How To Wash Your Hair - The Right Way

How to wash your hair the right way

Not to long ago I learned something crazy.

My whole life, I’ve been washing my hair the wrong way.  Like, totally wrong way.

I had no clue!  In fact, I would guess that you are probably washing your hair the wrong way too.

Are you?

You want to start by brushing your hair, before your shower.  Get all the tangles out.  Why?  This will help you not have to clean your drains out as often, but also to stimulate the circulation in your scalp and reduce the amount of breakage.

When you get in the shower, you will start off by getting your hair wet and giving it a good rinse.  You will want to make sure that you use warm water.  (No problem right?)  The warm water will help to remove dirt and product in your hair.

This next step is where it gets crazy.

How to wash your hair the right way

Ok, maybe not crazy, but this is where I learned that I was doing it all wrong.

Condition your hair.  First.

Yes!  You read it right!  This is especially true if you have longer hair (meaning longer than shoulder length).  Use the conditioner to work up a lather, concentrating mostly on the mid length to ends.  Let it sit for a few minutes while you do your other shower stuff like shaving and washing your face.  Rinse your hair thoroughly.  (I used a shower cap to put over my hair while the conditioner gets to work!)

Next is the shampoo.  (I know, the first few times you do it you will feel completely backwards!) You will notice it lathers up pretty easily!  With the shampoo your main focus will be on the roots.  Lather.  Rinse.

Seal in some shine to your hair with a quick rinse in cold water.

how to wash your hair the right way

The first time I tried this ‘new’ way of washing my hair I was a little worried.  My hair is a HOT MESS.  It’s super dry, but gets greasy easily.  And oh gosh, it gets so tangled.  So easily!  How is that for a combo huh?

But for the blog (because I love you all so!) I tried it. It felt funny to do it in the opposite order.  And when I came out of the shower, I was really nervous.  It seemed dry.  It was all tangled.  I thought oh geez.  Getting a brush to go through this is not going to be pretty.  But honestly, the brush went through easily.  In fact, I’ve struggled with it much more when I shampooed first.  I also noticed that my hair had more volume.

They say that when you shampoo first, condition second that the weight of the conditioner keeps your hair from having as much volume.  But when you condition first (and let your hair absorb some of that conditioner), shampooing will clean and rinse most of the excess conditioner away, leaving your hair lighter and thus, more volume.

So even though I felt backward, I’ve adopted this ‘new’ way of washing my hair.  And now, I’m not sure I could go back!

How to wash your hair the right way

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What about you?  Do you shampoo or condition your hair first?

Be sure to check out some of my favorite hair care products!  Seriously, these are pretty life changing.  (Well, close to it anyways!) :)

We party here.

16 Workout Tanks You Need - Cutest Workout Tanks for Women

16 workout tanks you need.  These are the cutest workout tanks for women!

Is your resolution this year to workout and get healthy?  Why not look cute in the gym?  I love these adorable workout tanks and can’t wait to add some to my collection!

Cute Gym Tanks Every Woman Needs


Does it get better than this Train Like a Beast and Look Like a Beauty tank?  I think not!

Get it here! $21.95




This refuse to sink tank is one of my faves.  Obviously I love the anchor, but the motivation that it gives is awesome too!

Get it here! $21.95



I seriously laughed out loud at this one!  #GymSelfie is perfect for your workouts.  Bonus:  When you snap that selfie in the mirror at the gym it will read the correct way.

Get it here! $21.95



*LOVE* this Don’t Quit workout tank.  Perfect for some added motivation.

Get it here! $24 



Love Starbucks?  This fun take on the famous logo shows a buff version!

Get it here! $24.99



Hakuna MaSQUATa …. get it?  :)

Get it here!  $22.95



I love the detail of the back of this workout tank.  Beast mode indeed!

Get it here!  $21.95




Girly and tough, this muscles and mascara workout tank is a perfect blend of both!

Get it here!  $16.00


Fierce and Fabulous.  I need this workout tank in my life.

Get it here!  $21.00




Wear your faith in this inspirational tank!

Get it here!  $18.99



Check MEOWT.  Haha!  Get it?  I love the kitty’s sweat band!  :)

Get it here!   $24.99 



Because seriously…I run for ice cream.

Get it here!  $24.99


I love the image of this workout tank.

Get it here!  $21.95


Though she be but little she is fierce.  What an awesome quote for a workout tank!

Get it here!  $30



How fun is this workout tank?!  This is definitely perfect for the gym!

Get it here!  $21.95



Another awesome and inspirational quote.  This is one of my favorite passages.  A perfect reminder!

Get it here!  $21.95


Fashion For Mom - Bring on the Layers!

Fashion For Mom - Style That Moms Can Wear & Look Good!  Affordable Clothing to fit ANY Budget!
Have you heard of What I Wore Wednesdays?  It was a series started by the fabulous blog The Pleated Poppy.  Each week you can link up to what you wore and see what others have been wearing too.  Lots of fun.

Fashion For Mom - Style That Moms Can Wear & Look Good!  Affordable Clothing to fit ANY Budget!

Well, the other day I came across this outfit and it was one of the outfits that she had worn! Isn’t it adorable?

And don’t worry, I’ve got your back!  Here is our inspired look!

Fashion For Mom - Style That Moms Can Wear & Look Good!  Affordable Clothing to fit ANY Budget!

The best part is that you can score the WHOLE outfit for under $150!

Here are the pieces we used to recreate the look:

Fashion For Mom - Style That Moms Can Wear & Look Good!  Affordable Clothing to fit ANY Budget!


It started with the leggings.  I’m a big believer that everyone should have a pair!  I own these and they are super comfy.  I wear them all the time.   Choose from regular or plus size, tons of colors, fleece lined or not.  An added bonus is that they are very slimming! :) Prices range from $4.50-$15.00.  The pair I purchased was $10.99!

Get the leggings here!

Fashion For Mom - Style That Moms Can Wear & Look Good!  Affordable Clothing to fit ANY Budget!

Next was the tank.  This is from Target.  I have a few of these and they are really comfortable.  They aren’t thick, so they are perfect for layering and they are really soft.  I also love them because they are long.  Plus, $12! It’s a steal!

Get the tank here! 

Fashion For Mom - Style That Moms Can Wear & Look Good!  Affordable Clothing to fit ANY Budget!

Next in our layering sequence, is an awesome Chambray shirt.  I love the color of this one.  And I love the price even more!  It’s only $19.99!

Get the shirt here!

Fashion For Mom - Style That Moms Can Wear & Look Good!  Affordable Clothing to fit ANY Budget!Fashion For Mom - Style That Moms Can Wear & Look Good!  Affordable Clothing to fit ANY Budget!

Alright, I didn’t find just one awesome khaki cardigan.  I found you two!  Take your pick, I love them both.  :)

The first is asymmetrical, long and flowy.  It’s also only $19.95!

The second is a more traditional cardigan with pockets and a v-neck.   I love the length of this too!  It’s $26.99 and available in a TON of colors!

Find the first cardigan here! 

Find the second cardigan here!

thredup ad

Fashion For Mom - Style That Moms Can Wear & Look Good!  Affordable Clothing to fit ANY Budget!


We’ve got to layer your boots too!  These adorable boot socks will add some extra warmth to your legs and also a cute detail to your style.  And they come in at only $6.97!

Get the socks here!

Fashion For Mom - Style That Moms Can Wear & Look Good!  Affordable Clothing to fit ANY Budget!

The boots are the most expensive piece of this outfit, but they are still a deal at only $39.99.  They are a great color and the perfect heel size!

Get the boots here!

Fashion For Mom - Style That Moms Can Wear & Look Good! Affordable Clothing to fit ANY Budget!

Ok, again.  I couldn’t choose!  Amazon is my favorite place to get scarves.  They are inexpensive and there are SO many great ones to choose from.  Pick one.  Pick them all.  Prices vary from $5.99 to $16.99.

Get Scarf #1 Here!

Get Scarf #2 Here!

Get Scarf #3 Here!

Get Scarf #4 Here! 

Fashion For Mom - Style That Moms Can Wear & Look Good! Affordable Clothing to fit ANY Budget!

I have a thing for oversized boyfriend style watches right now.  I’ve had this gold one on my wishlist for a while and for only $27.00, I’m not sure why I haven’t ordered it yet!  Well, until now.  :)

Find the watch here!

outfit earrings

You would never believe that these earrings were $2.89 would you?  I thought so!

Find the earrings here!

Fashion For Mom - Style That Moms Can Wear & Look Good! Affordable Clothing to fit ANY Budget!

So there you go!  Cute fashion for mom.  On a budget!

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Fashion For Moms - Winter Outfit

Fashion for Moms Affordable Fashion Cute Style

The holidays are coming and what is more festive than some red pants?  I absolutely love the pop of color that these jeans bring.  And speaking of things that I love, I just got the scarf in the mail.  It looks like it is an ifinity scarf in the photo, but it is not.  It’s actually a really big, incredibly soft, absolutely gorgeous scarf!  (Seriously, I’m in love with it.  I’m actually wearing it right now!) :)

white cardigan


This white cardigan is a super steal.  It comes in 17 different colors and at this price you can pick up a few!  I ordered mine and it was only $10.73!


This is another cardigan I really liked.  It is available in 7 different colors and has great reviews.  Just $19.99!

grey shirt

Everyone needs a good layering long sleeve shirt.  I ordered mine a size bigger since it will shrink.  Also available in a variety of colors this was just $5.51!

red pants


I think that these red skinny jeans from Old Navy are so fun.  A great way to pop in some color into your outfit!  These are available in sizes 0-20 with sizes in short and long available too.  Just $34.94.



Aldo has this adorable GALEGA purse on sale for only $34.98.  I absolutely love the different colors you can choose from and the key and lock details.

plaid scarf


This is the scarf I was telling you about!  Love, LOVE, LOOOOVE!  Super soft, super big and super cute.  Plus, this plaid scarf is only $11.75 shipped.  (Free shipping is for everyone, not just Amazon Prime members!)



Budget friendly riding boots?  Yes, please!  These Call It Spring riding boots are on sale for $59.99 and if you order now you can use the code 3DaySale for an extra 20% off.

outfit bracelets


I really love these stacked octagon bracelets from Forever 21.  They are a deal at just $10.80!



Gold studs are a must for anyone’s wardrobe.  Get these earrings from Amazon for just $24.99.

Fashion for Moms Affordable Fashion Cute Style


Total cost for this outfit?  Just $203 for all 9 pieces!  Even less if you use one of the coupon codes above!


5 Hair Care Tips For Women To Have Healthy & Fuller Hair

When I was in my early twenties (way back when…) my beauty regimine was VERY different than what it is today.  I could do things like not wash my make up off before I went to sleep.  Well, actually, I could get by on very little sleep and not even have the under eye circles to prove otherwise.  I also could perm, tease, and flat iron my hair like crazy.   I honestly never thought about how (whatever the current) hair trends would actually affect my hair!  I would color my hair on Monday and Wednesday decide I wanted to do something else and color it again.  I put my hair through havoc.  And somehow the ‘big hair, don’t care’ mentality still was effortlessly working for me.  I had thick, beautiful hair that was full of volume.


Flash forward some years later (and no, I won’t tell you how many!) and my hair isn’t as thick as it used to be.  Getting some volume is a little (ok, a lot) more difficult.  I went from my old ‘big hair, don’t care’ motto to more like ‘fake it ’til you make it’.  I needed to do something to get back my thicker hair that was full of volume.  It stunk.  And I thought I was stuck.  But after a little effort and research I was able to find some great ways to take care of your hair - after your twenties!

Pen on calendar page closeup

  • Regular hair trims will keep your hair from splitting and will help it to grow healthier and more quickly.  Depending on the thickness of your hair you should try to fit in a trim every 6-8 weeks.
    blow dryer
  • To help protect your hair from blow drying, use the cool setting.  Bet you didn’t know why that was even there huh!  The heat from your blow dryer will dry your hair out, so use the cool setting!  Plus, as a bonus, it will help your hair have a great shine.rogaine1
  • Healthy hair is moisturized!  I’ve done enough face masks in my lifetime, but somehow it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started doing hair masks!  Styling your hair can be so hard on your hair.  Blow drying, curling and flat ironing can all dry your hair out.  Use a hair mask to help re-condition your hair.  I also really recommend using an awesome conditioner.  I REALLY love Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Conditioner.  This stuff does amazing things!  It conditions just like the best hair mask would!(I found my Neutrogena at Walmart!)
  • I know how tempting it is to throw your hair in a ponytail and hit the hay, but don’t do it!  Sleeping in a ponytail can cause breakage and no one wants that!
  • If your hair is missing that thickness and that volume it’s ok.  It’s nothing to be ashamed about or embarrassed about!  Rogaine For Women has a great product that can help you to get back that hair you are missing!  Their product is so simple to use and can really help!

Rogaine For Women is available at your local Walmart.  In my store, it is located in with the shampoos!


These are five tips for hair care for women that can help your hair stay healthy and easy to manage.  Plus, when your hair is healthy and looks it’s best, it helps you to feel more confident.  And there is nothing more beautiful than that!  #MoreIsBeautiful #CollectiveBias


Fashion For Moms - Dressed Up Baseball Tee

Fashion For Moms: The Baseball Tee - Cute Affordable Fashion

Baseball is in full swing right now so I thought let’s use a baseball tee as the inspiration for an outfit.  But of course, we will need to add a little pizzazz.   I really love this outfit.  It’s cute.  It looks super comfy.  I love that it is incredibly casual, but yet you look put together.  Perfect for sitting watching your child’s practice and for running errands and nice enough to run in and grab lunch afterwards.  In other words: My kind of outfit!

Now I will say that the shoes were a bit of a splurge.  But the rest of the outfit was a bargain!  In fact, I’m sure you can find a pair of boots that are less expensive, but I loved these!  The total for our outfit: $198.90 for all 7 pieces.  If you choose to find a different pair of shoes that will bring your total down to only $118.90 for the outfit!


Jeans $16.99


Scarf - $11.93

I love this scarf so much!  These colors are perfect for fall!


Necklace - $15.99

This necklace should be long enough that just the tassels peak out from under the scarf giving it an instant glam look!


Boyfriend Watch - $27.00


Another boyfriend watch - $5.35


Earrings - $24.99


Another Earring Option: $7.25



Baseball shirt $11.97

As of today you can get an extra 25% off your online order with the code SAVE.  That means this shirt is an even more incredible deal!


Boots - $90


So there you have it!  The perfect outfit for being casual and adorable all at the same time.  Seriously, I’m off to go buy these pieces!  :)



Suave Products For The Whole Family + $50 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway

suave perks 3
We all have a brand that is our go to brand for things like shampoo, body wash, and deodorant.  But for me, I have just one go to brand for ALL of those!  Suave!  I’ve been using their products for what seems like ever now and I really enjoy them!  I love that I can easily get them at Walmart.  I love that they are affordable.  I love that they have products for our whole family.  I love how they work.  And now, I love that they have a rewards program!  Perfect for families like ours!

Suave Perks1
Suave Family Perks is a really simple program.  First you sign up.   Then, when you shop and buy your favorite Suave products at Walmart, just scan your receipt.  You will earn points which you can exchange for Walmart gift cards.  Easy right?  It is!!

And with all of Suave’s great products you can really add up points fast!

These are my favorite Suave products that we use in our house.

dry shampoo I absolutely love the Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo!  This is one of the best dry shampoo’s I’ve tried!



leave in conditionerMy hair can get really dry.  Add in a hair straightener and it’s SUPER dry.  The Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Heat Defense Leave In Conditioner is definitely my go to product!



hairsprayAnd after I’ve done all that straightening, I need it to stay! I  love the Suave Extreme Hold Hairspray.  It holds all day and helps me to have some volume!  Trust me - this lady needs some volume! :)



apple wacky melonFor Josh, it’s hands down the 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash.  I love that it can do all 3!  He loves the scents!  We go back and forth with the Apple Toss scent and Wacky Melon.


What Suave products do you use in your home?  Don’t forget to sign up for the Suave Family Perks!

Want a chance to win a $50 Walmart Gift Card?  That’s a lot of Sauve products!  Good luck!

Suave Family Perks - Resourceful Mommy


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Global Influence, per FTC regulations.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Win 1 of 5 $50 Walmart Gift Cards + High Value Clean & Clear Coupon

“This is a sponsored giveaway with Mums the Word Network and Clean & Clear. All opinions are my own.”


When I was a pre-teen/teenager my face used to break out.  I always remember saying to myself “I can’t wait until I get older so my face stops breaking out!”

Then, I got older.

And my face still breaks out!  Luckily, it doesn’t do it as often or as severe, but still!  I thought pimples were a faze.  Something I would outgrow.  I have learned a thing or two about skincare since I was 12 though (like toothpaste will not make your zit go away magically by the next morning!)  One thing that I have learned is that in order to treat your skin, you have to understand your skin.  For me, that means a few things.

clean and clear2

One, I need to exfoliate!  I get those nasty blackheads.  I know, gross right?  I can feel those little bumps all across my nose and - eh, yuck! I use the Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub (available at Walmart).  It has multi-action beads and wow does it work!  You can feel it exfoliate and clean, and the best part is that it can help you see fewer blackheads in just two days!


For my everyday cleaner, I use the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser (available at Walmart).  Y’all.  I love this.  You feel …. clean afterwards.  It has these little bursting beads inside the cleanser and they are seriously amazing.  My skin feels so good after I am done washing with this!


When I was younger I used to think that only dry skin needed moisturizer.  Oh no!  I moisturize everyday with the Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer (available at Walmart).  And trust me, my skin thanks me!  This moisturizer not only moisturizes your skin, but also will fight off breakouts!  Awesome huh?


And on the rare occasion that a pimple slips through, I use the Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment (available at Walmart).  This can reduce the appearance of pimples in only 4 hours!  It’s a great thing to have in your skincare toolkit just in case!

Clean & Clear makes tons of really great products!  You can find them easily available at your local Walmart.  Plus, you can print off a high value coupon (while supplies last!) from Walmart!  Simply take a 4 question skin care quiz and print off your coupon!  While you are there you can find skincare tips and watch some great inspirational videos!

AND….If that wasn’t enough, you can get entered to win one of five $50 Walmart gift cards!  That’s a lot of Clean & Clear!  :) Enter below!  Good luck!


10 Festive Nail Designs For Halloween

Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Are you looking to get a little festive for Halloween?  Maybe you don’t plan on dressing up, but want to do a little something fun.  How about some fun nail art?  Here are 8 fun Halloween nail designs to get you started!



First up are these fun spiderwebs from My Nail Graffiti.  I love everything about this.  The black matte nail polish is awesome!  Perfectly spooky.  Add spider webs and it becomes a little creepy.  And the glitter glams it up!

I think that you could stop at any of the layers for a great Halloween manicure!

(Looking for a black matte polish?  Try this one!)



These mini vampires and draculas from One Nail To Rule Them All are really cute!  A fun way to add some character that’s for sure!  Bonus: She shows you a how to tutorial on creating them!


Create some creepy spiders like Miss Lady Finger did  I love this orange polish and think it would be perfect for adding some spiders to!




I love this classic French manicure with a festive twist that was created by Crafty Nail.  



Want to learn how to add a ghost?  Crafty Nail has you covered!

Candy corn


The PolishAholic was inspired by candy corn.  The dots and stripes combo are absolutely adorable!



These pumpkin nails are so fun.  And once again One Nail To Rule Them All has a great tutorial for you.



Nails in Nippon said that these skulls and crossbones were easy so I will take her word for it!  I think it’s a great look!



This is a great way to add a little pizzaz to your next mani!

(Image source unknown)

Halloween nails


I love this mix.  Chevron, dots, glitter, basics, eye balls.  Awesome design from Get Nailed!

So during Halloween do you dress up or do you do something else to get festive?



Fashion For Mom - Gold + Leopard Outfit


Fall is on the way!  I’ve been busy working on getting my fall wardrobe ready.   I found this outfit on Pinterest and I just love it.  It’s full of classics that can be reworked into tons of outfits all season!

I don’t have the price of the original outfit, but I will say that my look alike outfit only costs $155!

shirtChambray Shirt from Target $22.99
Get it here


Long, white tank
Price depends on size - price ranges from $3.92-$9.50


Khaki Wash Skinny Jeans
From Macy’s $44.00


Leopard Ballet Flats
From Target - $14.99


Black Handbag
From Payless - $23.99


Leopard Bracelet
From Charming Charlie - $13.00


Necklace and Earring Set
From Charming Charlie - $13.00


Cashmere Blend Scarf
From Amazon - $15.99

Fashion For Moms

This outfit is a steal for only $155!  That’s 9 pieces!  Or only $17.26 each!