Set up a Santa Cam and Catch Santa in Action!

(Some people have been asking where the Santa deal is! Once you are on Totsy’s main page it is currently on the 4th row of deals! Above Charlie Brown!)

Josh is 9 and still believes in Santa.  Although I think that part of the reason is due to some awesome technology!  First of all we’ve been doing the Santa Video Emails from PNP (Portable North Pole) for a few years now.  They are really awesome (and not that we would know from experience, but if you child is having a hard day – nothing changes their attitude quicker than an email from Santa!).  Plus they are free!

Also from PNP we do the phone call from Santa.  It’s only $3.99 but worth every penny!

Last year we tricky.  Josh believed but some of his friends at school told him that Santa wasn’t real (darn kids). So we set up a “Santa Cam” to catch Santa in action.  Santa On Camera allows you to take pictures, upload them and then place Santa in your photos!

You can take photos of your living room and add Santa. (We did one like this last year – Josh thought it was hilarious!)

You can add Santa to your roof, outside, eating cookies in the kitchen.  I’ve seen where people add Santa to their family pictures!

There are also Santas in their summer attire.  You can have a photo of them on the beach or add them to your children’s pictures during the year – Santa is always watching!

Usually photos are $9.99 – for one! But Totsy is having a sale on them and it’s $10 for 6 photos (that’s half off!) Photos have to be used by next Dec.  So you can use some for this year and then save a few for next year! (They do expire before Christmas next year so as soon as you get your tree up just remember to take a photo and add Santa.  Then just save it to your computer!)

We print our photos out – Josh took them to school last year to show everyone that yes, Santa is real.  :)

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