3 Easy Ways To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Your Kids

Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow!  What is Cinco de Mayo?  Well here is a quick history lesson.  Cinco de Mayo (which literally means 5th of May…fitting right?) is a day that celebrates the Mexican army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

While we don’t have an Mexican heritage in our family, I think that holidays like Cinco de Mayo are a great way to introduce kids to other heritages and cultures.  Here are 3 ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with kids this year.

Start with a breakfast surprise.

Start your morning with a fun breakfast.  I was at the store the other day and saw these Breakfast Burritos.  There are several flavors including egg, sausage and cheese and egg, sausage, potato and cheese.  Breakfast can be a busy time of the day, but these help make the job easier by being individually packaged and only taking a minute to heat up.  Plus, they are yummy! 

When your kiddos see their breakfast plate they will say burritos for breakfast?  And you can say, breakfast burritos!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Make maracas 

A quick craft can lead into a fun lesson!  Maracas can be made using lots of objects you have laying around!  Plastic cups, small plastic containers or even leftover plastic Easter eggs are perfect maracas material!  Fill with some rice or beans and secure shut.  Then shake, shake, shake!

Celebrate with a pinata!

Everyone loves a pinata!  After dinner surprise everyone with a pinata.  Did you know that the original pinatas were 7 point stars?  Today pinatas come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and characters!

Of course, other fun ideas include having a dinner filled with things like nachos or El Monterey taquitos.  Food is an important part of any celebration and Cinco de Mayo is no exception!

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Teaching our kids about other cultures?  Having fun?  Eating yummy food?  #MomWins for sure!


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