LIVE chat tomorrow night

Hey all!  It’s Friday — woo hoo!  This was week one of the mom challenge.  How is it going?  Are you excited about the new challenge starting next Monday?  I’ve gotten a few e-mails asking if I have a list of each weeks challenges.  I do, but I think I’m going with the element of surprise here! :) You will just have to tune in!
I was hoping that we could do a mom’s night each Saturday – to get together and chat.  If you are interested in having a chat tomorrow night (8pm EST) leave a comment and let me know!  If I get at least 5 people that would like to I’ll set it up! (The live chat would be in my community over at Blog Frog.  It’s FREE to sign up and an awesome place to meet up and chat!  Feel free to start a conversation and meet up with other moms!)
Plans for tomorrows chat: Find out how week one of the challenge is going! Tips on getting your kids to try new foods.  Teaching your kids manners – tips, ideas, what other moms are doing.  Conversation starters.  Some experts do’s and don’ts for your family dinner.
So let me know if this is something you gals are interested in doing by leaving a comment RSVP.  Can’t wait to chat tomorrow!

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