2014 Health & Fitness Expo

2014 Channel 13's Health & Fitness Expo #Indy

When the Indy Geek Girls asked me to head over to the Channel 13’s 2014 Health and Fitness Expo I was pretty excited!  We weren’t able to make it last year and I heard really awesome things about it.  Before the expo started we chatted with the news team and even got to see their helicopter (and meet long time pilot Butch Bates!)


Inside, we were greeted by a few of the Colt’s Cheerleaders and got to see just how big and how many vendors were ready for us to explore!

nervousThere were lots of booths set up that did free health screenings.  You can learn all about your blood pressure, BMI, even oral health screenings!  This is a great place to start and can lead to new health goals or some important discussions with your doctor!  (Here Josh was getting a scan of part of his nervous system!  How cool!  I didn’t even know they could do that!)

Listening to the heart

There was more than just health screenings!  We learned a ton!  And the booths were great for the whole family!  At the Marian University booth they had tons of hands on activities to help teach about germs, the body and a glimpse inside the world of a doctor/nurse.  Josh really loved finding the heart beats and pulse!

Learning about Helmet Safety

We also learned about proper helmet safety.  Turns out that the helmet we used at home is to small!  So we are off today to buy another one that fits properly.

helmet safety picture

(Want to know if your child’s helmet - or your own - fits properly?  It’s a quick and easy check!)


Josh and I learned all about safety in the car.  Did you know that in Indiana kids need to be in a booster seat through age 8?  And that kids under 13 should be in the backseat.  Or do you know the safest seat in the back for the child to sit?  It’s in the middle! (As long as it has a lap belt and across the shoulder!)

We also got to learn about driving and the dangers of texting and driving.  Josh got to put on the simulator glasses and ‘drive’ with and without distractions.  He did fairly well!  He only was caught speeding twice.  But, sadly, he did run over a pedestrian.  It’s a good thing we have a few more years!

Learning CPR

At the 2 Nurses and a Dummy booth we got a quick hands on training of CPR.  It’s harder than it looks!  (You can find out about taking a class here!)

How old is this hamburger?

I promise you will not be able to guess!  This hamburger from a local fast food place is 7 years old!! And it’s been sitting in a garage!  YUCK!  I couldn’t believe it!  It goes to show the importance of clean food!


 In the same booth we saw this awesome growing planter!  She has everything from mustard greens to celery growing.  It grows indoors (this is actually from her living room!) so she can eat fresh vegetables all year around!

lupus research

 There were lots of great booths around for ways that you can not only get a good workout, but that you can help out great causes.  One of the booths that we stopped at was the Alliance for Lupus Research.  Did you know that this organization was created by one of the founders of Johnson and Johnson?  Joining the walk is free and Johnson and Johnson pay for all of the organizations costs.  That way 100% of the donations that they receive can go right to lupus research!  (The walk in Indianapolis is June 14.  You can get more information here.)

tennis racket

There was lots of activities for kids!  Josh played tennis not just once, but twice!

tennis indy

I absolutely loved the NJTL of Indianapolis! (It stands for National Junior Tennis League!) The prices are really awesome and NO child is turned away from learning and playing if they are having financial trouble.  There are summer leagues so make sure to check them out!  They are perfect for all levels!  Get more information here.

bike race collage

Nine13Sports had a really awesome display!  The bikes were connected to a television and you had to race your opponents!  Joshua was way into it!  No way was he letting any adults beat him! Nine13Sports is a nonprofit who helps bring bicycles and bicycle programs to kids!  You can learn more about them here.

There were also the Colt’s football training area, obstacle courses and MORE!


We couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to Rowdie - the Indianapolis Indians’ mascot!  (Check out their schedule here!)

 We had so much fun at the expo!  We can not wait to go again next year!


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    I have heard about health and fitness expos but never attended one. I had no idea they covered so much diverse information. And that hamburger, yikes! I am also no informed that my daughter’s helmet does not fit here properly. Thanks, next expo near me, I will plan on attending.
    Katy Rawson recently posted…March For Babies 2014 with #TeamKmartMy Profile

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    This is right up my alley I love going to health expos and love attending women xpos and almost any other type of expo it’s a great way to network with other people. I write a health blog and I think this is cool.

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      Oh wow! Did you cover it to keep out bugs or animals or anything? Or were they grossed out and didn’t want it either?! It’s amazing when you think of it. Makes you realize that is NOT the kind of fuel your body needs!


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