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St. Patrick’s Day Decoration Craft – Table Runner

Burlap and Lace St.Patricks Day Runner

I’ve been busy getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day. I have to say, I’m a little disappointed in the stores. I’ve been having some trouble finding cute decorations. THIS girl MUST decorate for all of the holidays!! Not to worry I probably would have paid big bucks for this runner at the store. And it was really inexpensive to make. And took a whole 10 minutes. Even if you are a beginner sewer this is a project for you! And if you aren’t a sewer? I bet you could use some iron on tape. 🙂

You will need:

St. Patrick’s Day Burlap Fabric in a length that will fit your table (I got mine at Joann Fabrics – get it online here for $4.99 a yard!)

Green Lace (again I got mine at Joann Fabrics!)


Green Thread

I used a side table so the width of the words was perfect on my fabric. I purchased 2 yards and was able to get enough to make 3 runners! I purchased 1 1/2 yards of green lace and used it all on this one runner. The more layers you want the more lace you will need!

pin it2

Pin the sides up. Like I said, I used the words on my fabric as a guide. They were the perfect width!

pin it

Pin up the bottom! That way no rough edges hanging out. Then just sew all the way around.

lace layers

Then starting with the bottom layer, sew a strip of lace on.

Burlap and Lace St.Patricks Day Runner

Layer the lace on!

Burlap and Lace St.Patricks Day Runner

See I told you it was EASY!!


I kind of love it.

Burlap and Lace St.Patricks Day Runner

Ok. I really love it.

Burlap and Lace St.Patricks Day Runner

Subway art + burlap + lace … what is honestly not to love?

Burlap and Lace St.Patricks Day Runner

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20 St. Patrick’s Day DIY Crafts

20 St. Patricks Day DIY Projects

The other day we shared with you 24 festive St. Patrick’s Day recipes and today we are going to share 20 St. Patrick’s Day DIY Crafts! Some of these are easy printables, some of the crafts for kids and some are projects for the house. There is something fun for everyone!


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buble gum

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Annnnd as an added bonus:


Check out this cute printable from my friend Erin over at A Bird and a Bean!

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28 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Recipes & DIY

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

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What do the Moms say?


“St. Patrick’s Day is just a fun holiday for us. We don’t go crazy celebrating but we always wear green and it’s a good excuse to have a fun little treat for dessert. Something green of course!”

– Lindsay is the mom of 2 and author of See Mom Click. She shares great deals, Disney happenings and recipes. You can follow her on Twitter here!

“St. Patrick’s Day is a sign to me that spring is coming! March is an excellent time to enjoy fun recipes and crafts as a family. The ideas above are sure to bring smiles to your faces!”

– Stephanie is the mom to Sam and the author of Spaceships and Laser Beams. If you ever need party ideas her site is the place to visit! Specializing in all things boy, it’s full of inspiration! Follow her on Twitter here!


I love when I start seeing St. Patrick’s Day recipes and crafts online because it’s a sure sign that Spring is on the way. We usually make a few fun treats at home and for school. We always make sure to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day too, so we don’t get pinched by anyone. 🙂

– Jenni is the mom of one and the author of Sweet Pennies From Heaven. A hearth and home website, Sweet Pennies From Heaven focuses on recipes, crafts and creating a comfortable home. Follow her on Twitter here!


“Josh’s favorite color is green and we are most definitely Irish, so St. Patrick’s Day is a lot of fun around here! We get visits from the Leprechaun and we build a trap to try to catch him. He always seems to outsmart us though. It’s really just a fun day for us!”

– Amanda is the mom to Joshua and owns It’s a Fabulous Life. If you are looking for a one stop place for all things mom, It’s a Fabulous Life is it! Full of recipes, fashion, DIY projects, recipes and parenting articles it’s the place for all of Mom’s favorites to come together! Follow her on Twitter here!

What do you do to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick's Day Ideas


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Leprechaun Tricks – How to Catch A Leprechaun

Trapping A Leprechaun

So if you have been following along you know that we have been trying to capture a Leprechaun. The Leprechauns at our house have proved to be quite tricky! They always seem to take the bait out of our traps and have been pulling silly tricks on us in return.

carSo far they have covered toys in shamrocks.

Yesterday, they left notes around the house for the kids to find.

But last night. Last night takes the cake! Caleb decided that his Leprechaun Bait (a gold chocolate coin!) would be better off eaten then left out. When the Leprechauns came to collect their gold I don’t think they were happy! When the kids woke up they found this note:

leprechaun note

The older kids get up before Caleb in the morning for school. You should have seen them running to the bathroom a little worried about finding green hair. When they realized the coast was clear (for them!) it didn’t take long for them to run and wake up Caleb. And find him looking a little like this

caleb green hair

The look on his face was perfect. The kids are yelling “The Leprechauns turned your hair green!!” and of course he reaches up to touch his hair…I guess to see if it feels green. 🙂

Then, when he had about 10 seconds to actually wake up he runs to the mirror and yep. There it is. Green hair. He couldn’t believe it happened while he was asleep.

Good thing today just happened to be Crazy Hair Day at school! 🙂

If the Leprechauns at your house are planning on pulling this prank here are a few tips:

hair coloring

– THIS is the hairspray our Leprechaun used.

-It’s best to have your Leprechaun wake up early and spray rather than at night. Between the tossing and turning and just number of hours at night by morning it will fade.

– BUT it fades…and washes out. Non-permanent. Good stuff. Plus, it washed out of the pillow case too (I washed it twice).

– The stuff stinks when you first spray it. Caleb woke up with just a few concentrated spots of green. And the Leprechaun left the bottle for us to finish touching up. Plus he sprayed on spots that would be hard to roll around on the pillow case and rub off. But that depends on the way your child sleeps!

he he he

you cant catch me

Get our FREE Printable Leprechaun Cards here to leave some Leprechaun love for your kids.

Want to know what other pranks our Leprechaun has pulled?

Shamrock Covered

Want to know how we made our traps? Find out here.

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Leprechaun Trap: St. Patrick’s Day Fun For Kids

Trapping A Leprechaun

You know the story. Trap a Leprechaun and he (or she!) will turn over their pot of gold to you! But Leprechauns are tricky! You need a game plan. And you need to be prepared for a few tricks!

At our house we start setting traps for the pesky Leprechaun in the beginning of March. We make our trap (directions for our trap here.) and try luring him with a shiny, gold chocolate coin. Then it’s off to bed and hope to find something in our trap the next morning!

I’m not sure about at your house, but at our house it’s always the same thing. That sneaky Leprechaun always takes our bait…and avoids getting caught!!! Which always makes Mom a little annoyed because I ONLY buy the exact number of coins that we need. So this means I have to go to the store again to pick up some for the next night. Geez… 🙂

Not only does the Leprechaun take the coin, but he usually plays a trick! Last night was no exception!

The traps were laid….

leprechaun trick day 1

Caleb even put a shiny red car our (which we thought was the perfect size for the Leprechaun!)

leprechaun trap5

And Josh put out his DS. (Because Leprechauns love to play games!)

When we woke up the coin was gone… Leprechaun Tricks

And his DS was covered in Shamrocks!

Leprechaun Tricks

And so was the car!

Leprechaun tricks day 1

I guess there is always tonight to try to trap them! I wonder what kind of tricks they will play tonight?

If the Leprechauns want to play at your house too….

Sometimes they leave fun things like






And after all the tricking…on St. Patrick’s day they always end up giving all the gold coins back! 🙂

If your Leprechaun would like to leave a note too you can print out some of these:

you cant catch me

he he he

They are designed as 4X6. You can just save them on a flash drive and take them to your local Staples/Office Max and have them printed. (You can also email them directly to your store!) Our Leprechaun likes to write little notes on the back!

We will keep you posted on the rest of our Leprechaun run ins! If you have a Leprechaun in your house we would love to hear about it!

Email it to us or on Facebook! Or tag us on Instagram!

Check out what other tricks our Leprechaun has pulled:

Green Hair in the Morning!

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St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Hat DIY Craft Project For Kids!

leprechaun hats crafts for kids

If you are looking for a fun project to do with the kids for St. Patrick’s Day then this is the perfect project for you! These hats are easy to make and make great storage containers (perfect for a treat!) or in our case – perfect for trapping a leprechaun!

leprechaun hats9

You will need:

Plastic containers – we used small Ziploc containers in the 1 cup size

Green paint – we used DecoArt Americana Pant in Leaf Green

Foam Brush

Construction Paper


St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Hat DIY Craft For Kids

I do highly recommend newspaper and an apron (which was put on shortly after this picture!) St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Hat DIY Craft For Kids

Coat the outside of the containers a nice pretty green.

And make sure to get the sides and the outside of the lids too!

St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Hat DIY Craft For Kids

The good news about this project is the paint dries really quickly! 🙂 Instant gratification…why yes!

St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Hat DIY Craft For Kids

We didn’t have black construction paper so we did what any other normal person would do and colored a piece of paper black. Cut out a yellow buckle and taped them on.

St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Hat DIY Craft For Kids

Then just tape the band around. EASY!St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Hat DIY Craft For Kids

Set them out as decoration or fill it with a treat.

OR you can do what we like to do….

St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Hat DIY Craft For Kids

Turn it into a trap for those pesky leprechauns! Each night leading up to St. Patrick’s Day we set the trap (with a chocolate covered gold coin as bait!) But that tricky leprechaun always seems to steal the coin and ends up playing a trick! (Although on St. Patrick’s Day he always leaves a pile of gold coins behind in the hat!)

Want to see what kind of mischief our leprechaun has made?

– Shamrock covered toys

– Green Hair in the Morning

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Leprechaun Pillow

So I’ve been so excited about decorating for St. Patrick’s Day this year. Our house has been re-painted. We’ve gotten new furniture. Woah. Scratch that. The furniture that I ordered was supposed to get here yesterday. And here’s the shocker – it’s not even scheduled to be in the warehouse until March 23!! WHAT!?! So they are sending us a couch to borrow until ours gets in. I’m not going to lie. I’m bummed. The borrow couch isn’t gray. It’s green. But then I thought – let’s think positive (remember this week’s challenge?) at least it is a green couch for St.Patrick’s Day. So yeah buddy we are going ALL out this year – green couch and all for the month of March.
Anyways. That cute pillow up there. I made it. I love it. While I was out on my hunt for cute St. Patrick’s Day stuff I came up with practically nothing. Bummer. So I came up with this project to make a leprechaun silhouette pillow.
This was such a SUPER easy project to do. The part that takes the most time is cutting out the leprechauns. Because you have to cut them out 3 times.
First print the image. I just typed in leprechaun silhouette into google images. Here is a link to the image I used. I made mine black and white to save ink (in Picasa make it like a coloring book). Then I printed it to fit the page. Make sure the size works for your pillow.
Go ahead and cut it out. Then I traced it onto Steam-A-Seam. And you guessed it cut it out.
Next, iron it onto the fabric (in my case I chose green). And – yup – one more time. Cut it out.
Position them onto your pillow case. And iron them on. Easy peasy.
Do you need a pillow case? How about making one. It’s super fast – and super easy. I made just a basic envelope pillowcase. That way after the holiday is over I can switch on a different pillowcase.
Here is a good tutorial for making envelope back pillow cases. (It takes about 10 minutes – and only 4 straight lines to sew. You will never look at pillow cases the same again. I promise!)
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