20 Things To Send To Your Child At Camp

20 Things To send to your child at camp - absolutely LOVE this!!! Plus - these are all awesome for at home this summer too!  So cool!

Summer Camps are beginning to be in full swing!  If your child is heading off on an adventure here is a quick list of 20 (yes! 20!) awesome ideas to add to their summer time care package.

No summer camp?  Then this list is full of 20 things to keep your kids busy this summer! :)

Either way - lots of fun things for a super fun summer!

BONUS!  If you are an Amazon Prime member (not a member?  Get a free trial here!) then this becomes even better!  Not only will you receive your free 2 day shipping, but you can actually put in your child’s address at camp and include a note!  Amazon will ship it directly to them!  Which means you don’t even have to pay shipping to get it to your child!  Awesome right?


Cootie Catcher Book


I used to make Cootie Catcher all the times!  This book will teach your kids how and it comes with 25 premade cootie catchers just waiting to tell the future!

cats cradle

Cats Cradle and Other Fantastic String Games - $13.46

Who knew you could have so much fun with a piece of string!  Well you can!


Anna Banana: 101 Jump Rope Rhymes - $7.19

When I was younger, I loved these books!  Jump Rope Rhymes (there is also a hand clap games book too!) are a fun way to play with your friends!

jump rope

Jump Rope - $6.98

What good is a jump rope rhyme book without a jump rope!  This one is easy to use, pack and ship!


It’s All About Me - Personality Quizzes For You And Your Friends - $15.25

This book is perfect for answering all of the tough questions like What Kind of Cookie Are You?  or find out 8 Ways To Tell If Your Parents Are Extraterrestrials.  All of the important stuff.

flip book

Flip Books - $12.95

In case you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of Klutz!  This Flip Book comes with everything you need to get started making your own flip book! Plus some perforated flip books ready to be torn out!

spot it

Spot it! - $10.95

Spot it! is a fun game that kids can play in their bunks!  Great for all ages!

Open Ended Toys - Toys to pick for your child that promote creativity and problem solving skills

Would You Rather & You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me! - $9.99 for both!

I am a huge fan of these games!  You will get lots of use and lots of laughs from these!


Fabric Markers - $9.86

Send your child with a plain t-shirt, hat or pillowcase and a pack of fabric markers for their new friends to sign!

glow sticks

Glow Sticks - $9.95

The quickest way to be dubbed World’s Coolest Mom is to have glow sticks.  It doesn’t matter if you have the bracelets, necklaces, sticks, shoe laces, glasses - if it glows, it’s cool!  Plus, with the prices on Amazon - you can stock up the whole camp!  100 glow sticks for less than $10?  Done!

mad libs madlibs

Mad Libs- Try  Camp Daze ($2.71) or Letters From Camp ($3.91)

Everyone loves Mad Libs!


Joke Books - We like the Jokelpedia ($10.76) or The Big Book of Laugh Out Loud Jokes For Kids ($8.99)

What do you get when you cross a bunch of kids and a joke book?

TONS of fun!!

robot talking hands

Talking Hand Temporary Tattoos - as low as $4.25 for a pack

Have you seen these?  Talking Hand tattoos are so much fun!  Chose from a huge variety - from robots to farm animals - and let your hands get talking!  I think a pack of these would keep a cabin full of kids pretty busy!


Smencils - $12.76 for 10

My kids love Smencils!  Send some fun Smencils and some stationary for kids to write home with.

spy camp


Books are a great item to send to your child!  And if you dare, send a book filled with ghost stories!

camp questions

The Camp Bunk Box of Questions - $9.98

This is one of my favorite items!  The Camp Bunk Box of Questions has 82 questions girls can ask each other!  Such a fun way for everyone to get to know each other!

camp journal

Camp Journal - $10.46

I really love this!  This camp journal (comes with a pen too!) has games, pages to write in and even postcards!  This would make for an awesome keepsake!


Wolly Willy - $3.77

Who doesn’t remember Willy?  Your kid will stay busy doodling up crazy hair do’s and facial hair!

magic 8

Magic 8 Ball - $8.25

What is a fun way to keep a cabin full of kids busy?  Have them ask questions on a Magic 8 Ball!


Mustaches - $2.32

Get a pack of 36 self adhesive mustaches for only $2.32!  That’s enough for the whole bunk house!  (These do not qualify for 2 day shipping so you will need to order these ahead of time!)

20 Things To Mail To Your Child At Camp - LOVE this!!! Plus - these are all awesome things for anytime during the summer - camp or no camp! :)  MUST DO!!!



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