Decorating with Succulents

decorating with succulents

I love having plants growing in our house.  If I could, I would be growing a rain forest in here. :) I’ve shared with you our celery plants, lettuce, and green onions.  We also have garlic growing as well as a few house plants, some African Violets, and always a bouquet of fresh flowers.  Right now my current obsession is succulents!

Succulents are really easy to grow and so many of them have such awesome ‘stories’.


This group of succulents I have planted in a clear hurricane (a short one – I bought it for $3.99 at TJ Maxx).  The green and red plant is called Pork and Beans (also known as Jelly Beans).

succulents 4

Don’t they look cool?

succulents 5

I have a lot of milk glass.  This giant one just screamed out to be planted in! Now since these aren’t planters make sure to some rocks in before the soil to help with drainage.  (Succulents don’t require a lot of water.)

succulents 6

Here is what are planted in that giant Milk Glass.  The bottom right succulent one of my favorites.  It feels like plastic.  And when you look down onto it you will see that it is actually translucent to help with photosynthesis.


These pretty ones I have in a planter in our window sill.  They are a gorgeous pink color.  You probably have noticed the pebbles on top.  They are there to help keep the soil moist longer as well as they look pretty!


Here is another milk glass succulent.  I love this one!  This plant is actually a main staple for the African Elephant’s diet!  How neat is that!

Here are some tips for planting succulents:

1. Use soil made specifically for cactus and succulent plants.  Succulents are really easy plants to take care of but they do need the right soil.  You can find it at any garden store.

2. Light and direct light are 2 different things!  As long as your plant gets sunlight it’s ok if they aren’t in direct sun all day!

3. Don’t over water or over fertilize.  Like I said easy going plants! :)

4. Get creative with your planters.  I had a milk glass collection and so I used it!  Just add a few rocks in the bottom to help with drainage and you will be good to go!

Succulents make a great impact at a small price!  The small ones cost me just $2.50 and the larger ones were $4.00 each at Walmart.  I got bags of rocks at the Dollar Tree.  Cheap, pretty and they last!

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  1. Stephanie says

    I like succulents too. I bought one last year already potted and set it on my side table in my living room. However, after several months of growth, the succulents had grown tall and were no longer their small danity rose-like shape anymore. In your experience does this always happen? This was my first time with succulents.


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