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DIY: Halloween Recycled Bat Wreath Tutorial

DIY: Halloween Recycled Bat Wreath Tutorial

I *love* Halloween.  Really love it! So I’m pretty excited to start sharing some of my Halloween decorations with you!!  First up is my recycled bat wreath.  I actually made this last year (I can’t believe how well it held up in storage!).  I don’t any pictures of the actual process but it was soContinue Reading

Just Batty Pillow

I’ve been working on some Halloween ideas - is it to early?  I love fall, it’s my favorite time of year.  And Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!  I have to admit, this bat pillow I made, I’m pretty much in love with. I love the wings that move around.  And I love theContinue Reading

Back to School DIY Lotion Gifts

 Today I sent Josh off to 4th grade.  I can’t believe it.  He started a new grade at a new school.  I think I have more anxiety than him!  So I figured we needed to send him off with a few gifts to wish his teachers a happy new school year.  I showed you theContinue Reading

10 Back to School DIY and free printables for the best school year EVER

It’s that time again - Back to School time.  Here are 10 DIY projects to get you started! Hope your year goes smoothly lotion gift for teachers, bus drivers, office staff with free printable labels from Oops, I craft my pants. Rachel Berry made these super cute vases filled with pencils for a great (andContinue Reading