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Friday is quickly becoming my favorite day because I get to post another Moms Check In post!  It’s been so much fun getting to know everyone and learning about their households!  This week’s topic is all about Mom Confessions.  What do you have to confess? Want to know what we confessed to?  Keep reading!  But first, who is doing the confessing?

Moms Check In

Amanda is the mom of one boy and owns It’s a Fabulous Life, which is a one stop place for all things ‘Mom’.  You can find recipes, DIY projects, frugal living, parenting and more.  (Follow her on Facebook here!)

Jenni is the mom of one boy and writes at Sweet Pennies From Haven.  Sweet Pennies From Heaven is a hearth and home website that focuses on recipes, crafts and creating a comfortable home. (Follow her on Facebook here!)

Lindsay is the mom of two great kids and owner of See Mom Click.  She shares great deals, Disney happenings and recipes. (Follow her on Facebook here!)

Stephanie  is the mom of one son and owns Spaceships and Laser Beams.  Spaceships and Laser Beams is a great site full of party ideas, crafts and more all with boys in mind!  (Follow her on Facebook here!)

This week our guest host is Mary from Mission: To Save.  Mission: To Save is full of coupons, deals and freebies!  Not to mention fun DIY projects and recipes!  (Follow her on Facebook here!)

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Mom Confessions




Alright.  Let’s confess.  This is a no judgement zone right?  My child is SO picky.  We are talking the only fruit he will eat is a banana and he has MAYBE tried 3 or 4 veggies in his life.  He will eat ‘leaves’ (salad) with a gallon of Ranch on them, but that’s it.   He’s never even had corn or potatoes!  So my confession is…I let my child eat PB&J.  For breakfast.  Lunch.  And dinner.  Obviously not every night, but there have for sure been a few times where he eats it for multiple meals in a day.  I swear, we go through more peanut butter in a week at our house than most people go through in a year.

And before you send me angry emails, I do make him take vitamins and drink shakes to get some vitamins and minerals that he is otherwise lacking… :) Tips for picky eaters?  Bring them on!!


Oh geez.  Secret is out I guess.  Bedtime is my weakness.  We stay up late sometimes and so we let my son stay up too.  It’s been worse over the summer, but now that school is getting back in session  I need to work on getting back on a schedule.  It also doesn’t help that it doesn’t get dark until a little after 9:00 PM!


Why are you making me confess this? I sometimes hide my favorite food from the kids.  I love having a little treat after they go to bed and know that if they see my goodies (like a jar of Cookie Butter – I have issues with it) then they’ll help themselves. I can’t have that.  So I hide it! Now never tell my kids or I’ll be forced to find new hiding spots.  


I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants person. I like being spontaneous.  I think some of my creativity bubbles up out of that part of my personality. However, as a mom I recognize that kids need to have at least some structure and order. Sometimes I think I need to get more organized so things move along smoothly…but I’m also pretty laid back in temperament so the entire life organization thing eludes me. And I mostly don’t care!


I must confess…My house is usually a mess.  Sure I can make it look good for company or when we are leaving for vacation (because who wants to come home to laundry and a dirty floor), but on any given day- my house looks very “lived in”.  I tend to be a bit of a pack-rat (NOT a hoarder!) so I often have piles of things here and there.  I like to call it organized chaos.  Sure I would “like” to be more organized (that’s why I have a whole Pinterest Board devoted to it)  but right now, it’s not the priority.  For now, hanging with my fam, creating good food to sit down together to eat and building my business/blog mean more to me than the dust on that shelf.

Moms Check In

What about you?  What is your Mom confession?  Let us know and be entered to win an Amazon gift card!

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  1. samantha wagner says

    I have to confess that I tend to get grumpy on the nights when I’m tired and the kids just won’t go to bed. :)

  2. wendi says

    I yell entirely too much :( I feel like my kids just don’t listen if I’m not yelling. Sadly, it is likely my fault that they behave this way in the first place.

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