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DIY Homemade Window Cleaner – The Best Streak Free Window Cleaner!

DIY Homemade Window Cleaner – The Best Streak Free Window Cleaner EVER!

DIY Streak Free Glass Cleaner

One would think that living with six people would mean that there are plenty of people to clean up the house.

Well, that one would be wrong.

Living with six people…four of which are teens/tweens REALLY means that there is six times the mess, fingerprints, and junk….with one mom yelling and bribing people to help.

That’s just real talk.

But have no fear fellow mom-mers….I put them to work. Sorry, not sorry has become a mantra around this household.

One job that nobody seems to mind though, is washing the windows. Weird. I don’t know why. But they actually will argue about whoever gets to do it. Maybe they love my awesome DIY Homemade Window Cleaner just like I do.

When we started our cleaning business we made the switch to DIY homemade cleaners. One, they were way more cost effective. After all, saving money on cleaning supplies means bigger profits. Also, the homemade cleaners work just as well if not better than the store bought cleaners! Plus, it is so nice if you run out of something to just make another bottle. They take just a minute to make with ingredients that are common in the house or used in many other homemade cleaners.

DIY Streak Free Glass Cleaner

Ingredients to make DIY Homemade Window Cleaner

  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1 cup alcohol
  • 2 tbsp cornstarch
  • Essential Oils/oil blend of your choice
  • Funnel
  • Spray bottle (I REALLY love these glass bottles!)

Instructions to make DIY Homemade Window Cleaner

DIY Streak Free Glass Cleaner

In a jar or bowl, mix together vinegar and alcohol.

DIY Streak Free Glass Cleaner

Stir in cornstarch and mix well.

DIY Streak Free Glass Cleaner

Choose your oils! I have done just lemon, a lemon basil, lemon lavender and a pine cedar wood mix. Other yummy mixes include orange or grapefruit.

DIY Streak Free Glass Cleaner

Using a funnel, pour into your clean spray bottle.

If desired, print out a free label and cut it to size. Using a sticker maker, turn it into a sticker and put on your bottle.

*Note: These sticker makers are awesome! We use ours all of the time for things around the house, art projects and school projects! Totally worth having it!

DIY Streak Free Glass Cleaner

That’s it! Just give it a quick shake before using. Seriously, this is the best glass cleaner I’ve ever used!

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Hands Down The Best DIY Cleaner

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DIY Streak Free Glass Cleaner

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DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

This is a post all about my favorite way to keep your bathroom clean.

We have five kids.

No more needs to be said on that.

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

But seriously. I have literally a bazillion other things to do with my day than to clean the bathroom. So to help keep things sparkly clean (and not stinky…that part is very, VERY important) I swear by these DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs!

First of all, they are so simple to make. They only take three ingredients.

Second, to use all you have to do is to drop them into the toilet. The fizz up, clean it and deodorize it.

Third, even the kids like to use them. SCORE!

To make these DIY homemade toilet bombs you will need a few things.

  • A silicone mold. You can get fancy if you want, but I’m lame and just used a square one.
  • A glass jar. Again, be fancy if you want. I’m lame. I got a big jar at Hobby Lobby for about $3. (Yay for 50% off day!)
  • Citric Acid. I totally Amazoned this. To be honest, no clue where you would find that at Target. LOL The citric acid will create the fizzing effect and also help breakdown water stains.
  • Baking Soda. You will want the big box! Baking soda is a common household cleaner. It’s also a deodorizer.
  • Essential oils. I use a mix of lavender, peppermint and lemon. Different oils do different things, but this mix helps to clean, kill germs and of course, smell good!

How to make homemade toilet bombs:

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs
In a bowl, mix 1 1/3 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of citric acid.

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

In a spray bottle, mix the water and essential oils.

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

Spray the water and oil mix into the baking soda and citric acid. It will fizzle a little bit, but that’s ok. (If you don’t have a spray bottle just be sure to add the water mix VERY slowly!)

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

Mix around until it is all damp.

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

Press into mold and allow to sit out and harden for a few hours.

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

Transfer to a jar or an airtight container. I have ours in a pretty glass jar in our bathroom.

That’s it! They are so easy to make. Once you use them, I promise you will make sure that you always have a batch ready!

DIY Homemade Toilet Bombs

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Hands Down, The Best All Purpose Cleaner

Let’s play a game. Have you ever played 3 truths and a lie? It’s super easy. I say four statements and you pick out the one that isn’t truthful. Ready? Except this time…it’s cleaning edition.

  • We own a cleaning company.
  • I hate to clean.
  • We have 5 kids and 2 dogs….who all make keeping things clean super difficult.
  • I have to do the dishes right after dinner or it drives me crazy.

Do you know? The last one was the lie, but it does drive Dustin crazy so he normally gives in and does them. 🙂

Hands Down The Best DIY Cleaner

Having a cleaning company means we have gone through a on of different cleaners looking for the right ones. But nothing has ever compared to this homemade cleaner. It really is hands down, the best all purpose cleaner ever! And it’s so inexpensive to make.


Instructions to make the best all purpose cleaner EVER:

In a clean bottle, pour the borax, washing soda and castile soap. Fill with warm distilled water. Add whatever essential oils you wish to the bottle of your cleaner. I sometimes use just lemon or just orange. But other times, I like to do a mix of grapefruit, orange and lemon or lemon and basil. Put the lid on tightly and shake. Print out our free labels and pick which one you want. Run the label through a sticker maker and attach it to your bottle. (PS. Sticker makers are inexpensive and so handy to have! I use mine all the time for various things around the house or with the kids for school projects.)

In a clean bottle, pour the borax, washing soda and castile soap.

Hands Down The Best DIY Cleaner

Fill with warm distilled water.

Hands Down The Best DIY Cleaner

Add whatever essential oils you wish to the bottle of your cleaner. I sometimes use just lemon or just orange. But other times, I like to do a mix of grapefruit, orange and lemon or lemon and basil.

Hands Down The Best DIY Cleaner

Put the lid on tightly and shake.

Hands Down The Best DIY Cleaner

Print out our All Purpose Cleaner Labels and pick which one you want. Run the label through a sticker maker and attach it to your bottle.

Hands Down The Best DIY Cleaner

(PS. Sticker makers are inexpensive and so handy to have! I use mine all the time for various things around the house or with the kids for school projects.)

A few important things:

  1. I REALLY love these glass bottles. I’m not a fan of plastic and we have been trying to eliminate as much as we can in our house. Plus, I feel fancy. And since I hate to clean, I take my victories when and where I can. 🙂 PS If you are worried about them breaking, I’ve been using them for over a year now and we haven’t broke any. (And remember, we have a small army!)
  2. Get the washing soda at the store if you can. It’s cheaper. I found mine in with the stain removers on the very bottom shelf.
  3. Don’t like lemon? Use grapefruit! Not a fan? Use orange! Not a fan of any of them? You can make a fragrance free version!
  4. Distilled water works best. But I’m not going to lie, there have been a few times I used regular old tap water.
  5. It will keep for a few months, but we go through it much faster than that!

Hands Down The Best DIY Cleaner

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41 Things To Declutter And Throw Away That You Won’t Even Miss

41 Things To Declutter And Throw Away

41 Things To Declutter And Throw Away - That You Won't Even Miss

There are several things that I believe in like cute pajamas or that you should never show up empty handed. I’m also a big believer in the fact that a cluttered or messy house can cause unnecessary stress. Even if you don’t realize it! When my house is clean and clutter free – gah – I feel SO much better.

I hate to clean. No, scratch that. I don’t hate it. I clean – when I have to. And when I am in the mood to. When I’m in the mood to – man, watch out. I get in the zone and go to town. Nothing is safe – trash bags come out and the great purge begins. I wouldn’t call myself a hoarder, but I’m a bit of a saver. I like to think it’s my inner hippie. I hate the idea of throwing things in a landfill. But I’ve trained myself to be pretty good about dropping off (lots) of donations to our local Salvation Army. There are a few things that I have a hard time parting with though like books. So believe me, when I say decluttering can be hard…I totally get it! But it is necessary and even if it is difficult, I promise that it is so worth it!

Whether you struggle with clutter or don’t have to ever think twice about tossing it (hopefully in the recycling bin or donation pile!) here is a list to get you painlessly get started living a clutter free life!

Remember to ask yourself questions like

  • Do I really need this?
  • When was the last time I used this?
  • Is there anything wrong with it? (Holes, stains, etc..)
  • Will I actually use this?

PS. This book is life changing! Seriously, it’s an easy read and has almost a full 5 star rating … from almost 13,000 people!!!

41 Things To Throw Away That You Won't Even Miss

In the kitchen

  1. Plastic shopping bags (This will keep your plastic bags organized and looking clutter free!)
  2. Extra coffee mugs or drinking glasses that you don’t use
  3. Things in the refrigerator that are expired or won’t get eaten (Check out our 5 ideas for organizing your refrigerator here!)
  4. Cooking utensils you don’t use or have multiples of
  5. Appliances that you never use (sorry sandwich maker….)
  6. Tupperware without lids…or lids without containers. (This gadget is awesome for organizing those pesky lids!)
  7. Old spices
  8. Magnets
  9. Empty or close to empty bottles (Remember to check your cleaning supplies too! If a bottle is close to empty, you may be able to combine what is left in a new bottle.)
  10. Take out menus (Usually you can get them online anyways!)

41 Things To Throw Away That You Won't Even Miss

In the bedrooms

  1. Worn out, faded or stained bedding
  2. Old pillows
  3. Socks….mismatched and worn out (We use these to organize our socks. LOVE them!)
  4. Clothes that are no longer in style, worn or fit
  5. Old promo t-shirts
  6. Old underwear – (I subscribe to Splendies which sends out 3 new pair of underwear each month and I love it! It’s super affordable, you can stop anytime and they have plus sizes too if you need it. As soon as a new package comes in – I toss a pair of panties that need to go or one that I tend not to wear often for whatever reason.)
  7. Old bras (Adore Me is one of my favorite places! Did you know they also have PJ’s and swimwear? LOVE it! And the prices are amazing!)
  8. Broken jewelry … or that costume jewelry you bought but never wore
  9. Shoes – worn out or just ones that don’t get worn (the shame…)
  10. Dresses….you know the one you probably paid too much for or bought to wear to your sister’s best friend’s cousin’s wedding and it hasn’t seen the light of day since. There are some great organizations that take fancier dresses and give them to girl’s for things like prom or if it is business attire, to women who have left abusive relationships and are entering the workforce again but can’t afford business clothes.

41 Things To Throw Away That You Won't Even Miss

The bathroom

  1. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash bottles (This gadget comes in handy so there is no clutter!)
  2. Old razors that aren’t as sharp
  3. Sample sized makeup you’ve never used or opened
  4. Towels that are scratchy, worn or faded
  5. Old makeup (Did you know mascara expires after 3 months?)
  6. Old toothbrushes
  7. Hair ties that lost their stretch
  8. Nail polish that is almost empty (not enough to paint a full set with) or colors that you won’t wear
  9. Expired medicine
  10. Lotions (how do I accrue so many?!)

The rest of the house

  1. Your purse
  2. Old receipts
  3. Greeting cards
  4. Old magazines
  5. DVDs (Do you watch them anymore? We Netflix, Prime and On Demand everything!)
  6. Charging cords that no longer fit your devices
  7. Old devices – sell or donate those old phones, tablets, cameras, etc
  8. Old textbooks (I know they were stupid expensive, but are you ever going to read about finite math again?)
  9. Junk mail, catalogs, old paper work, unused coupons
  10. Toys that are no longer played with
  11. Loyalty cards (Can you just use your phone number instead? Or an app?)

41 Things To Throw Away That You Won't Even Miss

There you have it 41 things that you can easily declutter that you won’t even miss! Don’t forget to pin our simple things to declutter on Pinterest!

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Guide To What Laundry Care Symbols Mean

What Laundry Care Symbols Mean

My closet is packed full of treasures. And I really mean that wholeheartedly. I have jeans that I know I can put on without fail that make me feel like a million bucks. I have a favorite dress that is my go-to for girls night out. I have t-shirts from concerts that immediately bring back memories.

There are so many times when people ask me how I met someone or if I remember when we did so-and-so together and when I think back I often can visualize us in that moment. Even down to what I was wearing. My clothes aren’t just for throwing on. For me, they really do hold special memories.

So the last thing I ever want to do is to ruin them by simply trying to take care of them. (How ironic right?) But I will confess, if I were to list out all of my talents I’m not entirely sure that domestic goddess would necessarily be listed. So when my mom bought me a gorgeous new top for my birthday and I went home to wash it I will be the first to admit that I was a little confused on the do’s and don’ts. I’ve seen the laundry care symbols on clothing tags for ever. But I honestly never knew what they meant.

So in an effort to preserve my new top and my favorite vintage concert tees I decided that now that I’m in my 30’s, this was probably something I should figure out.

What Laundry Care Symbols Mean

What Laundry Care Symbols Mean

What Laundry Care Symbols Mean

What Laundry Care Symbols Mean

What Laundry Care Symbols Mean

What Laundry Care Symbols Mean

What Laundry Care Symbols Mean

What Laundry Care Symbols Mean

What Laundry Care Symbols Mean

What Laundry Care Symbols Mean

When you see the open circle on your clothing, then you know that item is meant to be dry cleaned. Want a tip: Use Dryel! Save the time and hassle of going to the dry cleaners (why go when you can do it at home!) and get your clothes safely washed. Bonus: It saves you up to 90% of the cost of dry cleaning! WIN!

What Laundry Care Symbols Mean

Each starter pack comes with 4 packs, spray, bag and instructions. How does it work? The heat of the dryer releases a steam inside the garment bag that cleans your clothes and removes odors. The Dryel Booster Spray can remove stains and add freshness. But you don’t just have to use Dryel for your dry cleaning items. Use them on your favorites that you want to preserve too. That awesome one in a million pair of jeans? Don’t let them fade! Wash them in the Dryel bag! My favorite vintage concert tee? You bet that it gets washed in Dryel! You can find a retailer near you here.

What Laundry Care Symbols Mean

I’m so super excited to announce that I am working with Dryel this year! Their products are so simple to use and have really saved me so many times in time, money and from ruining some of my treasured items from my closet. Be sure to be on the look out for some clothing hacks and tips on keeping your wardrobe in perfect shape all year long!

Disclosure: I am a paid ambassador of Dryel. All thoughts and ideas are 100% my own.


January 2017 Organizing Challenge

Hooray it’s 2017! I feel like every year I have so many goals: eat healthier, get outside more, read more books, get organized…but let’s be honest. They all fall under the same sort of resolution: get myself together. And while I think I make progress every year, this is the year that I’m determined to get it together, for real.

Are you with me? To selfishly help myself, I’ve decided to help anyone else on this journey too. 😉

Fun, accountability, staying motivated…whatever your reasons…join us!

If you are looking to live a healthier life – join our private Facebook group!

If you are looking to read more – join our virtual book club!

And if you are looking to get more organized, declutter, or working on becoming a bit more minimalist – follow our organizing challenge! (But if you want to follow us on Facebook, that’s cool too!)

Each day, we will have something small that you can do to declutter, organize, get rid of, recycle or donate helping you to finally have your organized home of your resolution dreams. 🙂

Of course we will have some posts with tips, tricks and printables along the way! I will update this post as more posts are put up to help you on your journey!

Finding the Perfect Planner For The New Year

Finding the perfect planner for the new year

Setting up a command center to get organized

Setting Up A Command Center To Get Organized

5 ideas and tips for an organized refrigerator

5 Ideas & Tips For an Organized Refrigerator

January 2017 Organizing Challenge

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DIY No Sew Dog Bed

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CarpetProtect #CollectiveBias


George is definitely the definition of a spoiled dog. He loves his toys, being held, lots of snacks and a warm place to snuggle. We have several dog beds around the house, but usually I purchase (or DIY!) beds that are big enough for both Lincoln and George to snuggle up on together. But today is all about George. A bed all of his own. Which works out perfectly because he needs a bath today so I’m glad I was able to bribe him with a new bed first! 😉

This bed seriously took only about 15 minutes to make and came together for only about $10! I was able to pick everything up at Target while I was getting a few other things.


Like STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover!


You can find it in the cleaning department with the other carpet cleaners at Target. (I got mine at the Fishers, Indiana Target store!) It’s not available at all locations (but is online with free shipping to your local store!) You can check to be sure that it is available at your local Target store here. (You can find a cartwheel savings offer here!)


While I love George… a lot, but accidents happen. He’s got a little bladder! If we are gone for a long time during the day, we may come home to a surprise. STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover makes it easy to get tough stains out! It also has ODOR REMOVE™ technology which means not only is the stain out, but the smell. Not only does it clean and protect, but also repels dirt. It leaves kind of an invisible shield on your carpet to protect it and make it easier to clean. Bonus: There’s no sticky residue! (You can also use it for non-pet stains like coffee or soil. It’s been a total life saver!)


While you are at Target picking up your STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover, you will need to pick up a plush pillow (Target had them for $4!), a pillow protector, and a nice soft fleece blanket. I got mine at the Dollar Bins at Target for $3! WOO HOO!


First, you will need put the pillow into the pillow protector. This just helps it stay clean. Then, lay out your blanket on your table and place the pillow near the edge.


Fold the blanket over the pillow to cover. It was a little bit of a tight fit for my blanket and pillow, but that’s ok – don’t worry! I also trimmed about 2 inches from each side.


Start on the shorter ends and cut small slits on both the top and bottom layers.


Take one upper layer and one lower layer and tie together. Double knot!


Continue tying around the edges. I find it easier to round the corner and then stop and start on the other short end. That makes it easy to meet both sides in the middle evenly.


Ta da! It’s the perfect size for a small dog like George.


He has his own throne to rule on.


Or to nap on.

DIY No Sew Dog Bed (In Just 15 Minutes and For 10 Bucks)

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DIY Un-Paper Towels

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PledgeReflectionOfYou #CollectiveBias

Have you ever heard the saying, “Home is where the heart is?” How true! Home is where we spend time together, re-charge, make memories, and so much more. I also am a big believer in the idea that your home environment has an affect on you. I know personally, when my home is clean and organized, I feel so much better. I want to be there more, I want to create more memories with my family, and I re-charge SO much better. My home may not look like it is straight out of a magazine, but it’s my home, filled with things that I love and is a true reflection of my family. For me, my home is my heart!

DIY Un-Paper Towels

About a year ago, I made my first pair of un-towels. I probably justified it to myself saying, “Well, you can’t clean until you have something pretty to clean with.” I got to pull out my sewing machine instead of tackling a closet. But ever since, I’ve been hooked!

I love our un-towels!

  • They are pretty. I think somewhere out there it’s a proven fact that cleaning is more fun when you have pretty things to clean with. Ok, so maybe it’s not proven, but it should be.
  • They are nice and thick. We actually keep two sets – one for people to use while eating or with food, and one for us to use with cleaning products. Paper towels are great and all, but we just need one un-towel for any mess.
  • When you are done, you just throw them in the wash! Simple.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • They are easy to make. SUPER easy!

Here is how you make them!

First, gather your supplies. You will need a yard of fabric, a towel, thread, scissors and a sewing machine. Remember when you are picking your fabrics that you are using, that these are to clean up messes, so white or super light colors may not work out the best. Pre-wash your fabric and towel to avoid any shrinking later!

DIY Un-Paper Towels

First, cut your fabric. I like mine in 10 inch squares.

DIY Un-Paper Towels

Once your fabric is cut, you are going to lay your towel out and cut out 10 inch squares of the towel. I was able to get about 6 squares from one towel.

DIY Un-Paper Towels

Don’t be afraid to use the decorative parts of the towel!

Pledge 5

Pin your fabric face side down on the towel.

DIY Un-Paper Towels

Sew along the edges leaving a space 4-5 inches long open so you can turn your un-paper towel right side out.

Turn your towel right side out and sew along the edge again. This time you will close the gap. Don’t forget to backstitch at the end!

DIY Un-Paper Towels

And finally, I like to sew a wavy line through the center of my towels. This way they just stick together better in the wash.

DIY Un-Paper Towels

That’s it! We are going to use the blue ones in our kitchen and the super fun pink ones (with the vintage trailers and cars) for cleaning!

Aren’t they fun?

Who doesn’t want to clean with fun towels?

DIY Un-Paper Towels

I use my towels all the time. Seriously every day! Just like I use Pledge® every day! It’s easy to find at Kroger, and does an awesome job and smells good. I always have several of their products on hand at home, but my two favorites are the Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner with Glade® Rainshower® and Pledge® Orange Clean Furniture Spray. Pledge® helps me keep the home I love cared for and beautiful.

DIY Un-Paper Towels

I love that the Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner with Glade® Rainshower® can be used on almost every single surface in my home! Seriously, you can use this on Wood, Laminate, Stainless Steel, Leather, Marble, Granite, Plastic, Porcelain, Glass and Electronics. Is there honestly anything left? Plus, it smells GOOD!

DIY Un-Paper Towels

The Pledge® Orange Clean Furniture Spray honestly reminds me of my mom. I would always help her dust when I was little (except we used the lemon scent), and I loved spraying the Pledge®. I’m a huge fan of the Pledge® smell – to me it just means clean. I used to think that this could only be used on wood, but did you know it can also be used on Laminate, Stainless Steel, Leather, Marble, Granite and Plastic?

DIY Un-Paper Towels

There are so many things in my home that are special to me, and it’s nice to have a product that I trust to keep my treasures safe and looking as great as they did the day I got them! We all have items that are irreplaceable. For me, some of these items include my grandmother’s hope chest, my mother’s jewelry box, and a few sweet things that Joshua has made me over the years. I keep these things out on display all year long, so I want to keep them looking nice! Pledge® is the only product that I trust to clean them, protect them, and keep them looking their best!

DIY Un-Paper Towels

Do you know another HUGE reason that I’m a big Pledge® fan? Because they also feature Allergens Trappers® to remove dust and up to 90% of the allergens found in dust. With kids and pets that is super important to me! So quick! Whip up a set of un-paper towels, pull out your favorite Pledge® bottle and enjoy your clean, happy home!

DIY Un-Paper Towels

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Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

There are some things that I do not so much because I like to but because I have to. For me, cleaning falls into that category. It’s not my favorite thing to do, I definitely have to do it. I don’t do well with a messy house. It doesn’t make me feel good.

Not to mention….we have four pets. If I don’t keep up, even if we don’t necessarily do anything to cause a mess, it can quickly go from good to bad. Luckily I’ve learned a few tricks to make cleaning easier. Here are a few cleaning tips for pet owners.

5 cleaning tips for pet owners

1. Brush your pet…often!

Our pets love to be brushed, which is good because it can help to eliminate a lot of pet hair that would otherwise be floating around our home!

2. Use a lint brush

I have a lint brush that I use all the time. And not just for clothes. Sometimes….somehow….I will see pet hair on the lamp shade and the lint brush makes it so easy to clean. Another place that the hair seems to be attached to is the bottom of our curtains. A quick swipe and it’s all clean.

3. Crate Mats are your friend!

We have several crate mats in our house….everywhere except the crates! We keep one on our bed, the couch and on the futon in Josh’s room. Our pets see them out and know that is their spot. They are easy to clean (just toss in the wash), pet hair doesn’t get on the furniture, and they are easy to move if you need to.

4. Baking Soda can really help freshen carpet

Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the carpet if your pet has an accident or just to freshen it up. Let it sit for a few minutes and vacuum it up. You can even add essential oils if you want!

5. Vacuum. Vacuum a lot.

I’ll say it again. Vacuum. Vacuum a lot. 🙂 This goes without saying but honestly, it’s the best advice!

I used to vacuum everyday. Now I never vacuum.



Ok, so our house gets vacuumed everyday but I don’t do the vacuuming. Our vacuum does the vacuuming!

5 cleaning tips for pet owners

I was so excited to adopt a bObi Pet. (How adorable is it that it came with a little birth announcement?) As soon as it came, I had it out and ready to go! It’s super easy to use (which is nice for a non-tech person like me)


Our dogs were curious about bObi, but she didn’t scare them. Even when I took it to my mom’s house, Miya and Snuffer weren’t scared either. In fact, George and Snuffer liked to follow bObi around while she worked.

Here are some things that I love about our bObi Pet:

bobi 2

  • She fits under our furniture! She can sweep under our couch (which is great because George likes to sleep under there and drag who knows what with him!), fit under the coffee table, etc. Awesome! Now, different furniture is at different heights so she may not be able to fit under everyone’s, but this is for sure a plus for our house.
  • She always gets herself unstuck. I haven’t had to rescue her yet!
  • She is great about getting stuff out of the corners and along the baseboards. She has this little arm that sweeps everything in front of her.

  • She sanitizes as she sweeps. There is a UV light under her so as she zips around sweeping, she is sanitizing. Who knows what our germs our dogs (or we!) track in. This makes me feel good about laying on the carpet to play our board games later on.
  • There is also an air purifier on your bObi Pet. Pets or no pets – this is important!
  • You can even use it to mop! We haven’t used this feature yet, but….AWESOME!

  • She will return herself to her charger. This means you can set it up to vacuum on a schedule. And be done! LOVE that!

A video posted by Amanda (@amanda.r.faulkner) on

Recently, my grandparents were visiting and they brought their dog Snuffer. So when I went over for dinner one night, with George and Lincoln in tow, I thought the least I could do was bring our new bObi Pet with us! My mom told me she had just vacuumed, but with four dogs running around (my mom has a black husky named Miya) the bObi Pet went to work! It’s crazy how much she was able to pick up.

Needless to say, everyone now wants a bObi!

If you want to adopt a bObi of your own you can visit them here!

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How To Fold A Fitted Sheet…And Other Laundry Hacks You Should Know

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet and Other Laundry Hacks You Should Know

The other day I was looking for something in my closet and quickly realizing that it was time to declutter a bit. Isn’t it crazy how fast you accumulate things? I decided that I needed to do some re-organizing. So I did what any other rational person does when they want to start cleaning….I got on Pinterest.

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet and Other Laundry Hacks You Should Know

(See her makeover here!)

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet and Other Laundry Hacks You Should Know

(Check out her tips here!)

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet and Other Laundry Hacks You Should Know

(Find out how she organized her closet here!)

You guys. These are real! I don’t know…maybe everyone’s closets look like these, but sadly mine don’t. YET. (And no, I’m not sharing with you a picture until I can have the gorgeous after picture to put next to it!)

Anyways, so here I am scrolling through Pinterest and it dawns on me. I don’t even know how to fold a fitted sheet. How am I going to get my closet looking all pretty when I can’t even fold the sheets? So thus, a new Pinterest search was on.

It dawned on me that maybe I’m not the only one? I probably am, but humor me here. So I decided to do a quick little round up of some of the most amazingly awesome tutorials out there for how to fold your laundry. Because obviously I need it.

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet and Other Laundry Hacks You Should Know

MIND.BLOWN. Seriously. Soon my linen closet is going to be swoon-worthy thanks to this tutorial on how to fold fitted sheets….and regular sheets…and stuff place them in the pillow case so they are all perfect. After I do this, I may just sit and stare at my closet for a few minutes. 🙂

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet and Other Laundry Hacks You Should Know

This post is super helpful in showing you how to fold towels – no matter what kind of shelves you have in your closet!

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet and Other Laundry Hacks You Should Know

Don’t stop now! Your linen closet doesn’t have to be the only one looking all fantastic. This tutorial for how to fold your shirts is pretty cool. Perfect for stacking up shirts on an open shelf.

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet and Other Laundry Hacks You Should Know

While I was searching Pinterest I kept seeing things about KonMarie. She’s a guru y’all. That’s what I learned. (Look her up on YouTube!) Then I saw this pin and I was all “Ohhhh pretttttyy….” Right?

The blogger behind Productive and Pretty (awesome name by the way) is a fan of the KonMarie methods and when I saw her hack the only thing I could think of was…..This is the Sheldon Cooper method!

Josh and I love this show and when I saw this episode I remember thinking “Oh I got to get one of those!” and I had totally forgotten about it. So when I saw her post and she was using one of these shirt folders and her drawers looked like that….I knew it was an absolute must!

Her whole blog is great though and she has lots of great organizing posts. You have to check it out!

So are you ready to have the prettiest laundry ever? Perfectly Pinterest worthy drawers and closets? I am!!

What folding tips or organizing hacks do you have?

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How To Fold a Fitted Sheet and Other Laundry Hacks You Should Know

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