, grab some goodies out of the garden, and throw together dinner. Nothing better than a ripe garden tomato! And if you don’t have a green thumb, check out our lollipop garden. That’s an easy little project we had so much fun with!  Looking for more tips?  Here are lots of tips that we use! 

– Lindsay is the mom of 2 and author of See Mom Click.   She shares great deals, Disney happenings and recipes.  You can follow her on Twitter here!


I’ll be honest — I don’t have a green thumb. But I do love beautiful flowers and plants! I’ve learned that it’s ok to have a small garden with hearty plants. A big part of the joy for me is just watching Sam enjoy helping out and being outdoors. I’ll leave the big gardens to the pros and enjoy what’s growing in our backyard!

– Stephanie is the mom to Sam and the author of Spaceships and Laser Beams.  If you ever need party ideas her site is the place to visit!  Specializing in all things boy, it’s full of inspiration!  Follow her on Twitter here!


So – just being honest here….a full fledged garden didn’t work for us. We just weren’t disciplined enough to keep it weeded and watered, so we’re opting for small container gardens. They’re so much easier to keep up with. Here’s our beginner guide on container gardening!  It’s perfect for favorite produce like tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, peppers, and especially herbs.

– Jenni is the mom of one and the author of Sweet Pennies From Heaven.  A hearth and home website, Sweet Pennies From Heaven focuses on recipes, crafts and creating a comfortable home.  Follow her on Twitter here!


We love gardening! And by we, I really do mean we! I try to make it fun for Josh. Did you know you can regrow some vegetables? It’s been a fun science experiment. Our favorite to regrow so far has been avocados! As far as myself, we live in an apartment so we don’t have a yard. But I do have an Aerogarden that we have set up in our kitchen. It lets me grow herbs, vegetables and even flowers all year around!

– Amanda is the mom to Joshua and owns It’s a Fabulous Life.  If you are looking for a one stop place for all things mom, It’s a Fabulous Life is it!  Full of recipes, fashion, DIY projects, recipes and parenting articles it’s the place for all of Mom’s favorites to come together!  Follow her on Twitter here!

Do you plant a garden? What is your best tip?

Easy gardening tips we love

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5 Things I Couldn’t Be Without

5 Of My Favorite Things

 I thought it would be fun to do a weekly series on some of my favorite things.  So welcome to I’m Totally Obsessed With…

5 things

 So I know it might sound crazy – being obsessed with plastic containers.  But I am.  Completely!  When I cook dinner we usually have leftovers.  Now, I can pack them in these handy containers and I have my own freezer meals.  Plus, they are great for cooking ahead of time!  Delicious, portioned meals ready to go.  It’s been helping my budget and my weight!

5 things 2

 I’ve had this Yankee Red Raspberry Candle under our candle warmer non-stop this week.  It smells so delicious.  It smells like, well, summer.

5 things 3

 I’ve been watching House of Cards since it came out.  I just finished up the current season and now, I can.not.wait for the next season to start.  (Come on Netflix, hurry!)

5 things 4

 It has rained non-stop it seems like for the last week.  Rain, mud and puddles are everywhere and when you have a puppy who needs to be at the dog park rain boots become a necessity.  I’m beyond obsessed with these herringbone boots!  There are tons of other prints available – pick your print!

5 things 5

 I’m a huge Pandora fan, which is how I found Boyce Avenue.  I listen to them ALL the time!  Think your favorite songs redone to cool acoustic versions.   Seriously.  Love.


So you tell me.  What are you loving this week?

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Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes – A Perfect Earth Day Treat!

Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes - Earth Day Treat

 Earth Day is April 22nd and today I’m sharing these adorable Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes that are sure to make for a fun treat!  This is a super easy and cute dessert to make.  Served in mini terra-cotta pots they look just like the real thing!

These cupcakes would also be great for a gardening party!

Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes - Earth Day Treat

 You will need:

Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes - Earth Day Treat

 First you will need to make the cupcakes according to the box directions.  Let the cupcakes cool completely.  Place a cupcake in the wrapper into a mini terra-cotta pot.

Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes - Earth Day Treat

 Crush some Oreo cookies and put on top of the cupcakes.  It’s looking like dirt all ready!

Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes - Earth Day Treat

 Now comes the fun part!  Using the taffy or the airheads cut out leaves, blades of grass, or other sprouts.  Leave room for you to push them into the cupcakes.

Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes - Earth Day Treat

 Add to your cupcakes and ta da!

Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes - Earth Day Treat

 You have some adorable Earth Day treats!

Looking for some Earth Day books?

Here are some fun ideas that would go along well with these cupcakes.

how to replant your avocado pit2

Storing Green Onions

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12 Things To Fill A Lamp With – Decorating Ideas

fill a lamp

Recently we moved and I have been busy decorating our new home.  Everything is getting a makeover.  One thing that I recently bought was a fillable lamp for Joshua’s room.  Well, I originally purchased it for my living room, but it’s found a new home in Josh’s room.  I love it so much I’m thinking of still getting another one for the living room and a pair for my bedroom.  At first I thought that many of the same style lamps could be too much, but with so many different ways to decorate with them no to lamps will look the same!

You can buy your own fill-able lamp here.  You can also make your own lamp with a kit.  It’s easy to do and you can use any bottle or jar!

Here are some ideas that you can use to fill your lamps.


(Photo and idea from Info Barrel.)

Isn’t this seashell lamp just gorgeous?  I really like how the lamp base has a blue tint to it (like the ocean!) and the seashell lamp shade helps pull everything together.  What a great memento to collect shells and sands from your travels!  Or you can purchase shells inexpensively online.


(Photo and idea from At The Picket Fence)

This may be one of the sweetest ideas I’ve seen.  Have a young artist?  Then this DIY is for you (both)!  You will just need a white lamp shade and fabric markers or crayons.


(Photo and idea from Country Cottage.)

This is a look that I could definitely see myself using in my own home.  You could use succulents, driftwood, plants, moss or anything else you find on your nature walks.


(Photo and idea from Tidy Brown Wren.)

Have a sewing or craft room?  This spools are a great way to display your hobby and it is a great way to add a little dash of color!

Hint: You don’t need to buy all new spools of thread.  You can purchase a pack of empty spools and just wrap a bit of thread that you have around to make them look full.


(Idea and photo from Young House Love.)

I love this idea.  The one on the left is similar to what we are doing in Josh’s room!  (For Josh’s lamp we are filling it with video game characters and figurines!)  Fill a lamp for your kid’s room or play room with small toys, race cars, or characters.


(Photo and idea from The Mathis Family.)

I think that this is such a fun idea.  Fill your lamp with mementos from your wedding!  She filled it with things like her ring box, invitation, things from her bouquet, etc.  This is such a unique way to display items for your special day.


(Photo credit: Pinterest)

One of the best things about fillable vases is that you can change what goes in them, even for the holidays.  How pretty is this ornament display?


(Photo was found on Pinterest.)

Isn’t this the cutest?  Perfect for your favorite athlete’s room or for a man cave.  Baseballs, golf balls, hockey pucks, or  golf tees would all be perfect!


(Photo was found on Pinterest.)

The Pinterest user who uploaded this photo said that she filled a lamp with her mother’s cookie cutters.


(Photo and idea is from Seaside Style.)

Here is another lamp filled with little toys!  So much fun!


(Photo and idea from All Things G&D.)

Dress up your lamps for the holidays with this fun idea!  Scarves and bows make for a festive touch!  I think the bows could be used as a fun birthday surprise too!


 (Photo and idea is from BHG.)

This is another Christmas idea!  Absolutely beautiful!  Artificial snow, ornaments, sprigs of a Christmas tree and a favorite Christmas card make for an elegant and personal display.

 12 Things To Fill A Lamp With

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Let Kids Be Kids – Mess And All #FreeToBe

This post is a sponsored post written on behalf  of myself for all free & clear and Linqia.  All thoughts are 100% my own.

Let Kids Be Kids

 This week Josh is on Spring Break.  We just moved, we just got a dog, we just got a cat and basically, this year, I really didn’t have the energy to pack up and travel.  So it’s been a stay-cation Spring Break for us.  In my head I had plans for going to the zoo (which we did manage to get done!), hiking, trips to the parks, going geocaching and so on.  But obviously the weather has had other plans for us.  It’s rained EVERYDAY!  And the forecast is saying rain everyday for the rest of the week.


But a little rain never hurt anyone!  Right?  And mud?  Josh and Lincoln seem to laugh in mud’s face!




 There are two things that make this little dog’s heart pitter patter more than anything else in the world.  The first is playing ball.  We are still working on the whole bringing it back thing (and dropping it!), but man, as soon as you throw it he flies through anything in his way to get to it!  Mud goes flying, grass gets kicked up, and yes, he’s even been known to run into people (or dogs) who get in his way.  He obviously has his eye on that ball and nothing else!


 His butt goes in the air and his tail starts wagging.   He loves it.  There is only one other thing that makes him happier.

josh linc

 His boy.

josh lincoln 3

 Now I admit, when Josh came out in his new (white) t-shirt to wear today I was a tad nervous.  But it’s a cool shirt!  It’s new!  Of course he wanted to wear it!  What’s the point of having shirts if Mom just tells him he can’t wear them right?


 And I’m going to admit that when Josh laid down in his (white) shirt on the (very) muddy ground, the Mom in me wanted to be like ooooohh!  Quick!  Get up!


 It’s muddy!  You will ruin your shirt!  Grass + mud = laundry nightmare!


 I’m glad I didn’t say anything though.  Instead, I got to witness a boy and his dog.  Best friends.  Playing, talking and loving each other.


 And I would have missed capturing some pretty awesome moments!


 Because seriously…..who says no to this?


 Yes he got a little muddy.   (Or a lot muddy!)

Let Kids Be Kids

 But isn’t that what kids (and pups) are supposed to do!  And messes, mud, and grass stains are all why I have all free & clear on hand!  It’s super tough on those messes and super soft on skin.  Sensitive skin is in good hands with all free & clear!

all 2

 I personally use their whole line of products!


 And we have been super happy with them!  They have laundry boosters, laundry detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets.   It’s safe for he washing machines, safe for sensitive skin and is awesome for getting out stains!  Which means kids are free to be kids! I don’t have to try to choose between tough on stains and sensitive on skin anymore!

before and after


 All free and clear is here to help kids be #freetobe!  Be sure to check out their Facebook page to stay up to date on tips, news and promotions!