Boxtera Review & Giveaway – Healthy Snacks Delivered to Your Door!

Boxtera review and giveaway - Healthy Snacks Delivered to your door - AWESOME for my budget too!!!

I’m so excited to spill the beans!  A few weeks ago I got an invitation to be a Boxtera Blogger!  Yay!  Which means I get one of Boxtera’s awesome monthly subscription boxes sent my way to share with you and give one away!   Each month Boxtera fills a box with healthy snacks and mails it right to your door.  They use FULL size products which is awesome since lots of monthly boxes just do samples!

Boxtera - Healthy Snacks Delivered to your door!  Natural products and good for my budget!

Their products are designed to entice your taste buds by sending you one each of a salty, sweet, savory, sour and bitter snacks.  These are natural products with no trans fats, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors!

You can choose from their standard box (which I received) which includes 5 full size products for $19.99 each month or the family sized box which includes 10 full size products for $29.99.  (There is also a company size too!) Shipping is FREE!  That means you are paying between $3 and $4 for each full size snack to be delivered to your door! (Want a discount code?  Use APRILBOX for an additional 10% off!)

Boxtera review and giveaway pack - Healthy Natural Snacks delivered to your door!

My Boxtera Review

I have to say, one thing I loved about my box was that it was filled not only with good for you foods, but foods I probably wouldn’t have purchased at the store myself.  And they were all really good!  (If you find a snack you love and need more you can order individual bags on Boxtera’s website!)

Boxtera Review and Giveaway - BBQ Banana Chips

The first thing I pulled out of my box was a bag of BBQ Banana Chips.  They had run out of the toasted watermelon seeds so this was my surprise.  I will be honest.  The first thought I had when I read it was – ew.  Gross.  But I decided to be open and try it and guess what?  They were good!  Like you eat them in one sitting if you aren’t careful good!  They didn’t taste ‘banana-y’ but instead of a really good sweet BBQ flavor.  The fact that the BBQ was coated on a banana chip gave it a great texture and super crunch.

Boxtera Honey Almond Crunch

The next snack I pulled out was the Honey Almond Crunch.  This was the savory choice.  It’s a great snack mix filled with almonds, dried cinnamon apple, dried pineapple, cranberries, sesame sticks, and honey roasted peanuts.  This was my favorite!  I will have to order a few extra bags!  The mix of fruits and nuts were perfect!  Even if you don’t get a box – order a bag of this! :)

Dried Tangerine Slices - Boxtera

At this point I was super happy with my box!  And then I pulled out dried tangerine slices.  This was my ‘sour’ snack.  They start off nice and sweet and then at the end you get the sour!  They are AWESOME.

Wasabi Bean Medley Boxtera

The Wasabi Bean Medley is full of rice crackers, peanuts, sesame seeds, soybeans, almonds, lentils and black beans.  It’s got some Wasabi flavor!  I didn’t think the kids would be fans of it, but I was wrong!  The bag was gone pretty quickly!  I love that this snack packs in the protein!

Banana Ribbons - Boxtera

The last item in my box were these banana ribbons.  I was kind of excited – my son loves bananas.  The banana ribbons tasted good, but they have a big banana-y smell.  We ended up chopping them up and adding them to muffins and our oatmeal in the morning.  For us, it’s perfect!

Overall I was really impressed with Boxtera!  I’m super excited to get next month’s box and try out all the delicious snacks that will be arriving to my door!  I love the fact that they are all healthy snacks and I love the fact that we can eat healthy on a budget! (Not to mention they are shipped to my door!)

Want to sign up to receive Boxtera delivered to your home?  Click here.
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One lucky winner will receive a Boxtera Box of their own!  Good Luck!


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