How To Save Money On Meat

How To Save Money On Meat - TONS of really great tips!  DO THIS ASAP!

It’s no secret that grocery prices have been increasing.  Luckily, your grocery bill is one of the easiest bills to reduce!  There are tons of tricks you can use to lower your bill, but today I’m going to teach you how to save money on meat.

Find Your Stock Up Price

The most important thing you need to know in saving on anything is to know when it is a good deal.  Think about it, if you don’t know what a good sale price is, how can really know it is a good deal?  This might seem a little intimidating at first, but just take it a few items at a time!  Next time you are at the store, pick a few items that you regularly like to purchase and write down the regular price of each item.  Then, write down how much they items were on sale for (if they are on sale).  Each week, when your store circular ads gets delivered write down the new sale price (again, if they are on sale).  After a few weeks, you will see begin to see how to store prices go in cycles.

Knowing your stock up prices and how often your store puts items on sale will help you determine when to buy and how much to buy until the next time that prices will hit your stock up price.

Which brings us to the second tip to save money on meat.

Buy in Bulk

Sometimes I feel like a stockbroker, buy low!  When your stock up price comes up stock up!

– Many stores also will sell ‘Family Packs’ that are cheaper per pound.  For our family, we just take them home and divide them up.

– Consider buying your meat from a farm.  You can purchase a whole or a half of a pig or cow.  If that is too much for your family or you don’t have access to a large enough freezer ask family members or friends to go in with you!


– Order online!  Did you know you can purchase online?  Zaycon Foods is a great place to get really fresh, great meat!  You simply sign up and check which products they have available in your area.  Then you place your order and drive to your local location to pick it up on delivery day!  They seriously have TONS of locations – I bet there is one near you!  (You can check here.)

Items are sold by the case (so again, if you need to go in with a friend!) and lots of times you can volunteer to work a few hours on delivery day to earn a credit on your next order!  (In the past I’ve seen credits for $15 for each hour worked!  Not too shabby!) The meat is fresh (their chicken is no hormones or additives added – LOVE that!) and at whole sale prices.  You do have to go home and portion it out and freeze but you save a bundle!

(For more information and to see what foods are currently available in your area visit here.)

Be On The Look Out For Discounted Meats

Even though we buy in bulk, while I’m at the store I like to keep my eye out for discounted meats.  You know the ones, with the sticker that says best if used or froze by tomorrow?  You can get great deals out there on mark downs!  Just be sure to use them that night or pop them in the freezer!

Ask your meat manager if they do their mark downs in the morning or in the evenings.  Knowing when to shop can save you a bundle!

Try a Different Cut

Buying boneless, skinless is nice but did you know you can often save a BIG chunk by buying bone in and skin on?  Or that if you buyer a cheaper cut of meat and cook it in your slow cooker it will come out nice and tender?  Don’t be intimidated by the different cuts of meat.  And if you have questions or want suggestions just ask your meat manager or butcher!  They are always great for giving advice!

How To Save Money On Meat - TONS of really great tips!  DO THIS ASAP!

Make Enough – But Not Too Much!

We have a small household – just 3 of us.  And I’m going to be honest – we are horrible about leftovers.  They get packaged with the best intentions.  And then they get thrown away.  For us, we don’t need a whole big tenderloin.  So when I get home, I cut it in half and freeze it!  We have plenty for dinner, but not enough for leftovers.  Which means nothing gets wasted!  Which means you not only save money on meat, but you save money on all of your food!

Shopping at night? 

If you find yourself making a dash to the store at night, check to see if the rotisserie chickens have been marked down!  Since these are made daily stores often marks them WAY down later in the evenings after the dinner rush.  Our stores will mark them down to 99¢ or $1.99!  They are perfect for taking home and shredding to add to salads, tacos, etc for lunch the next day or even dinner!

How To Save Money On Meat - TONS of really great tips!  DO THIS ASAP!

Cut Back On How Much Meat You Eat

Try implementing a Meatless night or serving the meat as a side dish rather than the main course.  (Think spaghetti with a side of meatballs or a yummy salad with some chicken.)  You can also try using less meat and adding things like beans or rice to your burgers.  Many times no one can tell that you added them!

What are your best tips for saving on meat?

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  1. says

    I can’t wait until we get a bigger freezer! We are planning on using Zaycon more often when we get moved into our new house. It is such a great deal on chicken all the time.

    I also track the prices of meat at each grocery store and when one location has it a lot less than the others; or regular price I stock up a lot of it at that time to tide us through the times when it is regular price.
    Amber Edwards recently posted…Karina Dresses #Dresstacular event 10; Win $1000 worth in Karina Dresses!My Profile

  2. says

    These are great tips! It’s sometimes difficult to buy something fresh without hurting your pocket. I love buying in bulk and this helps me save not just money, but time as well. :)

  3. says

    I’m all about finding the stock up price- but unfortunately we only have our tiny fridge freezer which doesn’t hold a whole lot, so I have to make sacrifices if I find a really great deal!
    Chelsea recently posted…wantable reviewMy Profile

  4. says

    We used to buy our meat in bulk at Costco – great value and the quality was excellent. We’ve given up meat this year so we don’t have that expense. I’ve heard that products go on 6 or 12 week cycles as to when their items are on sale. I’ve noticed it with Snapple cases, I only buy them when they are half-price and then I stock up!
    Debra recently posted…All Good AprilMy Profile

  5. says

    So glad to see we’re not the only house that’s horrible w/leftovers. That wasn’t the case when I had a teen boy at home, but it certainly is now, so we have to be careful w/how much we (haha, we, you know I mean “I”) cook. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  6. says

    I like the idea of buying in bulk. We drive to the meat market 30 minutes away that has great deals on meat occasionally. We tend to spend about $200 on that trip, but it’s enough to fill the freezer and we don’t need meat for many months after that!
    Theresa recently posted…Wordless Wednesday~ FrankensteinMy Profile

  7. says

    Great tips! I have done a lot of comparison shopping at the stores around me as well as taste testing and still find my best bet to be buying in bulk at Costco and using my deep freezer. However, once we purchased from Zaycon Foods and it was seriously the best chicken, ever. Now that they deliver to my neck of the woods I need to do that again!
    Katy Rawson recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Gateway ArchMy Profile

  8. Kristen says

    All Natural Chicken goes on sale at least once a month at our local ALDI. we always buy a ton of it at $1.49 a lb! We then freeze portions of it!

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