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Funny Friday with Josh – A (family friendly!) joke

Funny Friday

Josh is back with a new #FunnyFriday joke! If you missed last week’s joke you can see it here. (It was a good one!)

Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?

A. To show the opossum how it’s done!

We want to hear your favorite (family friendly!) joke! Make sure to use #FunnyFriday when you share! We hope you (and your kiddos!) enjoy this week’s joke!


(Family Friendly!) Funny Friday Joke

Funny Friday

Joshua wanted to start sharing with everyone his favorite jokes. So we have dubbed Fridays…. #FunnyFriday! Share with your kids and your friends and feel free to send us your favorite family friendly joke by using the hashtag #FunnyFriday on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Q. Why couldn’t the idiot dial 911?

A. Because he couldn’t find the 11!

Come back next Friday for another joke with Josh!