Re-Planting Your Kitchen Scraps: How to Re-Grow Romaine Lettuce

Regrowing Romaine Lettuce

If you have been keeping up with our Re-Planting Your Kitchen Scrap series here is a new one to add to your list!  Romaine lettuce.

It’s very simple to do.  Just cut about 3 inches from the base.  Stick them in a cup of water and place on a counter or in a window.

Regrowing romaine lettuce 2

These photos were taken 4 days after they were ‘planted’ in the water.

regrowing romaine lettuce 3

I will transplant these in a container probably in another 4-5 days when there is a little more growth.  I’ll be sure to update you with photos!

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    • amanda says

      I change it or just add to it when it gets low. It doesn’t take long until you can transplant it. Just make sure the bottom is always submerged!

  1. val says

    Last time I transplanted into dirt, it died. This time I have left it for nearly 3 weeks until I have some huge roots at the bottom and I will try again. Not sure if it matters how it was grown origincally..maybe mine was hydroponic? No probs w yours?

    • amanda says

      Val I haven’t had any trouble with mine. I’m not sure what happened. :( I’ve got some with HUGE roots that I need to transplant too! I ran out of pots! We still have ours growing from when I originally posted this article. Let me know if you have better luck!!

      • val says

        Can u post an updated pic? I am curious to compare. How big of pots do you use? Last time I used an old large yogurt container and put a few holes at the bottom. Was it not big enough? It seems this one already is starting to stalk in the middle instead of growing straight up all together, if that makes sense. Seems the leaves will only grow so large before new stalks appear and then they stop growing.

      • Anonymous says

        So I need to leave it in water till roots grow out and then plant in dirt or in water always?

        • amanda says

          I transplant mine in the dirt. They will continue to grow in water but do much better in the dirt!

          • val says

            Unless you’re me. LOL Again, transplanted to dirt and the bottom layers are dying and the top stalk keeps growing up and out more. Started thinking maybe it’s the sun where I live? I put it out of direct hot sun but not making a difference. Close to tossing this one again, the third time. I’d like to know if anyone has actually gotten leaves like you get in the store.

          • amanda says

            Val I’m not sure where you live or how warm it is? Lettuce typically doesn’t grow in the summer (in my experience when we’ve planted it in our garden – it is one of the first early spring plants and then again in then we plant it again for the fall) so maybe it’s too warm? As soon as I get photos taken I will make sure to let you know! :)

  2. Anonymous says

    I just want to drop this BIG tip for replanting. When replanting in water to establish roots, the transfer to soil is always a tricky process. Sometimes it works great, other times it struggles to survive and eventually dies. The reason is because of the type of roots that grow in water. Believe it or not, roots need oxygen. When they are in water, they don’t receive it and a different form of roots grows. Therefore, the trick to getting the plants roots to make a nice comfortable transition into soil is to make sure the soil is absolutely soaked for several days after the transplant. This will allow time for the small hairs on the roots to establish. Without these hairs your plant will always die. Hope it helps.

    Namaste :)

  3. Anonymous says

    Mine is almost dead over night after translating too :( It was pretty tall already and had a lot of roots.

  4. Dan says

    I stumbled onto this by accident. I have a worm farm and I’ve been throwing my romaine stumps into it. I looked today and I have about 5 stumps with roots and leaves growing on them. Apparently if you just put them in a dark, damp box with dirt they’ll start growing on their own…

  5. Diane Babcock says

    Mine sprouted out of the side and doesn’t look anything like Romaine lettuce. It now has yellow flowers on it. I’m really confused. Is this normal? Are there seeds within the “pod” that the flower is on? This was my first time trying to regrow this vegetable. It sprouted and I did transfer it into a pot with dirt and that brings us to the above situation.

  6. L Yakkel says

    If I’m planting them in containers, how deep does the dirt have to be? Also, mine are growing leaves out the top nicely, but I don’t see any roots yet. Do I have to wait for roots to put them in dirt?


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