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Pumpkin Spice Everything – 31 Things For The Pumpkin Spice Obsessed

Pumpkin Spice Everything...Things You Need If You Are Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice obsessed? Yeah, me too. Good news is that it is pumpkin spice season! Woo Hoo! To celebrate Starbucks’ release of the pumpkin spice latte (August 28) I thought that I would round up some of the best, most spectacular, most pumpkin-spiciest things out there. If you are obsessed with pumpkin spice too, then this list is for you. We’ve got a bit of things for you, for your home and even for your dog.

(Pssst! Did you see our pumpkin spice slime?)

Pumpkin Spice Everything...Things You Need If You Are Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice For You:

I love a good t-shirt! And the pumpkin spice t-shirts have not failed! Here are a few of my favorites:

Flannels, Boots, Footballs and Pumpkin Spice (above)

Pumpkin Spice Everything...Things You Need If You Are Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice

My Favorite Season is Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice Everything...Things You Need If You Are Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life

Pumpkin Spice Everything...Things You Need If You Are Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice

Spice Spice Baby

Pumpkin Spice Everything...Things You Need If You Are Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice

Sweaters, Top Knots & Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Pumpkin Spice Everything...Things You Need If You Are Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice

You Had Me At Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Pumpkin Spice Everything...Things You Need If You Are Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice

And for your mini….Best Friends Forever Dress

More Pumpkin Spice Picks For You

Pumpkin Spice Everything...Things You Need If You Are Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice For the Home

Pumpkin Spice Everything...Things You Need If You Are Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice Everything...Things You Need If You Are Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice

Yummy Pumpkin Spice Things To Eat

Pumpkin Spice Everything...Things You Need If You Are Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice…For Your Dog

Because, duh, your dog is probably pumpkin spice obsessed too.

Pumpkin Spice Everything...Things You Need If You Are Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice

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DIY Unicorn Planters With Magical Cactus Horns

DIY Unicorn Cactus PlantersDIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

I used to think that unicorns were mythical creatures that were only heard of, but never seen. However lately, they have been taking over our house….primarily our daughter’s room. It’s apparently a unicorn playground. The most recent inhabitants are these sweet unicorn planters…complete with magical cactus horns.

DIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

Ok, so maybe these unicorns didn’t just appear, but we made them. This was such a fun project! Our daughter was able to create it by herself and there is such a huge variety of ways to decorate them so they are just like real unicorns – magical and unique!

DIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

Just like you can decorate each pot uniquely, the different cacti, oh sorry, unicorn horns that you can get are also super unique. This was one of our daughter’s favorite parts I think. We went through all of the cactus plants searching for the perfect ones! (And bonus: I’ve heard that cactus plants are hard to kill…which means yay! No green thumb required!)

Want to make your own DIY Unicorn Planter? Here’s how!

DIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

DIY Unicorn Planter Supplies:

DIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

DIY Unicorn Planter Instructions:

DIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

Paint your pot and base white. While the paint is still dry, sprinkle it with glitter. Paint dries SUPER fast on terra cotta so you will have to work in small sections. Once everything is glittered, spray with your sealer if you are using one. Set aside until it is dry.

The fun part! Decide how you are going to decorate.

We did one with just tulle and one with tulle and flowers.

If you are going to use flowers, smaller flowers are the easiest to work with!

Rhinestones would be another fun idea to try! Hot glue your decorations on.

Using a fine tip brush, paint on the unicorn’s eyes and lashes. Cut out two ear shapes of white foam. Out of the pink foam, cut out two inner ears and glue to the center of the white foam ears.

DIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

Hot glue your ears to the inside of the pot where desired.

DIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

Once the glue is dry, fill the pot with potting soil and add your cactus horn. Be careful! Don’t get poked!

Ta da! Aren’t they adorable? Super magical!

DIY Unicorn Planters with Magical Cactus Horns

If you make one, be sure to let us know! I totally want to see! Don’t forget to pin our DIY Unicorn Planters!

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Boho Living Room Decorating Ideas

Boho Living Room Decorating Ideas

I’ve been called a hippie more than once in my life. And if you saw my house then you would definitely say that my ‘hippie vibes’ have carried out into my interior design. I love the boho look. Eclectic, but with lots of naturals woven in there isn’t a lot that can go wrong. Woods, jute, batik, and lots of greenery! If you are looking for some boho living room decorating ideas – this is your post!

Boho Living Room Decorating Ideas

Our first set of boho living room decorating ideas was created on a budget – exclusively from items from Amazon! Yay! That means free shipping which is always a perk! I’m pretty much obsessed with the rug and the lamp from this room! And that wood wall hanging – how awesome?!

Need more looks and boho living room decorating ideas? Check out these other boho living rooms that we found! And check out some of our favorite pieces to recreate the look at home!

Boho Living Room Decorating Ideas

I really am a huge fan of navy. It’s one of my favorite colors. Mix that with all of the light woods and you have a winning boho living room. And don’t even get me started on the giant cactus. 🙂

Boho Living Room Decorating Ideas

The furniture in this room is amazing. I love mid century style furniture. I found a great one on Amazon, but one of my favorite places to pick up awesome vintage furniture isn’t Amazon – or even antique shops. It’s at auctions! You can find some amazing things … for super cheap!

Boho Living Room Decorating Ideas

I’ve never wanted to mount my TV to the wall so badly before now. It’s been added to my to do list – just so I can have a mini jungle under it!

Boho Living Room Decorating Ideas

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18 Easter Hacks

18 Easter Hacks

Easter will be here in just a few weeks! Can you believe it? I feel like it has completely crept up on us this year. Even though there are just a few days until the big day, there is plenty of time to implement some of these awesome Easter hacks! These easy tips will not only simplify your day, but help make this Easter the best ever!

18 Easter Hacks - Easter Scavenger Hunt

1. A Scavenger Hunt From The Easter Bunny

Your kiddos will be so excited to get a list from the Easter Bunny! Plus, no more worrying over the eggs getting evenly divided! Problem solved!

18 Easter Hacks - Dying Easter Eggs the Easy Way

2. Use a whisk to help keep dying Easter Eggs clean and mess free.

How great is this idea? No more dying your fingers! This tip will keep your eggs the only thing that are getting dyed!

18 Easter Hacks - Dye Easter Eggs with Kool-Aid

3. Dye Easter Eggs with Kool-Aid!

These eggs are not only pretty with gorgeous colors, but I would think that the Kool Aid would make them smell (well, better than eggs smell!) 🙂

18 Easter Hacks - Organize your eggs

4. Make sure everyone gets an even amount of eggs.

I thought this idea was so smart! Each child gets a specific color to hunt. No more arguing over who has the most eggs!

18 Easter Hacks - How to decorate eggs with shaving cream

5. Decorate Eggs with Beauty Supplies!

These pretty eggs were made with shaving cream! Can you believe it?

18 Easter Hacks

6. Minute To Win It – Easter Style!

We love Minute to Win it games! And these 10 Easter inspired games are no different!


7. Check your refrigerator for decorating inspiration!

Don’t these floral arrangements look amazing? Who knew that your veggie crisper could be hiding the perfect props!

How to dye Easter Eggs with Silk Ties

8. Make gorgeous eggs with….men’s neck ties!

Who would have ever guessed? No mess, no boiling the eggs prior….just vinegar, water and a silk tie. Time to hit up the thrift shops!

18 Easter Hacks - Nail polish eggs

9. Nail Polish Easter Eggs? Nailed It!

See what I did there? 🙂 I know, I couldn’t help it! But seriously – these eggs would make great teacher gifts or would be perfect for filling baskets for tween/teen girls!

Amazon is a great place to get nail polish!

18 Easter Hacks - Plant Jellybeans to grow a lolly pop garden

10. Plant Jellybeans to grow a Lollipop garden!

This is such a fun and magical tradition. Have your kids plant Jellybeans and watch their excitement as lollipops grow in their place!

Candy Filled Cupcakes - Awesome idea for all of your leftover Halloween candy!! Super easy too!

11. Fill cupcakes with Easter candy!

Think of it as a box of chocolates – you never know what you will get! Add different candies to cupcake batter and it turns a box mix into something super special!

18 Easter Hacks - Bunny Footprints

12. Proof the Bunny was here!

Bunny prints are so easy to make! Plus, aren’t they cute?

18 Easter Hacks

13. For the 21 and over crowd….

I always loved chocolate bunnies, but I admit, my heart would sink when I found out they were hollow chocolate bunnies. But now, after this Easter hack, I’m second guessing that!

18 Easter Hacks - Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt

14. Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt

We have been doing this for a few years ago! This is officially the way-to-make-hunting-Easter-Eggs-Cool-for-tweens Easter Egg Hunt. Glow sticks! The kids love em!

Bonus: It’s cheaper to fill eggs with glow sticks than it is to fill them with candy! 🙂

18 Easter Hacks

15. Add a puzzle piece….

This is one of my favorite ideas! Usually at our house the kids get their eggs, dump them and count up their candy. Then the parents go through counting eggs (usually two or three times) to make sure we don’t have eggs that get stranded outside. While you are filling up the eggs but one puzzle piece in each egg. Then, once the kids find the eggs they can take the puzzle pieces out and put the puzzle together. If the puzzle is complete, they have found all the eggs!

Check out some great puzzles here!


16. What to do with those Peeps?

Make S’mores of course! Peep S’mores are the best!

What flavor Peeps do you love the best?

18 Easter Hacks

17. Fill the eggs with coupons (everyone loves coupons!)

These cute coupons are free to print and would be a great candy alternative for filling up Easter Eggs!

18 Easter hacks

18. Impress the kids (and the adults!) with this trick!

This is one cool trick and only takes 5 seconds! After all nothing says Easter like a little egg trick!

18 Easter hacks

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Disney Princess Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Disney Princess Bedroom Decorating Ideas

It’s no secret that I love Disney. It’s one of those things that I don’t think you can ever outgrow. Our bedroom idea posts have been really popular in the past (thank you!), but usually we focus more on rooms for boys. Not intentionally! I think it’s because as the mom of a boy, it’s just what I do. So I wanted to come up with some ideas for girl’s rooms. This little project was SO much fun! Moms to girls….some days I’m a tad jealous.

Here are 5 rooms based on classic Disney princesses. Everything can be found on Amazon – which means free shipping for Prime members (Not a Prime member? Get a free trial here!) or on orders over $35. Love our Disney rooms? Let us know which one we should do next!

Sleeping Beauty Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Seriously, pink plus the blues….and that rug!! I can’t get enough. If you have a Sleeping Beauty fan this room is surely to get her excited! Here are the pieces that we used:

Beauty and The Beast Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Be our guest! Ahhhh! Sorry – I just can’t deal with all of the cuteness going on in this. Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favorite movies ever. I would have died if my mom made my bedroom look like this! Here are the pieces we used:

Snow White Bedroom

This Snow White bedroom is about as sweet as you can get. I love the look of the different colored sheets, blankets and pillow cases!

Princess Jasmine: Aladdin Inspired Bedroom

I don’t know about you, but I would love this room! Princess Jasmine’s inspired bedroom brings in great colors and some pretty awesome details! Here are the items that we used:

Cinderella Bedroom Ideas

You can’t even begin to talk about princess rooms without talking about a Cinderella inspired bedroom! Sweet, simple and full of amazing decorations that pull double duty as toys. That my friends is a mom win!




Setting Up A Command Center To Get Organized

A command center is a great way to get and stay organized. It’s a place where the entire family can share information on schedules, meal plans, important papers, and more. Many times command centers are set up in a kitchen, mudroom or near the door that your family uses the most. Having your command center in a high traffic area is a good idea because that is where book bags are dropped off, keys are kept and a place that family members can quickly and easily see the information on their way out the door.

Setting up a command center to get organized

Setting up a command center to get organized is a great first step that can make a huge impact for you and your family! If you are trying to live a more organized life, a command center is a vital first step!

What Can I Use To Create My Command Center?

This unit is a great start for your command center! There are plenty of places to give your papers a well organized place ensuring you won’t lose anything or forget something! You can divide them up how you wish, but some ideas include:

  • Incoming mail
  • Outgoing mail
  • Each person can have their own ‘mailbox’
  • Bills
  • Papers that need filing
  • Printed recipes that you plan on using this week

The center chalkboard is perfect for writing notes to your family or things like grocery lists!

Every command center needs a calendar! Or two! 🙂 There are chalkboard calendars or white boards – whichever your preference! I personally like to have two calendars: one for my family and one for planning out our dinners. One way to help keep your calendar organized is to assign each member of the family a color when writing in their activities.

Baskets are essential for keeping things organized! These are great for things like library books that need to go back.

These shelves are perfect for not only being a shelf for a bulletin board, adding cups to hold your markers, or just for decorating to make your own. The cubbies inside are perfect for adding baskets to hold things like baseball mitts, scarves or mittens and the hooks will keep coats and leashes ready to go.

Command Center Inspiration

Need some inspiration for setting your command center up? Here are some great setups from some awesome bloggers!

This is from Pottery Barn. While it’s beautiful, it’s also way out of my price range! Luckily, Amazon has more affordable pieces that you can recreate this with!

You don’t need a huge wall to create your command center. Get the details on this kitchen command center here!

This command center is great for giving each person their own space.

This command center is from Pottery Barn as well. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Hobby Lobby created this gorgeous and comforting command center to organize your home.

I love the chalkboard wall that this family utilizes in their command center design.

Your command centers don’t have to be huge or extravagant. They just have to fit your family and your family’s needs. This is a great command center that is in a small space but keeps everyone on track.

Setting up a command center to get organized

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10 Festive Holiday Card Displays

It’s that time of the year again! Time to get together your holiday cards! I don’t know about you, but I love receiving cards from my family and friends in the mail. I love to see their family photos! We display ours on a board and to be honest, I keep many of them year after year!


Photo cards are a great way to keep in touch with family and friends no matter how far away that they live. You can share a specific holiday photo or create a photo collage to show what your family has been doing for the past year. However you do it, these cards are a huge hit. And right now on Snapfish you can save 30% using the code COUP30 (through 11/30/16). Not only will you be able to order your holiday cards, but you can turn some of your photos into fun and unique gifts or maybe a nice canvas to display at home!


Now that you have your cards ordered, get ready for cards to arrive from your family and friends. Here are a few ideas on how to display your holiday cards this year!


I absolutely adore the evergreen in this holiday card display!


I love that you can keep this display from Liz Marie Blog up all year long!


I made this display from Lolly Jane a few years ago and I am obsessed. I keep mine up all year, usually in my office area to hold work papers, but during the holiday time, it comes out where everyone can see!


Add some pretty ribbon and this display is a great way to even have your doors spread with Christmas cheer!


I just adore this rustic shutter display!


Merry Mail – I can’t think of a better way to describe it!!


This DIY display is so easy but looks so great!


After the holidays are done, I love the idea of adding your cards to a ring to make kind of a holiday card scrapbook. What a nice way to keep them all together for years to come!


This wreath will look great decked out with cards from your family and friends!


Use what you have! This jingle bell display shows you can transform something you already own into a beautiful display!

10 Festive Holiday Card Displays

Be sure to head to Snapfish to create your holiday cards this year! Don’t forget to pin!

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Pokemon Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

Pokemon Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

Pokemon Go is still very much a thing in our house. It must be that way at lots of your homes too. In fact, we are beginning to get requests for Pokemon bedroom ideas! (I love getting requests! Do you have an idea? Let us know!)

So today I’m sharing a Pokemon bedroom on a budget. A few things before I get to the pieces we used.

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  1. I’m a fan of basic bedding. It’s inexpensive and easy to fit different themes with the simple change of a blanket or throw pillows.
  2. I’m a compulsive decorator. I like my rooms to come together and look awesome, but I have a few rules. First, I need a room with storage. Second, I need a room that looks good, but is inexpensive. We change our minds a lot. So I don’t need to spend a fortune just to turn around and redo the room a short time later. Bonus for kid’s rooms: We use toys to decorate with. Not only are they great decorations, but they are fun!

Speaking of budget…This room came in at a steal! Everything can be purchased for under $600, which includes a large rug and several pieces of furniture that gives you tons of storage!

Here we go! Our Pokemon bedroom…

Pokemon Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

These red sheets are the perfect start to your Pokemon room.

Pokemon Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

A large fleece blanket is all you need to turn your solid red sheets into a fun, budget friendly Pokemon set.


Well almost. It wouldn’t be a complete Pokemon bedding set without a fun throw pillow. I love this Pokeball pillow. Pillow fights just got turned up a notch with tossing Pokeballs trying to catch them all.


For our nightstand, we picked this fun red locker stand. I think this is a fun piece that can grow from kid’s rooms to dorm rooms which is awesome!


Speaking of storage, how awesome are these cubby storage units? This shows actually two units stacked on each other giving some great height and even more room for toys, stuffed animals and anything else your child has in their room needing a home. This unit also has a great color and is super affordable!


This room has a lot of red in it, so we decided to go with a yellow rug to go along with the Pikachu blanket.


This lamp may look a bit different, but it’s super cool. The balls at the end of the lamp will light up in different colors and kids can actually take the balls out making them perfect for taking with them to the bathroom at night. And what better lamp than one that looks like it has Pokeballs?


In our room, above the bed we put this fun red shelf to hold some great Pokemon treasures.


Decorations don’t have to be expensive! In fact, we took two simple vases that you probably have at home already and filled them with different Pokemon themed toys.


In one, we added Pokeballs.


And in the other, Pokemon figurines. We found a great deal on this huge set so I knew I wanted to display them somehow.


A stack of Pokemon books not only look good but your kids will love them! Win, win!

pokemon poster

Posters can be a great and inexpensive way to decorate your child’s room. For our Pokemon bedroom, we chose a Pikachu poster to continue to pull out some of the yellow color. (TIP: Make a poster look high end with a nice frame. For this Pokemon bedrooom, try matching it with a nice red frame.)


Everyone loves a Pikachu Pillow Pet! Cute, perfect for laying around with on the ground and did we say cute already?


This Snorlax is the most appropriate Pokemon stuffed animal I can think of for a bedroom! And Poke-trainers need to have a variety of Pokemon in their Pokedex right?

Pokemon Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

All of these items can be found on Amazon which means they will ship for free for Amazon Prime members. Not a Prime member? You can sign up here for a free trial!

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Colorful Girl’s Elephant Bedroom Ideas

Colorful Girl's Elephant Bedroom Ideas (On a Budget!)

One of my favorite books to read not only my children, but to my classroom when I was a pre-school teacher was Elmer the Elephant. If you have never read the book before, Elmer is a bright patchwork colored elephant that the other elephants laugh at for being different. Elmer wishes he could blend in with the crowd, but he learns that he is much happier being himself.

(Pssst! Everything we used in this elephant bedroom is from Amazon which means free shipping for Prime Members! Not a Prime Member? You can sign up for a free trial here!)

How stinking cool is this light fixture? It’s made of paper and comes in tons of different colors. Bonus: It’s $16.99


I’m a fan of basic bedding to dress up with pillows. What better for a colorful elephant room then a pink bedding set? This set gets great reviews and is only $35.

night stand

This nightstand is a steal for $50 and will be able to grow with your child for their next theme.


Storage is so important to any room, especially kid’s rooms. I love the idea of a bench at the end of their bed. It’s perfect for reading, sitting and helping to tie shoes, or for playing Barbies on. This one is just $89.85 (and shipping is free!)


This rug makes me so happy. It reminds me so much of Elmer. I honestly can’t think of a more fun rug for a room. $69.95


Every bedroom needs a rocking chair. I love this modern rocker. $69.95


Do laundry baskets get any cuter? I don’t think so! This would be perfect for not only clothes but for storing toys too!

elephant tote 2 elephant tote

These totes are the absolute cutest. There are so many different animals on the different totes, but these sweet elephants are a great storage idea! $19.99


This large elephant may not be multi-colored like Elmer, but he (or she!) is super sweet looking, large (because elephants should be) and extra cuddly.


Speaking of Elmer! This sweet plush is a must for your room! $10


This lamp is such a gorgeous color and not to mention a bargain! $22

pillow pillow 2

I’m a huge pillow fan. If I could, I would have a pillow mountain in every room. Amazon is my favorite place to get pillows – they have so many, are so cute and are inexpensive.

All over elephant print – $11

Never forget I love you – $3

alarm clock

I think this alarm clock is just too cute. Classic style in a fun color. $12

Our girl’s elephant bedroom packs a lot of wow into a space, but on a budget. Everything came out to be just over $500. And that includes 3 pieces of furniture and that big, fun rug!

Colorful Girl's Elephant Bedroom Ideas (On a Budget!)

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French Farmhouse Living Room On A Budget

French Farmhouse Living Room On A Budget

When I was designing this vintage French farmhouse living room I had one person in mind: My sweet friend Jenni from Sweet Pennies From Heaven. She lives in an old farmhouse and is in the middle of remodeling. Although her style is more primitive, I could just imagine some of these pieces in her pretty home. And the best part is that most of them are from Amazon which means shipping is free and they are great fr your budget!

Here are the pieces I chose for our vintage French farmhouse living room:


When I shop for living room furniture I tend to stick to neutral sofas. Why? Because they are classic and never go out of style. Also, they are so easy to change the look of! This makes decorating for holidays or changing the theme of your room so simple.

When I got my first place on my own, my mother gave me her old hand-me-down sofa and chair. It was comfy and free. But, that first Halloween I found the cutest orange pillow I wanted to put out and on my wine colored sofa, my orange pillow wasn’t so cute. So ever since then, it’s been neutral sofas for me!

This tufted sofa is gorgeous, has great reviews and ships for free!


Every living room needs a comfy chair to sink into with a good book. This chair set is a bargain (plus free shipping), looks great and has awesome reviews!

coffee table

This coffee table has plenty of room for decorating and storage. Two total must have requirements in my house!


I love the rustic look of this side table with the metal and the wood. Plus, it’s just pretty!

table 2

This table is one of my favorite pieces in the room. The patina gives it that fresh from the farm barn look. This will make a great focal point in your room!


This rug is just gorgeous. It’s large to fill your room, ships free and is a great deal. Did I mention it is gorgeous?


These wall panels are the perfect mix of rustic and charm.


I’m a big fan of green. I love having flowers, plants and ferns around when I decorate. This boxwood wreath will look so gorgeous all year long or during the holidays change up your decor with a themed wreath.

TIP: Want to make it look festive but don’t want to change your decor? A simple bow can transform this to match any season or holiday!


I know that I’ve already said this once before, but this may be my favorite piece in the room. 🙂 I love the rustic charm and the song bird is adorable. This mirror would look adorable anywhere in the house!

air plant

Air plants are easy to take care of and still look beautiful. The metal of the planter ties in perfectly with the theme of this room.


These distressed candle sticks are a beautiful shade of blue and have a great farmhouse charm.


To keep this room from being overly feminine we mixed in a few metal pieces to give it some balance. While the room is still beautiful and romantic, pieces like this metal decor help too make it appealing to everyone.


Isn’t this lamp pretty? The lamps come as a set of 2 and looks lovely in this vintage farmhouse living room.

pillow 2 pillow

I just love pillows. The bird pillow ties in great not only with the colors in the rug but also with the bird mirror. The ‘Bless This Home’ burlap pillow adds some rustic texture and a trendy print. Amazon is the absolute best place to pick up pillows on a budget! storage

I’m a sucker for storage. I think that it is essential to every room of every home. These nesting boxes aren’t just pretty but can be used to hold blankets, magazines, or pet toys.

French Farmhouse Living Room On A Budget

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