Bloggy Conference (part 1)

I’ve been in Cincinnati the past few days at Bloggy Con!  Oh my gosh.  Honestly, first of all let me just say that I felt so honored to even be in the presence of such awesome women (and a few great men!).  It was seriously a group of really talented and really caring people.  I learned so much and so much fun.  I am so thankful for the new friendships I made! 

The first day at Bloggy Con we listed to key note speaker Phil Hollows (Twitter: @phollows).  He started the company FeedBlitz.  His speech was so motivating!  

This is my favorite picture I got of Phil! He was telling us how when he started his company and then Google became his competition.  Those would probably be my thoughts exactly!! His whole speech was about believing in your company and yourself and how you CAN accomplish what you set out to do!  It was great!
I also listened to Andrea Deckard (@SavingLifestyle) talk about turning your brand into a business.  She’s a great business woman!! If you haven’t checked out her sites before you must!  They are Saving Lifestyle & she is also one of the great minds behind Savvy Blogging!
Allison Kulage (@BareKnuckleMktg) is a SEO genius and a great presenter!  I’m so techno-stupid but even I was able to understand!! A HUGE thanks goes out to her for that!!
We went on a few speed dates - this organizing session was a MUST hit for me!!
And then guess where we went?
Yeah!  We went to Johnny Rockets!!
And we had the entire restaurant to ourselves!  It was a giant Johnny Rockets Blogging Twitter fest! :)
Our Dream Board
Tricia was my roomie!  :) You can visit her site here.  Seriously she was a hoot!
Mother and daughter bloggers?  How cool is that?
I told you giant Twitter fest!!

The food was SO good!  If you’ve never been to Johnny Rockets before — you HAVE to go! :)

Nathan Engels (@weusecoupons) aka Mr. Coupon with his fries.  If you have never been to his site you must — visit it here.  He’s one of those BIG time bloggers - and was one of the nicest most down to earth people I’ve ever met!  In fact I stole him on Thursday to try to learn all of his secrets.  I really did - I held his swag bag hostage in my hotel room until he told me all kinds of stuff. LOL - no the truth is he got the bag for his wife and didn’t want to carry a Pink Thirty-One bag (they were SUPER cool!) as we walked downtown to Johnny Rockets! :) But I did make him give me advice for it back!!

Johnny Rockets isn’t just food - they dance!! All the servers did a great job! (those poor people had no idea when they were going into work that they were about to get their photos/videos take and uploaded onto 150 women’s blogs!! lol)

And the bloggers couldn’t be left out of the fun — so they got up and danced too!!
Honestly, it was so much fun! I know this is probably picture overload!! I’ll tell you about the rest of the trip tomorrow!! If you haven’t been to a blogging conference I really recommend Bloggy Con! It was informative, fun and while there were a lot of people there it was still small enough where I felt like I was able to talk and connect to everyone.  (Almost I think I missed a few people! BOO!)
If you went to Bloggy Con - what was your favorite part?? I thought Johnny Rockets was a blast!  Fun and I got to chat with everyone! :)


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    Great post Amanda and the pictures are wonderful. I loved Bloggy Con it was an amazing opportunity. I loved Johnny Rockets, but the friendships are what meant the most to me, especially meeting you, Katrina, Dollie and Honey. You were all an amazing bunch of women to hang out with. Thanks for all the great conversations.

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