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Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen: Before & After

When I was a teenager I used to love makeup, getting ready, doing my hair and trying out new looks. I remember getting up an hour, hour and half…..two hours early just to start getting ready. I wouldn’t go anywhere without being ‘ready’. Not even to the run an errand. Because after all, you never knew who you would run into.

Flash forward. Now my friends call and ask “What are you doing?” and my response is “I’m seeing if I’m at least on the low end of what is socially acceptable to run to the store.” Luckily I’m not alone, because her answer is “Oh my standards aren’t very high anymore.” Nope.


Listen – It’s more of a priority and I make an effort to do my hair and makeup more. But I’m busy. I’m a mom. I run a business. Working from home is amazing, but the hard part is actually to stop working. There is always one more thing. My beauty routine on most days is about as minimal as it comes (although I do like to go all out every once in a while!) and I need products that are perfect for keeping up with my lifestyle. And that includes everything from my skin care products to my toothbrush.

I have been absolutely loving my Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen that I have been using for the past few months. The bristles give me the perfect pressure for brushing. And the whitening pen starts yielding results in as little as 2 days. TWO days people!

And let’s talk about the genius design. It may look like a regular toothbrush, but it’s one of those things that makes you think “Why has this not been done before?!” The base of the toothbrush actually slides out of the toothbrush revealing the whitening pen. A couple clicks and you are ready to apply. The compact design makes it a breeze to travel with as well. You can apply the gel right after you brush. No waiting. And no rinsing. Seriously it only takes a few seconds making it a perfect match for my busy lifestyle.

does it work

But does it work? YES! Check out these before and afters! before (Excuse my I-totally-just-woke-up look!) And the after: after This is after about 3 months of use! These are definitely results that I’m thrilled with! This is is definitely a product that I plan on continuing to use. Want to win an awesome Colgate prize pack with your own Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen? We will be giving two sets away! a Rafflecopter giveaway How does the Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening pen fit into your daily beauty routine? Share your experience here and check out what other products Colgate Optic White has to offer!

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How To Brush Your Teeth Correctly

How to brush your teeth correctly - 4 brushing mistakes and how to avoid them

There are somethings that we have all been doing since we can remember, like brushing our teeth. But, has it ever occurred to you that maybe you aren’t doing it right? You may be surprised to learn that most of us make mistakes that can seriously affect your oral health. Did you know that there is a connection between oral health and heart disease? Yep! It’s not just about getting your pearly whites as bright and shiny as possible. It’s all about being your healthiest possible.



Electric Vs. Manual Toothbrush


Many dentists say that it isn’t as much the toothbrush but the brusher, however with the high tech brushes available today electric toothbrushes are designed to help the brusher be more effective. There was one study that showed that powered brushes had a positive effect on 80% of patient’s dental health.

Electric toothbrushes ensure that your brush strokes are consistently correct and can help balance out the right amount of pressure. Some can even give you feedback on making sure that all of your teeth were properly brushed and that you brushed for the correct amount of time.

(We really love the Oral-B 7000 Smart Series brush!)

And speaking of brushing for the correct amount of time……



Don’t underbrush…or over-brush.



The amount of time that you spend brushing is SO important. You should brush your teeth 3 times a day, but brushing twice is fully acceptable. You should also brush for 2 minutes, but not longer. It doesn’t take a lot of force to remove plaque, but if you press too hard you can very easily wear down enamel or . And you really don’t want to do that!

If your toothbrush doesn’t have a timer you can pick one up for just a few dollars. As far as monitoring pressure, this is where having a smart toothbrush comes in handy! Monitoring and making sure that I was using the right amount of pressure is a huge reason that I made the switch to a smart brush. I didn’t want my brushing habits to be the reasoning that the enamel on my teeth was wearing away!

How to brush your teeth correctly - 4 brushing mistakes and how to avoid them


Start brushing in a different spot



The same with just about anything else, we always start with gusto and by the end we can get bored and not as effective. By starting in a different place when you start brushing, you can make sure that the same teeth constantly get all of the A+ effort and attention.


Don’t do it….



Don’t you dare! Don’t skip out on following up your brushing with mouthwash and floss. They are really important and contribute (a ton!) to having a healthy oral health. Mouthwash can help to get rid of any plaque leftover from brushing, combat bad breath, and help to dissolve any food particles.

Flossing can ensure that there are no food particles left between teeth and caught around your gum lines. Also, plaque can build up between your teeth and brushes can’t always get there to remove it.

I know, I know. No one really likes to floss. The flossing string can be awkward. I really like using a water floss. It’s easy and super effective. (And if you or one of your kids have braces it makes cleaning them a breeze!) Also, if you have a history of gum problems either with yourself or in your family, water floss systems have been shown to be up to 50% more effective than traditional floss.

I also like to keep a pack of floss picks around. (Seriously, I keep a few in a baggie in my purse and car too!) I hate that feeling of going to the movies and having a piece of popcorn stuck in my teeth! A quick and easy swipe and I don’t have to worry about it!

How to brush your teeth correctly - 4 brushing mistakes and how to avoid them

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How to wash your hair the right way

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How to brush your teeth correctly - 4 brushing mistakes and how to avoid them


My Confidence Building Beauty Tip

colgateI am the first to admit that I am not a morning person. Trying to get myself ready, dogs walked and Josh to the bus stop by 7 shouldn’t be called a morning routine. It should be called torture. Over the years, my beauty routine has suffered for the sake of early mornings. I have to be honest and say that since I work from home, the thought of getting ready, doing my hair and make-up and wearing cute clothes sometimes feels like a waste of time. But the few years I’ve made an effort to ditch the yoga pants (except for you know, actual yoga) and to get ready. Even if I had no plans of leaving the house. And something funny started to happen. I felt better. I felt pretty and I felt together. Now, I’m not saying that you need pretty hair or make up to be beautiful. But when you feel good, your confidence shows. And confidence is sexy. Confidence is beautiful. colgate 2 One of my go-to confidence building beauty must haves is the Colgate® Optic White® Toothbrush + Whitening Pen. I used to always think that my eyes were my best feature. But the older I got, the more I heard over and over that I had a great smile. While hearing that was amazing, it had me paying closer attention to my smile. I want healthy, bright and white teeth. I want my smile to shine! colgate 4 The Colgate® Optic White® Toothbrush + Whitening Pen makes my beauty routine quick and easy. Colgate knows toothbrushes and this one is no exception. It gets your teeth nice and clean! Then, pop the whitening pen out and give it a quick dial and apply. You don’t have to rinse and you don’t have to wait. You can just go on with your day. The best part is that you start seeing results in as little as two days. TWO days!! I couldn’t believe it. colgate-5 I love how it all stores together. No more added bulk in my bathroom of whitening products. And it’s so easy to travel with. Not only does the Colgate® Optic White® Toothbrush + Whitening Pen have my smile looking better, but I feel better. And that looks good on everyone. How does the Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening pen fit into your daily beauty routine? Share your experience here and check out what other products Colgate Optic White has to offer! Lucky you! Two winners will win the full Optic White Regimen: Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen, Colgate Optic White Express White Toothpaste and Colgate Optic White WhiteSeal Mouthwash. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Your Going Out Beauty Routine

Your going out beauty routine

For the past year we’ve been talking about how I’ve been working on ditching the yoga pants and getting back in style. We do tons of fashion posts and I have to admit, I’ve been doing better! And I really have enjoyed my ‘transformation’ back to my old self. But instead of fashion, today we are talking beauty routines.

And not just everyday beauty routines. We are talking about our

going out beauty routine.

My going out beauty routine always starts with silky smooth legs and underarms. I love the feel of silky soft legs! They make me feel sexy. And confidence is really the best look anyone can wear!

Schick and Skintimate are the only brands that I use when it comes to shaving. I need a quality razor and a shaving cream that will moisturize. (Not to mention that Skintimate smells amazing!) The last thing I want is razor burn. We are going for confidence remember? And razor burn and being totally uncomfortable and embarrassed is definitely NOT sexy. It’s time to rock your legs!

What else is on my going out beauty routine?

On a normal day it’s a bit of tinted moisturizer followed by a natural shade of eye shadow, eyeliner on the top lid, a coat of mascara and a dash of lip gloss.

My going out beauty routine starts with my favorite tinted moisturizer, but I also add a bit of foundation, blush and highlighter. The eyes I like to go for a smokey eye. And I always make sure to add an extra coat of mascara. I also try to add a little bit of color instead of going with just a plain lip gloss.

Colors Of Summer Affordable Fashion For Women

And you can’t forget the nail polish! To me, nail polish is kind of like an accessory to your outfit! It can really help to pull all of the colors together!

One thing that is just as important as quality of the products is the ability for me to get it. I’m a busy working mom. I am constantly running here and there and back to here because someone forgot something. Being able to get everything at Meijer is important to me! I’m already there after all – getting groceries, picking up gifts, getting gas, and buying something for our home. So it makes sense that I would buy products for my beauty routine at Meijer too!

So while my make-up may take a little bit longer, my going out routine is totally worth it! Whether I got ready for a date night or for a girls night out, feeling beautiful and confident is such an amazing feeling! And it all starts with those silky smooth legs from Schick and Skintimate!

What is your going out beauty routine? Now you are ready for for date night, girls night out or a movie night (like to see the new Pitch Perfect 2 movie! Eek! I’m so excited!)

All Pitch Perfect 2 Limited Edition Shave products will be available beginning April 2015 at drug and grocery stores nationwide. Be sure to watch this super fun Rock Your Legs music video!

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Cute Spring Outfit For Women

Spring Outfit For Women - Affordable & Adorable! This whole outfit was just $121! For everything!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend! It’s Monday so that means we have another adorable and affordable outfit courtesy of Fashion 4 Mom! If you love this outfit, you should really check out their site! It’s full of cute, affordable fashion for women along with beauty and health tips!

Spring Outfit For Women - Affordable & Adorable! This whole outfit was just $121! For everything!

This is the outfit that I found on Pinterest. It was created on Polyvore here and I admit, that as soon as I found it, I fell in love. But then, I saw the prices! $400 for the jean jacket? $1,295 for that bag? Those are a little over my budget. In fact, the original outfit cost $3,053! Yikes!

Spring Outfit For Women - Affordable & Adorable! This whole outfit was just $121! For everything!

I don’t know about you, but $121.91 sounds a lot better than $3000! And you have to admit, the looks are pretty close!

Here are the pieces that were used:

Spring Outfit For Women - Affordable & Adorable! This whole outfit was just $121! For everything!

It all started with this tank! We found this tank at JC Penny. It is available in multiple colors and is a steal at only $7.99!

Get the tank here!

Spring Outfit For Women - Affordable & Adorable! This whole outfit was just $121! For everything!

This jean jacket looks familiar doesn’t it? It’s been getting quite a bit of use! I had someone email who said they absolutely love the jacket, however the sizing is off. It runs very small. It’s $19.61. You can get it here.

This jean jacket is a little more expensive, but still a good deal. It’s reviews are really good! You can get it here for $34.90.

Spring Outfit For Women - Affordable & Adorable! This whole outfit was just $121! For everything!

The warmer months need a pair of white skinnies. I’m pretty sure that it’s a rule somewhere. These are from Old Navy and are only $17.50! Old Navy usually has coupon codes on their site for you to use so you can probably even get them cheaper!

Get the jeans here!

Spring Outfit For Women - Affordable & Adorable! This whole outfit was just $121! For everything!

This outfit was full of basic pieces which is great. That means you can use them time and time again, mixing and matching them to create tons of unique looks. The accessories give it a pop of color and really complete the look! Accessories are an inexpensive way to change the look of this outfit. If you substituted the color it would give this outfit a whole new look!

Get the necklace for $10.99 here!

Spring Outfit For Women - Affordable & Adorable! This whole outfit was just $121! For everything!

To match the necklace and really pull everything together, we found shoes to match. These yellow ballet flats are only $12.99 and ship for free. Plus, they are available in TONS of colors!

Get the shoes here!

Spring Outfit For Women - Affordable & Adorable! This whole outfit was just $121! For everything!

For the rest of the accessories, we left them as closet basics. You know, things everyone should have in their closet because they go with everything! These earrings have the look of diamonds, but definitely not the price! Plus, they have great reviews!

Get the earrings here!

Spring Outfit For Women - Affordable & Adorable! This whole outfit was just $121! For everything!

Available in 9 different colors, this handbag has some pretty stellar reviews. You can get it for just $27.99!

Get the handbag here!

Spring Outfit For Women - Affordable & Adorable! This whole outfit was just $121! For everything!

And because everyone needs a great lip gloss to go with their adorable new outfit! I love this Burt’s Bees gloss. This particular color is called Ocean Sunrise.

Get the lip gloss here!

Spring Outfit For Women - Affordable & Adorable! This whole outfit was just $121! For everything!

There it is! Our spring outfit. Is this something you would wear? I know I plan on it!

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Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer Beauty Essentials

At first I thought if I just kept telling myself enough times that summer was coming that it would eventually happen. And then, I realized, hey, summer is really just around the corner! It’s time to break out the sun glasses, the flip flops, and those summer dresses! Sunshine and school vacation time will be here before you know it.

Are you ready?

Is your beauty routine ready? Here are summer beauty essentials you can’t be without!


1. Gillette Venus Swirl razor

Summer time means tanks, shorts and swim suits. It also means ‘shaving season’. Number one on our summer essentials list is a great razor.

Available at Walmart, this Gillette Venus Swirl razor is different than an ordinary razor. There is actually a flex ball on it which allows it to really glide and manuever while you shave. No more tricky areas and missed spots! Plus, with 5 blades it gives a close shave meaning extra soft skin.


And it’s pretty! (Which counts!)


2. Gillette Venus Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel

Number two on our list is a shaving gel. I know many people that don’t use shaving gel anymore. But did you know that by not using them you are more susceptible to cuts and drier skin?

Also available at Walmart, the Gillette Venus Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel is an absolute must! This gel contains 5 times more moisturizers and helps get you the perfect shave!

3. Nail Polish

Summer is the season for color! Break out the corals, the teals, the purples and the sparkles! Put a fresh color on your fingers and your toes. After all, with flip flop season here your toes will be front and center!

4. Lip Balm

My lip balm for winter helps guard against dry, cracked lips. But for summer, I want something a little different. I still want something to moisturize (because dry lips can happen in any season!), but I want something that has great color and also contains a SPF.

5. Sunscreen Cosmetics

Speaking of SPF…. I know that nowadays you hear about sunscreen …. a lot! But that’s because it’s vital. I also like to wear cosmetics that contain it. I switch out many colors of my make-up in the summer. My skin is a different shade, trends change and some colors just look better in the summer time. During the summer I like to keep my make up simple. Tinted moisturizer (with sunscreen of course!), my lip balm, and waterproof mascara are all three musts in my book!

summer beauty essentials1


Walmart is a great place to be able to get all of your summer essentials in one place. With low prices, you are able to pick everything you need without breaking the bank! And to help get you started, we will be giving away a $20 Walmart gift card!

Keep in touch with Gillette Venus:


Good luck!
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BabeBoxx Beauty Subscription Box Review

BabeBoxx Beauty Subscription Box Review

I love getting mail so subscription boxes are just about my favorite thing in the world. I think that it’s important to treat yourself! And if you are looking for a gift idea, I think subscription boxes are the way to go! Gift a subscription and it’s like the gift that just keeps giving!

BabeBoxx Beauty Subscription Box Review

BabeBoxx is a newer subscription service that specializes in beauty, skin care and lifestyle products that get sent to your door every month. What makes them unique is that the focus on natural, organic, home-made, and good for you products! I love that! Boxes are $24.95 and shipping is free. Choose from 1 month, 3 month or 6 month subscriptions. You can use the code IAFL15 for 10% off your first month’s subscription!

BabeBoxx Beauty Subscription Box Review

Check out what was in our box!

BabeBoxx Beauty Subscription Box Review

First impressions were nice. Everything was wrapped in a nice tissue paper and included this card to tell you about the products in this month’s box.

BabeBoxx Beauty Subscription Box Review

BabeBoxx Beauty Subscription Box Review

At first glance, the item I was looking the most forward to was the Green Tea Facial Cream. But honestly, all the items sounded interesting!

BabeBoxx Beauty Subscription Box Review

The first item that I pulled out of the box was the Fig Me Sweetly Vegan Body Butter. This is a 2 oz sample and I was really surprised by this little bottle! It smells really, really good. A little of this goes a long way. I put a dab on my hands to try it out and later on this afternoon (like many hours later!) I could still feel a difference on that spot! It was definitely moisturized without feeling all greasy.

I would definitely look into purchasing a full size bottle of this!

Full size price: $6.50. Estimated value of sample: $3.50

BabeBoxx Beauty Subscription Box Review

Good things come in small packages right? The next thing I pulled out was this eye shadow by Crush.

BabeBoxx Beauty Subscription Box Review

The color is called Arabian and it’s absolutely GORGEOUS. It is a sultry brown with gold tint. To say I am in love with this color is an understatement.

Value: $5.50

BabeBoxx Beauty Subscription Box Review

So the box has already done its job in turning me onto a new brand with the eye shadow. And then I pulled out the Cake lip gloss also by Crush. (How have I not heard of this company before?) The color is perfect on - and not sticky! It has just the right amount of shine. Oh, and it smells like cake! Uh…amazing! 🙂

Value: $9.95

BabeBoxx Beauty Subscription Box Review

Then, I pulled out a package that contained the Cleansing Grains and the Green Tea Facial Cream.

BabeBoxx Beauty Subscription Box Review

Now, I have never heard of cleansing grains. I’m always excited to try new skin care products though! The directions seem simple enough and I’m excited to try this out.

Estimated value: $4.00

BabeBoxx Beauty Subscription Box Review

About 10 years ago, I started making a big batch of green tea in a gallon jug. I kept it under my sink and I used that water when I washed my face.

Now, I know that sounds crazy, but I have to tell you that my skin never looked better! Ever since, I’m a huge fan of green tea skin care products! This is full of awesome ingredients and it really is a great moisturizer. I really love it! I will be buying the full size product!

Estimated value: $7.00

BabeBoxx Beauty Subscription Box Review

Box Cost: $24.95

Estimated Box Value: $29.95

I think that this box was full of great products. It was definitely worth the cost as far as value goes and I found several products that I will use in the future!

Don’t forget that you can use the code IAFL15 for 10% off your Babeboxx subscription box!

BabeBoxx Beauty Subscription Box Review


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Fun Julep Make-Up & Nail Polish Deals



Have you heard of Julep before? They are a great company that has high quality cosmetics, skin care and hair care products. They also put together some pretty awesome packages that means you get some really awesome deals!

Check these out!

You are able to choose one of the following packages for free!

That’s right - it’s free! Just pay $2.99 for shipping!

March Birthstone Welcome Box Offer

This is the package that I chose. I loved the coral and light blue colors! Just click here and use the coupon code AQUA.


St. Patrick's Day Welcome Box Offer


I do love this glittery green and shimmery gold polish in the St. Patrick’s Day set. Click here and use the code PINCHME to get it for only $2.99 shipped!

Red Carpet Welcome Box


If glam is the direction you want to go, then this set is the one for you! Click here and use the code WINNER.

That’s not all!

After you place your order for your free box, then you can place a second order for this month’s mystery box! It comes with 2 new, exclusive colors and is filled with surprises. In fact, it’s a $100 value! It is only $25 and will ship for free! Plus, you can add another polish color of your choice for free when you use the code GETCOLOR.

Lucky March Mystery Box

I was able to get the monthly mystery box + my choice of the free boxes + an extra nail polish color for $28! That’s over a $150 value!

I can’t wait to show you what comes in this month’s box! This is a great deal for yourself or for putting in your gift closet to give as a gift to someone else!

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How To Wash Your Hair - The Right Way


How to wash your hair the right way

Not to long ago I learned something crazy.

My whole life, I’ve been washing my hair the wrong way. Like, totally wrong way.

I had no clue! In fact, I would guess that you are probably washing your hair the wrong way too.

Are you?

You want to start by brushing your hair, before your shower. Get all the tangles out. Why? This will help you not have to clean your drains out as often, but also to stimulate the circulation in your scalp and reduce the amount of breakage.

When you get in the shower, you will start off by getting your hair wet and giving it a good rinse. You will want to make sure that you use warm water. (No problem right?) The warm water will help to remove dirt and product in your hair.

This next step is where it gets crazy.

How to wash your hair the right way

Ok, maybe not crazy, but this is where I learned that I was doing it all wrong.

Condition your hair. First.

Yes! You read it right! This is especially true if you have longer hair (meaning longer than shoulder length). Use the conditioner to work up a lather, concentrating mostly on the mid length to ends. Let it sit for a few minutes while you do your other shower stuff like shaving and washing your face. Rinse your hair thoroughly. (I used a shower cap to put over my hair while the conditioner gets to work!)

Next is the shampoo. (I know, the first few times you do it you will feel completely backwards!) You will notice it lathers up pretty easily! With the shampoo your main focus will be on the roots. Lather. Rinse.

Seal in some shine to your hair with a quick rinse in cold water.

how to wash your hair the right way

The first time I tried this ‘new’ way of washing my hair I was a little worried. My hair is a HOT MESS. It’s super dry, but gets greasy easily. And oh gosh, it gets so tangled. So easily! How is that for a combo huh?

But for the blog (because I love you all so!) I tried it. It felt funny to do it in the opposite order. And when I came out of the shower, I was really nervous. It seemed dry. It was all tangled. I thought oh geez. Getting a brush to go through this is not going to be pretty. But honestly, the brush went through easily. In fact, I’ve struggled with it much more when I shampooed first. I also noticed that my hair had more volume.

They say that when you shampoo first, condition second that the weight of the conditioner keeps your hair from having as much volume. But when you condition first (and let your hair absorb some of that conditioner), shampooing will clean and rinse most of the excess conditioner away, leaving your hair lighter and thus, more volume.

[Tweet “How to wash your hair…the right way! Because you’ve been doing it all wrong! #Beauty”]

So even though I felt backward, I’ve adopted this ‘new’ way of washing my hair. And now, I’m not sure I could go back!

How to wash your hair the right way

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What about you? Do you shampoo or condition your hair first?

Be sure to check out some of my favorite hair care products! Seriously, these are pretty life changing. (Well, close to it anyways!) 🙂

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How to brush your teeth correctly - 4 brushing mistakes and how to avoid them

4 Mistakes Keeping You From a Healthy Smile

We party here.


5 Hair Care Tips For Women To Have Healthy & Fuller Hair

When I was in my early twenties (way back when…) my beauty regimine was VERY different than what it is today. I could do things like not wash my make up off before I went to sleep. Well, actually, I could get by on very little sleep and not even have the under eye circles to prove otherwise. I also could perm, tease, and flat iron my hair like crazy. I honestly never thought about how (whatever the current) hair trends would actually affect my hair! I would color my hair on Monday and Wednesday decide I wanted to do something else and color it again. I put my hair through havoc. And somehow the ‘big hair, don’t care’ mentality still was effortlessly working for me. I had thick, beautiful hair that was full of volume.


Flash forward some years later (and no, I won’t tell you how many!) and my hair isn’t as thick as it used to be. Getting some volume is a little (ok, a lot) more difficult. I went from my old ‘big hair, don’t care’ motto to more like ‘fake it ’til you make it’. I needed to do something to get back my thicker hair that was full of volume. It stunk. And I thought I was stuck. But after a little effort and research I was able to find some great ways to take care of your hair - after your twenties!

Pen on calendar page closeup

  • Regular hair trims will keep your hair from splitting and will help it to grow healthier and more quickly. Depending on the thickness of your hair you should try to fit in a trim every 6-8 weeks.
    blow dryer
  • To help protect your hair from blow drying, use the cool setting. Bet you didn’t know why that was even there huh! The heat from your blow dryer will dry your hair out, so use the cool setting! Plus, as a bonus, it will help your hair have a great shine.rogaine1
  • Healthy hair is moisturized! I’ve done enough face masks in my lifetime, but somehow it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started doing hair masks! Styling your hair can be so hard on your hair. Blow drying, curling and flat ironing can all dry your hair out. Use a hair mask to help re-condition your hair. I also really recommend using an awesome conditioner. I REALLY love Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Conditioner. This stuff does amazing things! It conditions just like the best hair mask would!(I found my Neutrogena at Walmart!)
  • I know how tempting it is to throw your hair in a ponytail and hit the hay, but don’t do it! Sleeping in a ponytail can cause breakage and no one wants that!
  • If your hair is missing that thickness and that volume it’s ok. It’s nothing to be ashamed about or embarrassed about! Rogaine For Women has a great product that can help you to get back that hair you are missing! Their product is so simple to use and can really help!

Rogaine For Women is available at your local Walmart. In my store, it is located in with the shampoos!


These are five tips for hair care for women that can help your hair stay healthy and easy to manage. Plus, when your hair is healthy and looks it’s best, it helps you to feel more confident. And there is nothing more beautiful than that! #MoreIsBeautiful #CollectiveBias