Coffee before workout?

coffee before workout

With the New Year brings new resolutions.  Of my personal resolutions is to get healthy.  (Isn’t that everyone’s resolution this time of year?!)  I’ve been reading a lot about coffee before workout.  Should you do it?  Should you not?  Does it really even make a difference?


YES!  It does make a difference.  Many experts say yes!  Drink a glass and then head to your workout!


So WHY should you drink a cup of joe before your workout?

- Drink a glass to give you a little boost of energy!  That boost could help make the difference between tiring out after 10 reps or pushing it to 12.

- Caffeine helps burn fat.  And isn’t burning fat one of the main reasons for working out?!

- A research team at University of Illinois found that people who drank coffee prior to working out had less muscle pain during their workout.

Now - obviously some coffees are better than others.  For example, a cup of regular coffee is probably better for you than my favorite, white chocolate mocha.  (Although it’s so good!!)  :)

coffee mug

So this morning I will be grabbing my favorite coffee mug and enjoying my coffee before heading to my workout!  (Is it ironic that my favorite coffee cup is a giant donut as I’m working on getting healthy and losing weight?  Perhaps…)



  1. Sissy says

    I’ve always been a fan of a pot or two of coffee before working out, it’s the heart burn that follows that gets in my way!

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