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DIY Unicorn Planters With Magical Cactus Horns

DIY Unicorn Cactus PlantersDIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

I used to think that unicorns were mythical creatures that were only heard of, but never seen. However lately, they have been taking over our house….primarily our daughter’s room. It’s apparently a unicorn playground. The most recent inhabitants are these sweet unicorn planters…complete with magical cactus horns.

DIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

Ok, so maybe these unicorns didn’t just appear, but we made them. This was such a fun project! Our daughter was able to create it by herself and there is such a huge variety of ways to decorate them so they are just like real unicorns – magical and unique!

DIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

Just like you can decorate each pot uniquely, the different cacti, oh sorry, unicorn horns that you can get are also super unique. This was one of our daughter’s favorite parts I think. We went through all of the cactus plants searching for the perfect ones! (And bonus: I’ve heard that cactus plants are hard to kill…which means yay! No green thumb required!)

Want to make your own DIY Unicorn Planter? Here’s how!

DIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

DIY Unicorn Planter Supplies:

DIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

DIY Unicorn Planter Instructions:

DIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

Paint your pot and base white. While the paint is still dry, sprinkle it with glitter. Paint dries SUPER fast on terra cotta so you will have to work in small sections. Once everything is glittered, spray with your sealer if you are using one. Set aside until it is dry.

The fun part! Decide how you are going to decorate.

We did one with just tulle and one with tulle and flowers.

If you are going to use flowers, smaller flowers are the easiest to work with!

Rhinestones would be another fun idea to try! Hot glue your decorations on.

Using a fine tip brush, paint on the unicorn’s eyes and lashes. Cut out two ear shapes of white foam. Out of the pink foam, cut out two inner ears and glue to the center of the white foam ears.

DIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

Hot glue your ears to the inside of the pot where desired.

DIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

Once the glue is dry, fill the pot with potting soil and add your cactus horn. Be careful! Don’t get poked!

Ta da! Aren’t they adorable? Super magical!

DIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

If you make one, be sure to let us know! I totally want to see! Don’t forget to pin our DIY Unicorn Planters!

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DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

This is a post all about my favorite way to keep your bathroom clean.

We have five kids.

No more needs to be said on that.

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

But seriously. I have literally a bazillion other things to do with my day than to clean the bathroom. So to help keep things sparkly clean (and not stinky…that part is very, VERY important) I swear by these DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs!

First of all, they are so simple to make. They only take three ingredients.

Second, to use all you have to do is to drop them into the toilet. The fizz up, clean it and deodorize it.

Third, even the kids like to use them. SCORE!

To make these DIY homemade toilet bombs you will need a few things.

  • A silicone mold. You can get fancy if you want, but I’m lame and just used a square one.
  • A glass jar. Again, be fancy if you want. I’m lame. I got a big jar at Hobby Lobby for about $3. (Yay for 50% off day!)
  • Citric Acid. I totally Amazoned this. To be honest, no clue where you would find that at Target. LOL The citric acid will create the fizzing effect and also help breakdown water stains.
  • Baking Soda. You will want the big box! Baking soda is a common household cleaner. It’s also a deodorizer.
  • Essential oils. I use a mix of lavender, peppermint and lemon. Different oils do different things, but this mix helps to clean, kill germs and of course, smell good!

How to make homemade toilet bombs:

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs
In a bowl, mix 1 1/3 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of citric acid.

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

In a spray bottle, mix the water and essential oils.

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

Spray the water and oil mix into the baking soda and citric acid. It will fizzle a little bit, but that’s ok. (If you don’t have a spray bottle just be sure to add the water mix VERY slowly!)

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

Mix around until it is all damp.

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

Press into mold and allow to sit out and harden for a few hours.

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

Transfer to a jar or an airtight container. I have ours in a pretty glass jar in our bathroom.

That’s it! They are so easy to make. Once you use them, I promise you will make sure that you always have a batch ready!

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

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Want more homemade cleaners? Check these out:


DIY No Sew Dog Bed

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CarpetProtect #CollectiveBias


George is definitely the definition of a spoiled dog. He loves his toys, being held, lots of snacks and a warm place to snuggle. We have several dog beds around the house, but usually I purchase (or DIY!) beds that are big enough for both Lincoln and George to snuggle up on together. But today is all about George. A bed all of his own. Which works out perfectly because he needs a bath today so I’m glad I was able to bribe him with a new bed first! 😉

This bed seriously took only about 15 minutes to make and came together for only about $10! I was able to pick everything up at Target while I was getting a few other things.


Like STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover!


You can find it in the cleaning department with the other carpet cleaners at Target. (I got mine at the Fishers, Indiana Target store!) It’s not available at all locations (but is online with free shipping to your local store!) You can check to be sure that it is available at your local Target store here. (You can find a cartwheel savings offer here!)


While I love George… a lot, but accidents happen. He’s got a little bladder! If we are gone for a long time during the day, we may come home to a surprise. STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover makes it easy to get tough stains out! It also has ODOR REMOVE™ technology which means not only is the stain out, but the smell. Not only does it clean and protect, but also repels dirt. It leaves kind of an invisible shield on your carpet to protect it and make it easier to clean. Bonus: There’s no sticky residue! (You can also use it for non-pet stains like coffee or soil. It’s been a total life saver!)


While you are at Target picking up your STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover, you will need to pick up a plush pillow (Target had them for $4!), a pillow protector, and a nice soft fleece blanket. I got mine at the Dollar Bins at Target for $3! WOO HOO!


First, you will need put the pillow into the pillow protector. This just helps it stay clean. Then, lay out your blanket on your table and place the pillow near the edge.


Fold the blanket over the pillow to cover. It was a little bit of a tight fit for my blanket and pillow, but that’s ok – don’t worry! I also trimmed about 2 inches from each side.


Start on the shorter ends and cut small slits on both the top and bottom layers.


Take one upper layer and one lower layer and tie together. Double knot!


Continue tying around the edges. I find it easier to round the corner and then stop and start on the other short end. That makes it easy to meet both sides in the middle evenly.


Ta da! It’s the perfect size for a small dog like George.


He has his own throne to rule on.


Or to nap on.

DIY No Sew Dog Bed (In Just 15 Minutes and For 10 Bucks)

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Free Printable Conversation Cards For Kids

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone #KidfreshToTheRescue #CollectiveBias

Life is so busy, but during the holidays especially it seems like it’s on overdrive. As a busy mom, I’m always looking for a few shortcuts that I can take during the day to be able to not only get more things checked off my to do list, but also so that I can make the time count more with my family!


And sometimes that means that I pick up a few frozen meals to keep on hand for quick lunches, dinners or even as a snack. That’s why I’m really excited to introduce you to Kidfresh!


Have you heard of them before? Kidfresh is new to Walmart and you can find them in the frozen food section.


Three reasons their foods are super awesome:

1) Hidden Veggies + Best in Kids Nutrition

2) Convenience + Relief for Busy Moms

3) Trust and Credibility

First of all they are full of high quality ingredients that I am a HUGE fan of! I opened up the Kidfresh Wagon Wheels Mac + Cheese and I actually said “Oh look there is cheese!” All Kidfresh meals and sides are made with No Artificial Flavors or Ingredients, No Synthetic colors or flavors and non-GMO ingredients with short and clean ingredient lists. That is super important to me! And do you know what else is super awesome? Each meal contains 1/2 a cup of hidden veggies!


You would think that such a high quality meal would be expensive, but they are a great value ranging from $2.99 – $3.99. Inexpensive and the can be done in less than 4 minutes! Score! Did I mention that my son DEVOURED them up! Oh my gosh, I honestly don’t think I’ve seen him eat anything so fast. I asked him if he liked it and he said “Yes. You should buy some more of these.” And I smiled, said sure and laughed to myself… “You just ate cauliflower!” 😉 Mom win for the day! I love finding new trustworthy brands that I feel good about feeding to my family.


While I may get busy and skip out on cooking complicated meals sometimes, one thing that I don’t ever skip out on is dinner conversation! I think that the dinner table is a great place to connect with my son (no phones allowed at our house!) and bond. We have a basket that sits on our table and it’s filled with fun things like trivia questions and I’m always adding to it.


One thing that we have found to be fun are conversation cards. These are filled with fun questions like, “If you were a video game character who would you be?” and “If you were to create an invention, what would it do?” You can ask just one each night and share around the table, really getting into some awesome ideas or conduct family interviews and let each person pick a card to ask one person. However you decide to use the cards, I think you will really love the conversations that follow!

questions-1 questions-2

Just simply save the images to your computer and print! I printed ours on card stock at our local copy store.

While you are at Walmart checking out Kidfresh be sure to take advantage of savings opportunities from Ibotta (for your mobile devices!) or a printable coupon here!


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DIY Faux Cookies

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ScrubSeason #CollectiveBias

I love the holidays! I am so excited about getting things ready, decorating the house and having friends and family to come over. One thing that I wish I was better at is baking cookies. Don’t get me wrong I can bake cookies and they are delicious, but my cookies never come out looking like those gorgeous creations you see on Facebook. They taste amazing but they aren’t pretty display pieces. And, can we be 100% real? Cookies don’t last long enough in our house to be a cute display anyways! They get eaten!


What’s a girl to do right? Well, this girl makes faux cookies! Aren’t they cute? I made enough to keep on a plate in our kitchen. I can’t tell you how many times people have said “Oh your cookies look so good!” or even Joshua picked one up thinking he was getting a treat!


You Will Need:

  • Polymer Clay
  • Clay Cutting Tools
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Parchment Paper
  • Something to roll the clay (I just used a cup)

There are so many colors of polymer clay! I actually mixed two different shades to get my ”sugar cookie” color. Think about what shapes you will be making before you head to the craft store so you know exactly what colors to pick up!

I put down a folded down box to protect my table from the clay cutting tools. On top of the box, put a sheet of parchment paper.


Roll out the clay. I like to keep my ‘sugar cookie’ base a little thicker. Cut out your shape with your cookie cutter.


Next, choose your ‘icing’ color. Roll out the color. I roll my ‘icing’ pretty thin. Using your cookie cutter to cut out the shape.


Using your clay cutting tool, trim around the edges. You want to see the ‘sugar cookie’ base around the edges. Repeat this process with the other colors you plan on using.


TIP: Before you switch colors – clean your rolling/cutting area and your rolling pin. Don’t forget to wash your hands. The color will get on your hands and will transfer to your next color of clay.


Position the ‘icing’ on your ‘cookie’. Make sure that you press it down slightly to adhere them. If you want the ‘outlined cookie’ look. Roll thin strips of clay (remember the snake roll from back in the day?) and adhere around the border.


If you want to make a cookie with ‘sprinkles’, repeat the process above. Choose your color of ‘sprinkles’ and roll a very thin snake shape.


Cut very small pieces. Roll them between your fingers and drop onto your ‘cookie’. You will need to slightly press them to the cookie so when it hardens they stick.


The reindeer is one of my favorite cookies! You don’t always have to over decorate! Don’t get me wrong – it’s super fun! Once you get started you will want to go crazy! While over the top cookies are gorgeous – so are minimalist cookies.


I tore the areas of the parchment paper where the cookies were and transferred them to the cookie sheet. Bake to your polymore clay’s directions. Mine were 275 degrees and I baked for 15 minutes. After the cookies cool, they are ready to display! And they will be good to display for years to come! How awesome!


I keep my cookies on a plate in my kitchen so it is decorated and company ready!


While I was at Walmart picking up my holiday essentials I found these Scotch-Brite® Scrubbing Dish Cloths! They came two in a pack for $4.97 and they feel so good! I picked up my towels in navy but they also had coral and tan. (You can order gray or mint colored towels online!)


You know when you pick up a towel and you are like, this is going to work! These are a new product so I was super excited about them! (Plus, here is a coupon to Save $1 on any two Scotch-Brite Products (Scrub Sponges, Lint Rollers and Scrubbing Dish Cloths) The scrubbing dots on the one side of the dish cloth allow you to take on tough messes in the sink and across a variety of surfaces. And my favorite feature: they are fully washable, reusable and super sturdy.


I’ve been using them for everything – dishes, cleaning the counters, wiping off the table. These are definitely helping me get ready for my holiday guests to be dropping by! And don’t worry. I will have really cookies ready too! 🙂

You can find lots of great recipes and tutorials here!

DIY Faux Cookie Decorations



DIY Foam Dog Bed

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ToPetsWithLove #CollectiveBias

If you have read our blog before or if you follow us on social media, then you know that we are kind of animal people. Our four pets live like kings with the best food, treats, sweaters, and they even get subscription boxes filled with toys each month. We spoil them because we love them. 🙂 One thing that both of our dogs love though is having a dog bed. However, our traditional dog beds normally don’t last long. George likes to kind of knead the stuffing inside and make a nest. And one day, a hole pops open and then it goes from bed to the most fun dog toy ever. Stuffing is EVERYWHERE. Our last bed made it look like a winter blizzard in our living room! So I’ve been looking at some different options on replacing the beds. I decided I wanted a foam bed this time. Soft, but nothing for George to squish around.

DIY Foam Dog Bed With Changeable Covers!

I looked and looked for one that would match our living room decor, but then it hit me that I should make my own! One with removable covers so that I can change for the holidays and seasons. I mean, if I’m going to have a big dog bed on the ground in the living room it should look nice right?

So here you go! The perfect doggie Christmas gift! A foam bed, with a waterproof protective liner and removable cover. Washing it is super easy, changing to another cover is super easy and by the looks of things, it’s super comfy. In fact, even as I write this, George is still laying on it. He hasn’t gotten off since I put it down! Our cat Lou tried to wonder over to test it out, but right now George isn’t ready to share with him yet. Poor Lou!


Speaking of gifts for our dog…They have everything they could ever want (and more!) so along with their new bed, they will be getting some of their favorite things: Purina Beneful Incredibites for George and a big bag of Beggin’ Strips for Lincoln. George loves his Purina Beneful Incredibites because they are made specifically for small dogs so they are easy for him to chew. I like to purchase it because meat is the #1 ingredient and there is now no added sugar. Plus, with whole grains and veggies I know he’s getting the nutrition he needs!


Lincoln loves Beggin’ Strips (and so does George!) They smell like bacon and taste like bacon because they are made with real bacon!

(Psst! Now through the end of November, take advantage of great savings on your favorite Purina pet products available at Kroger with this link, while supplies last.)


I also love that everything is available easily at Kroger. I’m there anyways buying our groceries so this means I can take care of our pets all in the same place. They have everything we need for our dogs – and our cats!

You Will Need

  • Foam – I used 3 inches thick. You can get it at the craft store, but I recommend waiting until it goes on sale and/or using a coupon! The foam I used was normally $40 but it was on sale for $20 plus I had a coupon! So good deal!
  • Vinyl Tablecloth – I picked up a clearance Halloween print. It’s on the inside so nobody will be able to see what it is. You will want a slightly thicker tablecloth.
  • Strong Tape – like packing tape or duck tape
  • Blanket – I sourced our local thrift shop! I found this great red and white blanket that looks like a knit Christmas sweater for just a few dollars!
  • Zipper (I found one the length of the smaller side of the foam)
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine


First you will want to wrap your foam with the tablecloth. Think like a present. Use the tape to keep it secure.


Why the tablecloth? Foam is super comfy for dogs (and great for dogs who need an orthopedic bed!) but it absorbs everything! This layer will be waterproof so even if your dog has an accident, gets sick, comes in from the rain, or drools the foam will stay clean and dry! And as a bonus, it helps it slide into the cover easily.


Lay your blanket right side down and place your foam on top. I removed the binding around the blanket to make it easier to sew. My first thought was I could make two thinner covers with this blanket since the layers were loose after the binding was removed. But then I thought a white furry fabric probably won’t be so nice after coming in from the snow! 🙂dsc_0175

Fold over the blanket and pin around the edges. You are going to end up sewing 2 sides completely closed: one end and the long side. The third side is where you will sew your zipper onto. Trim off any excess fabric.


On your last open end, sew your zipper in.


Slide your foam in and call your dog! If they are like ours they will be so excited that they bring a few toys with them!


George and Lincoln love their new bed!


It’s plenty big enough for both of them to lay together, which they like a lot.


So really the only question is…


To cuddle


Or not. 🙂

If you love this project you will finds lots of fun inspiration here for your pets!


DIY Un-Paper Towels

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PledgeReflectionOfYou #CollectiveBias

Have you ever heard the saying, “Home is where the heart is?” How true! Home is where we spend time together, re-charge, make memories, and so much more. I also am a big believer in the idea that your home environment has an affect on you. I know personally, when my home is clean and organized, I feel so much better. I want to be there more, I want to create more memories with my family, and I re-charge SO much better. My home may not look like it is straight out of a magazine, but it’s my home, filled with things that I love and is a true reflection of my family. For me, my home is my heart!

DIY Un-Paper Towels

About a year ago, I made my first pair of un-towels. I probably justified it to myself saying, “Well, you can’t clean until you have something pretty to clean with.” I got to pull out my sewing machine instead of tackling a closet. But ever since, I’ve been hooked!

I love our un-towels!

  • They are pretty. I think somewhere out there it’s a proven fact that cleaning is more fun when you have pretty things to clean with. Ok, so maybe it’s not proven, but it should be.
  • They are nice and thick. We actually keep two sets – one for people to use while eating or with food, and one for us to use with cleaning products. Paper towels are great and all, but we just need one un-towel for any mess.
  • When you are done, you just throw them in the wash! Simple.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • They are easy to make. SUPER easy!

Here is how you make them!

First, gather your supplies. You will need a yard of fabric, a towel, thread, scissors and a sewing machine. Remember when you are picking your fabrics that you are using, that these are to clean up messes, so white or super light colors may not work out the best. Pre-wash your fabric and towel to avoid any shrinking later!

DIY Un-Paper Towels

First, cut your fabric. I like mine in 10 inch squares.

DIY Un-Paper Towels

Once your fabric is cut, you are going to lay your towel out and cut out 10 inch squares of the towel. I was able to get about 6 squares from one towel.

DIY Un-Paper Towels

Don’t be afraid to use the decorative parts of the towel!

Pledge 5

Pin your fabric face side down on the towel.

DIY Un-Paper Towels

Sew along the edges leaving a space 4-5 inches long open so you can turn your un-paper towel right side out.

Turn your towel right side out and sew along the edge again. This time you will close the gap. Don’t forget to backstitch at the end!

DIY Un-Paper Towels

And finally, I like to sew a wavy line through the center of my towels. This way they just stick together better in the wash.

DIY Un-Paper Towels

That’s it! We are going to use the blue ones in our kitchen and the super fun pink ones (with the vintage trailers and cars) for cleaning!

Aren’t they fun?

Who doesn’t want to clean with fun towels?

DIY Un-Paper Towels

I use my towels all the time. Seriously every day! Just like I use Pledge® every day! It’s easy to find at Kroger, and does an awesome job and smells good. I always have several of their products on hand at home, but my two favorites are the Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner with Glade® Rainshower® and Pledge® Orange Clean Furniture Spray. Pledge® helps me keep the home I love cared for and beautiful.

DIY Un-Paper Towels

I love that the Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner with Glade® Rainshower® can be used on almost every single surface in my home! Seriously, you can use this on Wood, Laminate, Stainless Steel, Leather, Marble, Granite, Plastic, Porcelain, Glass and Electronics. Is there honestly anything left? Plus, it smells GOOD!

DIY Un-Paper Towels

The Pledge® Orange Clean Furniture Spray honestly reminds me of my mom. I would always help her dust when I was little (except we used the lemon scent), and I loved spraying the Pledge®. I’m a huge fan of the Pledge® smell – to me it just means clean. I used to think that this could only be used on wood, but did you know it can also be used on Laminate, Stainless Steel, Leather, Marble, Granite and Plastic?

DIY Un-Paper Towels

There are so many things in my home that are special to me, and it’s nice to have a product that I trust to keep my treasures safe and looking as great as they did the day I got them! We all have items that are irreplaceable. For me, some of these items include my grandmother’s hope chest, my mother’s jewelry box, and a few sweet things that Joshua has made me over the years. I keep these things out on display all year long, so I want to keep them looking nice! Pledge® is the only product that I trust to clean them, protect them, and keep them looking their best!

DIY Un-Paper Towels

Do you know another HUGE reason that I’m a big Pledge® fan? Because they also feature Allergens Trappers® to remove dust and up to 90% of the allergens found in dust. With kids and pets that is super important to me! So quick! Whip up a set of un-paper towels, pull out your favorite Pledge® bottle and enjoy your clean, happy home!

DIY Un-Paper Towels

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DIY Marble Mug

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Folgers for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

November is here and I can’t believe it. Fall is officially making way for winter and that means a few things. One, I’m looking at getting my Christmas list going. And two, I’m looking for my coffee mug! I think it might be a scientific fact that the more the thermometer dips down, the more I fill my coffee cup up! Today’s project was inspired by both of those things! That and the amazing lunch I had a few weeks ago at Trader’s Point Creamery with the awesome people of Folgers!

I was tickled when I got invited to come have lunch and meet with the Folgers team. It was totally the perfect coffee day – cold and rainy.

So why were we meeting with Folgers? Because Indianapolis is one of only three areas that are test markets for this really awesome new product called Folgers Perfect Measures. (Currently it is also available in St. Louis and Kansas City.) So basically, I’m thrilled to introduce this to y’all!

I really think this product is super smart. No more measuring (and in my case, spilling) and it’s so easy to customize. Want a stronger coffee? No problem! Just add an extra tab.

Tab? Yes tabs! Your favorite coffee that you have grown to love now comes in tab. No measuring. No mess. With your automatic drip coffee maker, just place your tabs in a coffee filter. Add your water and brew your perfect pot. One tab is the same as one scoop so it’s super easy to get used to. You can get the Fogers Perfect Measures in 5 flavors: 100% Columbian, Breakfast Blend, Classic Roast, Classic Decaf and Black Silk.

I was so inspired by this totally awesome, new way to brew, I thought I needed a new coffee mug to go with it. It needed to be just as easy to make as the Folgers Perfect Measures was! And it needed to be adorable. I wanted something that would make a cute gift. (And what better to give with a coffee mug but a container of Fogers coffee!)

These marble mugs are just the thing. A truly personalized, perfect cup! The mugs themselves cost only about $1-2 and just a few minutes to make, but look completely high end.

Here is what you need:

  • A Ceramic Coffee Mug (I bought one at our local dollar store to use)
  • A large mixing bowl (I bought one at our local dollar store to use)
  • Warm water
  • Nail Polish (I only used two colors, but use whatever colors and however many you want!)
  • A toothpick
  • Wax Paper

Here is how you make them:

  1. Fill the bowl with warm water.

  2. Slowly pour in the first color of nail polish. You want to pour it pretty close to the water’s edge, otherwise the drops will sink to the bottom.

  3. Add in your second color of polish the same way.

  4. Use a toothpick and swirl the colors together.

  5. Dip the mug at an angle into the water. You don’t need to submerge the mug. The polish should want to just cling to it.

  6. Set the mug upside down on the wax paper to dry.

(*Note: I have been putting my mug on the top rack of the dishwasher and not had a problem, but if you are worried about it then just be sure to hand wash it!)

Once your mug is dry, fill with your favorite Folgers Perfect Measures coffee! Or wrap it up and give it along with a container of Folgers coffee for the perfect gift.

Don’t forget to be on the look out in a Kroger or Marsh store near you for the new Folgers Perfect Measures Coffee! Ditch the mess, a brew up your perfect cup to drink out of your new perfect mug!

DIY Marble Mugs

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12 Things To Fill A Lamp With – Decorating Ideas

fill a lamp

Recently we moved and I have been busy decorating our new home. Everything is getting a makeover. One thing that I recently bought was a fillable lamp for Joshua’s room. Well, I originally purchased it for my living room, but it’s found a new home in Josh’s room. I love it so much I’m thinking of still getting another one for the living room and a pair for my bedroom. At first I thought that many of the same style lamps could be too much, but with so many different ways to decorate with them no to lamps will look the same!

You can buy your own fill-able lamp here. You can also make your own lamp with a kit. It’s easy to do and you can use any bottle or jar!

Here are some ideas that you can use to fill your lamps.


(Photo and idea from Info Barrel.)

Isn’t this seashell lamp just gorgeous? I really like how the lamp base has a blue tint to it (like the ocean!) and the seashell lamp shade helps pull everything together. What a great memento to collect shells and sands from your travels! Or you can purchase shells inexpensively online.


(Photo and idea from At The Picket Fence)

This may be one of the sweetest ideas I’ve seen. Have a young artist? Then this DIY is for you (both)! You will just need a white lamp shade and fabric markers or crayons.


(Photo and idea from Country Cottage.)

This is a look that I could definitely see myself using in my own home. You could use succulents, driftwood, plants, moss or anything else you find on your nature walks.


(Photo and idea from Tidy Brown Wren.)

Have a sewing or craft room? This spools are a great way to display your hobby and it is a great way to add a little dash of color!

Hint: You don’t need to buy all new spools of thread. You can purchase a pack of empty spools and just wrap a bit of thread that you have around to make them look full.


(Idea and photo from Young House Love.)

I love this idea. The one on the left is similar to what we are doing in Josh’s room! (For Josh’s lamp we are filling it with video game characters and figurines!) Fill a lamp for your kid’s room or play room with small toys, race cars, or characters.


(Photo and idea from The Mathis Family.)

I think that this is such a fun idea. Fill your lamp with mementos from your wedding! She filled it with things like her ring box, invitation, things from her bouquet, etc. This is such a unique way to display items for your special day.


(Photo credit: Pinterest)

One of the best things about fillable vases is that you can change what goes in them, even for the holidays. How pretty is this ornament display?


(Photo was found on Pinterest.)

Isn’t this the cutest? Perfect for your favorite athlete’s room or for a man cave. Baseballs, golf balls, hockey pucks, or golf tees would all be perfect!


(Photo was found on Pinterest.)

The Pinterest user who uploaded this photo said that she filled a lamp with her mother’s cookie cutters.


(Photo and idea is from Seaside Style.)

Here is another lamp filled with little toys! So much fun!


(Photo and idea from All Things G&D.)

Dress up your lamps for the holidays with this fun idea! Scarves and bows make for a festive touch! I think the bows could be used as a fun birthday surprise too!


(Photo and idea is from BHG.)

This is another Christmas idea! Absolutely beautiful! Artificial snow, ornaments, sprigs of a Christmas tree and a favorite Christmas card make for an elegant and personal display.

12 Things To Fill A Lamp With

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DIY Football Party Decoration – Referee Stand

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Our house is ALL football right now! Every year, my whole family gears up for football season. We wear our favorite football shirts, our team socks, make our football picks, and cheer along with every team win. And at the end of the season, we conclude it with the only way we know how. A party.

Football parties are easy to throw. You need just a few things.

  • Friends
  • Food
  • A TV to watch the game

But a few cute decorations never hurt anyone. This referee stand is beyond easy to make, costs just a few dollars and adds an awesome look to your food table! It’s also a versatile decoration. You can flip the lid to make a bowl – perfect for holding things like chip and dip. Or like we did, the stand is perfect for showing off cakes, treats or the ultimate football party food – pizza!


Seriously! Every party needs pizza. And DiGiorno® Pepperoni STUFFED CRUST® Pizza is the ultimate party food. I love how this pizza allows you to have delicious food, while still being able to enjoy the party! There is nothing worse than having friends and family over for fun and being stuck in the kitchen trying to keep up!


This pizza is a party in itself! Cheesy, saucy and perfect. Josh prefers to eat his DiGiorno® Pepperoni STUFFED CRUST® Pizza backwards and who can blame him. The pizza crust is full of amazing cheesiness!

game day essentials

So while you are Walmart picking up a few supplies to make your own Referee Stand, don’t forget to pick up a few DiGiorno® Pepperoni STUFFED CRUST® Pizzas!

You will need:

1 large Terracotta pot

1 Terracotta saucer

White Acrylic Paint

Black Acrylic Paint


Step 1

The first thing that you do is to paint the pots and saucers white. For the saucer, I only painted the rim. Let the paint dry.


Once the white paint is dry, you will need to start painting the black stripes. Your stripes don’t have to be perfect. I found it’s easiest to start on the rim. I used a foam brush (1 inch wide) and just made my stripes the width of the brush.

Using the stripes from the rim as a guide, paint the stripes up the sides of the pot. Do the same for the rim of the saucer.

ref stand

Once everything is dry, simply put the pot upside down and place the saucer on top.

I like to flip my saucer upside down on the pot (it looks like a mushroom shape to me!) The flat top makes it perfect base for holding your game day treats like DiGiorno® Pepperoni STUFFED CRUST® Pizza!

I also painted a smaller Terracotta pot and added a few ‘penalty flag’ napkins.

ref stand8382

Set up your new Referee stand front and center on your table and get ready for an easy, stress free party with easy to make (and delicious to eat!) foods.

Make this year’s Big Game the best ever! Be able to enjoy the game with your friends and family instead of being trapped in the kitchen with DiGiorno® Pepperoni STUFFED CRUST® Pizza, Coca Cola and Ritz Crackers!

Happy football!

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