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5 Ideas For a Clean & Organized Refrigerator

5 ideas and tips for an organized refrigerator

Happy New Year! If you are like many people you are planning on how to make this your most organized year…EVER.

And to help you out, I’ve made a list of the best refrigerator organizing tips and hacks out there.refrigerator

Let’s start with something genius. Fridge Coasters! One of the worst chores in the house is scrubbing the refrigerator out. Let’s make 2015 the year to work smarter and not harder! We all have so many other things to be doing than scrubbing out the milk rings and globs of grape jelly. Now, you will still need to clean with this product but it makes it 100 times easier. Just clear off the Fridge Coaster, wipe and viola. You are done. Plus, the pop of color makes me happy!

These are super inexpensive and will really make things easier! You can even buy a different color coaster for different things (example, snacks go on blue coasters, veggies on the green coasters, etc).

fridge bins

Now that you have your shelves lined, lets get some organization going! I’m in love with these clear organizing tools from InterDesign. They make them in so many sizes, shape, and for just about any purpose. They are made to be able to stack on top of each other easily. They have handles so they are easy to move. Whether you are getting some to store your eggs, hold your wine bottles, or even to store your fruit there is a bin for it!

where to store

Not sure where to store your food? SquawkFox shows you where!

no baking soda


You can’t do all this work of cleaning and organizing your refrigerator and have it stink. (Or worse – your ice cubes and water taste gross!) This deodorizer is 50 times more powerful than a box of baking soda and will solve the stink (and taste) problems your freezer and refrigerator is having.


Want to add some instant shelves in your freezer (or refrigerator)? Take magazine files and place them sideways. Easy.

You can find some like shown above for under $3.50 on Amazon here.

(This idea is from the awesome Aunt Peaches!)

5 ideas and tips for an organized refrigerator

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  1. I like what you posted about storing food in the smartest spots of your refrigerator. I didn’t know that air needs to circulate around food to keep it cool. Usually, I just throw everything in one spot. I’ll try and keep my fridge properly stocked from now on, so it doesn’t get too crowded. Thanks for sharing!


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