Best of Bloggers 2013 Gift Guide Giveaway: RibbedTee

1The holidays are coming! Are you ready? Well, luckily for you, we’ve got a HUGE gift guide to give you ideas for everyone on your list. And even better, we are giving it all away!! That’s right!! You can win TONS of holiday gifts right here!! Here is just one of this year’s must have gifts!

If you are like me then your husband probably has undershirts you’ve bought at stores like Target or the fancy-schmancy ones from TJ Maxx.  You know the shirts I’m talking about.  The ones that start off white but end up being stained, stretched and after a while they get kind of rough after washing.  While an undershirt may not seem important - having a nice one will make a huge difference!  My husband didn’t even realize what he was missing until he tried RibbedTee!


RibbedTee is an online only store that sells the best undershirts.  Seriously - Esquire Magazine said so!  Celebrities like Will Smith love them - he even wears their tanks in Men in Black 3!


In fact, RibbedTees are becoming the tank/undershirt to wear in Hollywood being on Dwayne Johnson, Danny Trejo, Mickey Rourke, and Damian Whitewood (on Dancing With the Stars!).  Why?  Because this is the undershirt that men actually want to wear!

ribbed tee

Made in the US, this shirt is as fashionable as it is functional.  Made with super soft, super breathable natural fibers these are dubbed the most comfortable and breathable shirts ever.  RibbedTee makes sure their shirts have a close fit keeping men cool, dry and comfortable all day.  They have a longer length which helps them stay tucked in, a fit to prevent bunching around the arms and waist and the collar lays flat every time.

I admit - I was a little jealous of them.  When I pulled them out of the package…they are soft! Softer than any of my t-shirts!  I may have stolen one originally to sleep in.  And now, It’s my workout shirt.  It stays put when I’m working out and it’s SOO comfy.

The shirts start at $10 each which, yes, is more than I normally spend on my husband’s undershirts.  BUT — these actually last!  They are actually comfortable.  When you figure we were throwing shirts out about every 6 months - it’s easy to see how buying quality the first time saves you in the long run!

Here is a review I found on YouTube.  As you can see — men LOVE RibbedTee!

(Video is from Real Men Real Style)

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Disclaimer: I received a pack of RibbedTees for this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.