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DIY Clothespin Birds: Crafts For Kids

DIY Clothespin Birds: Crafts For Kids

DIY Clothespin Birds

Clothespin Birds are for sure a thing in our house. Actually, sentimentally they are one of my favorite projects lately. Why?

See this guy? Yep. He made the original birds. Probably not what you were expecting! In case you don’t follow me on Instagram this is Dustin. (Wait. Whhhhaaaat?! You totally should. It’s full of fun stuff, if I do say so myself.)

Our story (Cliffsnotes edition)

I met him when I was 15 at my very first job. I was a florist at a grocery store and he worked at the meat counter. Gosh, I would flirt with him all the time. We lived in the same neighborhood and I was friends with his younger brother, so outside of work we saw each other here and there. Over the years, we grew up, had kids, got married, got divorced and reconnected. Now, we have a house, seven kids between the two of us, three dogs and he just quit his job to come blog with me full time. I’m pretty lucky to not only be with my best friend, but work with my best friend doing something that I love to do!

DIY Clothespin Birds: Crafts For Kids

But the birds. This was the first DIY project I gave to Dustin to do. See, he’s an amazing cook. (Allllll these recipes? They are his. All the recipes on our slow cooker/Instant Pot site? Yeah. Those are his too.) Crafting though? Well, he’s getting better. Better-ish. But these cute little birds are so easy that literally anyone can do it. Even Dustin. 🙂

Our kids thought they were pretty cool too. So we seriously have a flock of clothespin birds at our house. Luckily, we’ve found some great uses for them. Sometimes, they are great bookmarks. Sometimes, we use them as chip clips in the pantry. We’ve added magnets to the back of some for the refrigerator so they can hold school papers and art work. And some, well, some are just put around our daughter’s room for decoration. And for holding notes. Notes are very important.

DIY Clothespin Birds: Crafts For Kids

To make the clothespin birds, you will need:

  • Clothespins (Buy them online. I thought these would be easy to find, and maybe it was just my stores, but it took me forever and I ended up buying expensive ones at the craft store. I tried big box stores and the dollar store without any luck. I wish I would have just picked them up on Amazon and been done!)
  • Acrylic Paint – Your choice of colors (For small children you can use tempera paint)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Feathers
  • Googly Eyes (Small ones)
  • Orange foam sheet
  • Glue (I used a low temperature hot glue gun, but Elmer’s glue would work too!)

DIY Clothespin Birds: Crafts For Kids

Instructions for making clothespin birds:

DIY Clothespin Birds: Crafts For Kids

  1. Pick out the paint colors that you wish to use. We used pastel colors for our birds.DIY Clothespin Birds: Crafts For Kids
  2. Paint your clothespins in the color of your choice. The paint will dry quickly, but be sure to allow it to fully dry.

    DIY Clothespin Birds: Crafts For Kids
  3. With the handle of your clothespin up, attach 2 googly eyes.DIY Clothespin Birds: Crafts For Kids
  4. Cut out a small triangle beak out of the orange foam sheet.

  5. Glue the beak onto your bird.DIY Clothespin Birds: Crafts For Kids
  6. On the back of the clothespin, glue a few feathers.
  7. Allow to dry.
  8. Attach your bird so he (or she!) can stand! You are finished!

DIY Clothespin Birds: Crafts For Kids

Ta da! Aren’t they cute? Like I said, our flocks are everywhere!

You know we love literacy crafts! Remember our craft to go with Rot, the Cutest in the World?

Check out these fun books to read about birds that would turn this into the perfect literacy craft:

Rot, The Cutest In The World Book activity for kids

Speaking of literacy crafts, have you joined our kids’ virtual book club? It’s free and totally fun! Join here!

DIY Clothespin Birds: Crafts For Kids

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Celebrating Chinese New Year With Kids

Chinese New Year Ideas For Kids

The Chinese New Year will be here before you know it! Are you ready?

Now I will be honest, growing up we would spend the Chinese New Year doing what we do best, eating. (Have you seen our list of Chinese takeout favorites that you can make at home? YUM! Find them here!) But I really didn’t know much about this holiday or the traditions that go along with it.

Chinese New Year Ideas For Kids

I was really excited to hear about this book PoPo’s Lucky Chinese New Year! This book is a really sweet story about PoPo helping her young granddaughter. The story showcases the family getting ready and celebrating the New Year.

Chinese New Year Ideas For Kids

One thing that I really loved about the book was that each page had a Chinese New Year fact or tradition on it. We (Josh and I both!) learned a lot while reading this book!

Did you know:

  • People spend 15 days preparing and then 15 days celebrating Chinese New Year.
  • You should open the windows and doors at midnight to allow the old year to leave.
  • Wear red. It scares away bad spirits and monsters.

There are so many interesting and fun facts in this book! It’s one that we really have loved a lot!

Chinese New Year Ideas For Kids

To celebrate the year of the rooster, we made these fun fork paintings.

Chinese New Year Ideas For Kids

Chinese New Year Ideas For Kids

Aren’t they fun? We used darker colors – next time we might try them with some lighter shades. (You can find out how to make them here!)

Chinese New Year Ideas For Kids

Here are some more ideas to celebrate Chinese New Year With Kids:

Chinese New Year Ideas For Kids

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This post contains affiliate links. I received a copy of PoPo’s Lucky Chinese New Year in exchange for sharing my honest ideas and thoughts on the books.


Carter’s Play Place – Adaptive Play For All Kids – Westfield, IN

Carter's Play Place

Calling all Hoosiers! If you are looking for a super fun place to spend the day with your kids I have the perfect place for you! Carter’s Play Place in Westfield, IN is a new place that has been specifically designed for kids of all abilities to have fun. Once inside, you find things like roller slides, a trampoline, a zip line, and swings of all kinds! Plus, there is a pretend play area and if you or your child needs a place to relax you can head over to the comfy couches.

Carter's Play Place

While Carter’s Play Place is open to everyone it was designed for kids in mind who needed a great, judgement-free sensory indoor play area. Joshua is on the Autism spectrum and I can’t tell you how much I wish that this was around when he was a toddler! Even at 13, this is a place that he can come and swing and just get that bit of a sensory break that he needs. I will be the first to admit that when I first heard about Carter’s Play Place I thought, “How awesome. So sad we are too old now though.” But I was definitely wrong! Carter’s Play Place did a great job choosing activities that not only provide that great, much needed sensory stimulation, but also things that can be used by kids of all ages!

Carter's Play Place

While we were at Carter’s Play Place, everyone there was having so much fun! I love that it is such a low stress environment. Prices are very affordable as well. You can get in for $10 or buy a pack of visits at a discounted rate. They also offer monthly and yearly memberships for even bigger discounts. (They also offer sibling discounts!)

Carter's Play Place

There are a few other really cool services that Carter’s Play Place offers!

  1. Birthday parties! This would be a great place for a party! Not only do the kids have so much space to play, but there is also a party room. You can have up to 20 children (or if you have more there is a separate package!), have staff support to help with the kids making it stress free for parents, you have the option of bringing your own food or they can provide food, your child gets a really nice birthday gift, and all paper goods, goodie bags (with Melissa & Doug or WABA gifts!) and popcorn are included!
  2. Parents Recess is an AMAZING concept! Call ahead (317-763-1568) to schedule, but you can drop your child off for 1-3 hours so you can go Christmas shopping, clean the house, or just take a quiet time to re-charge. You get to get your to-do list done and your kids get to hang out with a great staff and burn off some energy.
  3. Classes – With a licensed speech therapist several classes have been designed to take place at Carter’s Play Place including Baby Sign, Literacy & Movement and Language & Movement classes.
  4. Carter’s Play Place has partnered with Greater Indy Friends AMBUCS to be an official evaluation center. If you have a child who you would like to be evaluated for an adaptive bike this is a great place to start!

Carter's Play Place

When you walk in there is a calendar. Be sure to keep an eye out for fun events throughout the month!

Carter's Play Place

I am super excited to have found Carter’s Play Place. We plan on utilizing it regularly, especially during the winter. If you are in the Westfield area you definitely need to check it out!


Carter’s Play Place is located at 17219 Foundation Parkway Westfield, IN 46074

Phone number: 317-763-1568

Email: [email protected]

Open Monday – Sunday


Need more information? Check out their Website!

Carter's Play Place

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Free Printable Electoral Vote Map For Election Night

Election day is tomorrow! I’ve been looking for a few election day activities to do with my son tomorrow to celebrate.


A friend shared with me this awesome free printable map and I wanted to make sure that I shared it with you too! Whether you decide to print one for your kiddos or just for yourself to color in tomorrow, this map is perfect for shading in red and blue and tallying up the electoral votes! (You can print it below or click the image above to save to your computer and print)

Print the map for free here!

Need some more easy (no or minimal prep) election ideas?


  • Vote on breakfast, dinner or even what to wear! You can vote on just about everything! (Get the free printable ballots here!)
  • Watch Schoolhouse Rock videos such as “I’m Just a Bill”, “I’m Gonna Send Your Vote To College” etc. The videos may be able to be found on YouTube or you can order it on Amazon! For $5.99 Amazon will do same day delivery!

  • I love this fun future voter DIY!
  • Head to the library and check out some books about voting, Presidents and elections. These are some great books to get you started! Check out the list here!



DIY Felt Food Breakfast

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BetterBreakfast #CollectiveBias

Before I was a mom I was a preschool teacher. I quickly learned that the favorite center in our classroom was the pretend kitchen. The kids loved whipping up food just like their parents did at home or even creating some crazy concoctions of their own. When I had my son, pretend play was one of our favorite things to do together! I started whipping up pretend food and soon, we had a big collection! This sewing project is a fun DIY that your kids will love!


How adorable is this felt food breakfast? The best part about felt food is that you can make whatever your imagination can think of! Here is what we made in our breakfast felt food set.


You will need:

  • White Felt
  • Yellow felt

Cut a white blob shape (very, very technical term!) out of the white felt. You really can’t go wrong with your shape! Out of the yellow felt, you will cut a round circle for the yolk. Sew (or glue) the yolk to the middle of the egg.

(TIP: These are super fun to put inside plastic Easter eggs so your child can ‘crack’ their eggs open!)


Every breakfast needs bacon!

You Will Need:

  • Dark brown felt
  • Light brown felt (or tan)

Cut out a wavy thick strip out of the dark felt. Then, the same length, you will cut out a few strips of slightly wavy light brown pieces. Sew your light brown pieces to your dark brown piece.


Both the eggs and bacon can be made with fabric glue which is great if you don’t have a sewing machine!


Bread is a little harder to make. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can use a blanket stitch and hand sew it.

You Will Need:

  • Tan or Light Brown Felt (Or a cream would work!)
  • Darker brown felt.
  • Stuffing

Cut two loaf shapes out of the lighter color felt. This is a square shape with two bumps on the top. Out of the darker felt, cut two long strips.

Sew your two strips together to make one long strip. Sew the strip along the edge of one of the pieces of bread.


Next, place your other end of the bread on top and sew together, leaving a small hole to add some stuffing.


I like to create a few pieces of bread for our felt food to make sandwiches. Your kiddos can top with an egg and bacon for a breakfast feast. Or cut out a strawberry jam blob for toast with jam. Other good ideas include: peanut butter, cheese slices, bologna, etc!


Every breakfast needs some fruit. We love strawberries.

You Will Need:

  • Red Felt
  • Green Felt

Cut out two red heart shapes and a green top.

Place your two heart shapes on top of each other and add the top. Sew around the edges of the heart, leaving a small opening to add the stuffing.

Add stuffing and stitch closed.


Joshua’s favorite breakfast is definitely waffles.

You Will Need:

Tan Felt

Cut out two squares of tan felt. Also, you will need two long strips.

Cut your strips in half to fit on a grid pattern on one of your waffle squares. Sew the strips to the top of the waffle.

Place your second waffle square on top of the waffle you just sewed. Sew around the edges leaving a small opening to flip right side out and stuff. Sew the hole closed.

To top your waffle:

Cut out a syrup blob and a square of butter. Yum!


Every good breakfast needs milk. And that includes your felt food breakfast! Just cut a strip of white felt. Roll it and place in a clear glass!

DIY Felt Food Breakfast

Did you know that many children face hunger and don’t have access to milk? But you can help! By purchasing Great Value Milk from Walmart, Lenders Bagels or Del Monte Fruit & Veggie Fusions you are helping not only to feed your kiddos (and yourself) a great breakfast, but also helping Feeding America provide nutrient rich milk to kids and families in need. More than 46 million Americans – 12 million of them children – rely on food banks to help them. Milk is often the most requested item and the least donated meaning that children are missing out on the 8 grams of high protein and 9 essential nutrients it has. Together we can help! You can learn more about how you can make a big impact here!


Here is a bonus tip! Get a clear tote to hold your felt food, plates, cups, etc. We used a sharpie to draw a stove top burner, pretend knob and timer. Kids love to use it to play on and it keeps all of their food together.

#BuildABetterBreakfast Sweepstakes


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Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes – A Perfect Earth Day Treat!

Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes - Earth Day Treat

Earth Day is April 22nd and today I’m sharing these adorable Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes that are sure to make for a fun treat! This is a super easy and cute dessert to make. Served in mini terra-cotta pots they look just like the real thing!

These cupcakes would also be great for a gardening party!

Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes - Earth Day Treat

You will need:

Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes - Earth Day Treat

First you will need to make the cupcakes according to the box directions. Let the cupcakes cool completely. Place a cupcake in the wrapper into a mini terra-cotta pot.

Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes - Earth Day Treat

Crush some Oreo cookies and put on top of the cupcakes. It’s looking like dirt all ready!

Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes - Earth Day Treat

Now comes the fun part! Using the taffy or the airheads cut out leaves, blades of grass, or other sprouts. Leave room for you to push them into the cupcakes.

Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes - Earth Day Treat

Add to your cupcakes and ta da!

Candy Sprout Dirt Cupcakes - Earth Day Treat

You have some adorable Earth Day treats!

Looking for some Earth Day books?

Here are some fun ideas that would go along well with these cupcakes.

how to replant your avocado pit2

Storing Green Onions

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.


12 Dr. Seuss Crafts

Dr Seuss DIY Crafts

Yesterday I shared with you 10 fun foods to help celebrate Dr. Seuss and today we are going to share some fun crafts! Don’t forget – Dr. Seuss’ birthday is March 1st! I’ve included links to the corresponding books just in case you would like to have them to go along with the projects! Remember you don’t need a Kindle to download a Kindle book. You can download it right to your computer or to the Kindle app (available for phones/tablets)

(Shipping will be free with purchases over $25 or with your Amazon Prime or Amazon Mom accounts. If you do not have a Prime or Mom account you can sign up for a free trial here.)

Yertle The Turtle:


Yertle The Turtle is a great book to teach children about greed and opens the door for discussions on how to be a good leader (and friend!) and how we should treat others. After the book, make these easy and fun turtles from Because I said So (and other Mommyisms).

You can pick up your own copy of Yertle The Turtle And Other Stories here. (Kindle version is $3.99 and Hardcover $10.52)

The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins


In the book The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins poor Bartholomew is ordered to take off his hat in the presence of the King. But every time he takes his hat off another hat appears on his head. Read the book and enjoy making and designing your own paper hats like 2 Big 2 Little did!

Buy the book The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins here. (Kindle version $3.99, Hardcover $10.19)

There’s a Wocket in my Pocket


This was a favorite book of my sons! The rhyming and silly, made up words made it fun to read! I love 30 Minute Crafts quick and easy DIY project to make a a Yottle in a bottle!

To purchase There’s a Wocket in My Pocket click here. (Kindle version $3.99, Hardback $6.19. If you would prefer a board book you can get one here for $4.04)

The Lorax


The Lorax is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books! Enjoy the classic book and then make this fun Lorax paper plate craft from A Night Owl!

Need the book? You can get it here. (Kindle version $3.99, Hardback $8.44)

Need the movie? Get the DVD for $10.00 or the Blu-Ray DVD combo for only $9.49! Get them here.

Bartholomew and the Oobleck


In this fun book Bartholomew is back! The king is bored and summons his royal magicians to make something new to fall from the sky. They make a goo called Oobleck but all it does is make a giant mess. Bartholomew teaches everyone the power of the words I’m sorry. I love this book for the kiddos! After you are done reading make sure to make your own Oobleck with this how to from Sunlit Pages!

Need the book? You can get it here. (Kindle version $3.99, Hardback version $9.32)

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

seuss graph_all

One Fish Two Fish is an easy to read book perfect for young readers! If you are looking for an easy and fun way to incorporate math into an activity check out Oopsey Daisy and her free printable Goldfish graph.

Need the book? Get it here. (Kindle version $3.99, Hardcover book $5.09)

I Can Sleep With My Eyes Shut


I Can Read WIth My Eyes Shut is another easy to read book perfect for emerging readers. Once you are done, kids will love decorating their own eye masks! I absolutely love this idea from 30 Minute Crafts! How cute!

Need the book? You can get it here. (Kindle version $3.99, Hardcover version $6.98)

Fox In Socks


Fox in Socks is a classic Seuss tale! I remember when I was little my favorite part was

“When beetles fight these battles in a bottle with their paddles and the bottle’s on a poodle and the poodle’s eating noodles…they call this a muddle puddle tweetle poodle beetle noodle bottle paddle battle.”

Mad in Crafts has a fun game (and free printable!) that is perfect to play after reading this book!

Need the book? Get it here. (Kindle version $3.99, Hardcover $5.08)

The Cat in The Hat


Most of the time if people say Dr. Seuss The Cat in The Hat comes to mind. And his iconic red and white hat! Club Chica Circle has a quick and easy Cat in the Hat pencil cup craft AND as an added bonus some fun Truffula Tree pencils!

Need The Cat in The Hat books? Get them here. (Kindle versions $3.99, Hardback Cat in the Hat $5.09, Hardback The Cat in the Hat Comes Back $8.09)

Want the movie? Get it on DVD for $7.50 or Blu-Ray for $12.48 here.

More Dr. Seuss Crafts…


Sticky Floors Happy Kids has you covered whether you are reading The Lorax or Horton Hears a Who! These fun masks are perfect for acting out a story or a photo booth!


Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday at the library! Go in style by creating a fun library tote bag. UCreate has lots of ideas and the tutorial!


Finish off the Seuss Celebrations with a fun game of Seuss-O. Circus Berry has the cute cards available to download and print off.

Want MORE Seuss ideas?

Check out our 10 Fun Foods to Celebrate Dr. Seuss here.

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10 Fun Foods to Celebrate Dr. Seuss

10 fun foods to celebrate dr seuss

Dr. Seuss’ birthday is March 1st. Make sure to celebrate with your favorite Dr. Seuss book and by making one of these fun treats! Make sure to check out our Dr. Seuss Crafts here!



Green Eggs and Ham Chocolate & Pretzels from Love From The Oven

lorax cheese

Lorax Cheese from Cute Food For Kids


The Lorax Nutter Butter Cookies from Embrace My Space

Parents Mag Feb 2010

Cat in the Hat Pizza (Parents Magazine Feb 2010)

mozzarella and tomato cat hat

Tomato and Mozzarella Cat Hats from Anders Ruff (there are more cute ideas and free printables!)

green eggs and ham

Green eggs and ham (pudding!) from All My Little Gems

rainbow cookies

Rainbow Cookies (these are a perfect match to the Oh the Places You’ll Go book cover!) from Deliciously Different

Truffula Tree Treats from The Seasoned Mom

dr seuss soup

Dr. Seuss Soup from Lory’s Page


Lorax Cuties from Desert Chica Ramblings

Any of these Dr. Seuss treats will be a great addition to your Dr. Seuss celebration!

Looking for Dr. Seuss books? Amazon has great deals!




Books by Eric Carle

eric carle book list

We’ve been talking a lot about Eric Carle this month. If you are looking for more books by Eric Carle – either old favorites or new ones you may not have heard of before, here is a list of books by Eric Carle.

Eric Carle Book collage 1

Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me – $7.91 (Board Book), $10.81 (Paperback), $6.29 (Hardback)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – $5.52 (Board Book), $16.19 (Paperback), $5.39 (Hardback)

From Head to Toe – $7.19 (Board Book), $6.29 (Paperback), $13.83 (Hardback)

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? – $6.50 (Board Book), $22.83 (Paperback), $8.09 (Hardback)

eric carle books 2

Around the Farm – Play-a-Sound – $12.22 (Musical sound book)

The Very Busy Spider – $8.63 (Board Book), $5.39 (Paperback), $6.29 (Hardback)

Eric Carle’s Opposites – $5.39 (Hardback)

The Very Lonely Firefly – $3.59 (Paperback), $10.94 (Hardback)

eric carle 3

Dream Snow – $19.07 (Hardback)

Friends – $10.97 (Hardback)

Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do You Hear – $7.15 (Board Book), $8.99 (Paperback), $7.92 (Hardback)

Pancakes, Pancakes – $8.09 (Board Book) $7.19 (Paperback) $5.39 (Hardback)

eric carle books 4

Eric Carle’s ABC’s – $5.39 (Hardback)

The Very Quiet Cricket – $9.35 (Board Book), $17.49 (Hardback)

The Mixed Up Chameleon – $8.09 (Board Book) $6.29 (Paperback), $14.15 (Hardback)

Mister Seahorse – $8.09 (Board Book) $14.58 (Hardback)

eric carle books 5

Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do You Hear Sound Book – $10.76 (Hardback)

A House for a Hermit Crab – $7.92 (Board Book), $3.86 (Paperback), $5.39 (Hardback)

The Grouchy Ladybug – $8.09 (Board Book), $7.69 (Paperback) $14.60 (Hardback)

The Artist who Painted a Horse Blue – $6.00 (Paperback) $14.60 (Hardback)

eric carle 6

Animals, Animals – $8.09 (Paperback) $16.37 (Hardback)

The Tiny Seed – $8.09 (Board Book), $7.19 (Paperback), $7.38 (Hardback)

Baby Bear Baby Bear What do you see? – $7.19 (Board Book) $7.92 (Hardback)

Do you want to be my friend? – $7.19 (Board Book) $6.29 (Paperback), $6.29 (Hardback)

eric carle books 6

Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What do you see? – $7.15 (Board Book), $23.39 (Paperback), $8.09 (Hardback)

Today is Monday – $6.29 (Board Book), $6.29 (Paperback), $12.75 (Hardback)

Dragons Dragons – $9.54 (Paperback) $16.37 (Hardback)

Have you seen my cat? – $7.19 (board Book), $7.19 (Paperback) $15.66 (hardback)

eric carle books 7

Slowly, Slowly, Slowly – $7.19 (paperback) $13.35 (Hardback)

Draw Me a Star – $7.19 (paperback) $13.35 (hardback)

The Secret Birthday Message – $7.19 (Board Book) $6.29 (paperback), $13.60 (Hardback)

The Foolish Tortoise – $7.19 (Board Book) $8.99 (Paperback), $20.00 (Hardback)

eric carle 8

Merry Christmas – Play a Sound Musical Book – $12.59 (Hardback)

Little Cloud – $6.39 (Board Book) $13.39 (Hardback)

Hello Red Fox – $8.09 (Paperback) $17.25 (Hardback)

1,2,3 To The Zoo – $7.19 (Board Book) $6.29 (Paperback), $12.40 (Hardback)

eric carle 9

Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too? – $7.19 (Board Book), $6.29 (Paperback) $13.60 (Hardback)

The Very Clumsy Click Beetle – $17.73 (Hardback)





Eric Carle Biography

eric carle biography

If you are asked to name a famous children’s book author Eric Carle is probably one of the first to come to mind. Whether you are planning to teach your child, your class or just interested to learn more yourself this Eric Carle Biography will give you some quick facts on one of the most beloved authors out there!

Eric Carle was born in Syracuse, New York on June 25, 1929. He then moved with his parents to Germany when he was 6 years old. There, he went to school and graduated from art school. After he graduated, with only $40 he moved back to America (New York). He soon got a job working as a graphic designer for the promotional department of The New York Times.

brown bear

Bill Martin Jr was a respected author and educator had seen a painting of a lobster that Eric Carle had created for an advertisement. He called Eric to see if he was interested in illustrating a story he had written. Eric Carle accepted and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? was the result!

123 to the zoo

Soon Eric Carle began writing his own stories with his first one being 1, 2, 3, To The Zoo!

very hungry caterpillar

His second book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar has become a children’s classic, being read by millions of people world wide. It’s been translated into 33 languages and sold over 33 million copies.

With his warm stories with great lessons and his fun and unique art work Eric Carle stories are staples in every child’s library. Eric Carle uses a collage technique with colorful and handmade papers for bright and beautiful images.


The Art of Eric Carle is a wonderful book that is full of more information about Eric Carle, one of the most beloved authors and illustrators!