Couponing 101: Where to find Coupons - Part 2

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Did you know you can get coupons at home?  You just simply have to print them out!

Some popular places to get them are,,,, .  You can print each coupon out twice.  One thing that I recommend is finding a website that you like that will match up the coupons and the sales ads for you.  They will tell you what coupons you need to print.   I recommend this so you don’t waste your time (and your ink!) printing off all of the coupons and then end up not redeeming them. (We do the coupon match ups here!  Coupon match ups are posted every Saturday for CVS, Walgreens and Target)

Lots of times you can ‘like’ a company on Facebook and they offer coupons or will alert you when a promotion begins!



Want more coupons?  Recycle Bank is a great place to get coupons!  And Recycle Bank offers some really awesome coupons that aren’t available anywhere else (and some high value ones as well!) It’s free to sign up to Recycle Bank.  You earn points for recycling, answering questions,  or going green.  Then you can trade in those points for really great coupons!  (OR trade them in for gift cards!)

Some coupons don’t require printing – you just instantly download them onto your store loyalty cards.

One of my favorite places to download coupons from is Savings Star.  It’s free to sign up.  When you sign up you will enter your cards onto your account (like your Kroger card, CVS card and so on).  Then you will select what coupons you would like to add to your card!  It’s really easy!  Saving Star does do things a little differently however!

Let’s say you download a coupon for $5.00 off a $10.00 Lipton purchase.  You head over to Kroger and Lipton is on sale for $1 a bottle!  So you put 10 in your cart and head to check out.  The cashier scans all 10 of your teas and you scan your Kroger card.  The cashier tells you that your total is $10.  Wait, you were supposed to have a $5 coupon!  You do – don’t worry.  In two or three days, Saving Star will recognize your purchase was made and it will put the $5 in your Saving Star account.  Then you can chose to redeem it through Pay Pal, have it direct deposited into your bank account

All You (1-year auto-renewal)
All You (1-year auto-renewal)
ALL YOU is a great magazine that I get every month.  It’s full of great money saving articles, recipes and more.  But the best part is it’s full of coupons.  GREAT coupons!

If you request free samples they almost always come with coupons!  Make sure you follow It’s A Fabulous Life for all of the latest freebies!

Coupon Apps:



Ibotta is a new and really great that app that really pays! (Through 1/11 if you sign up here and redeem your first offer you will get a bonus $5 in your account!) This is how Ibotta works: Check the offers and chose the ones you want.  Then, go shopping like you normally would.  You can even use regular manufacture coupons! Then take a photo of your receipt.  Then, your money will be deposited! It’s easy! And 100% legit!  In fact it is one of my favorite apps!

Brand’s Rewards programs:

Some brands offer reward programs that can lead to some great coupons!  Pampers (Get a bonus 100 points when you sign up here), Disney, Coke, and Kellogg’s are some. All of these programs have free codes online all the time!  I do my best to let you know when free codes come available.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards is one of my favorite programs!  You are able to turn your points into some really high value coupons!

Buying coupons:

Once you get the hang of things you can choose to buy coupons online.  You can buy whole inserts or you can buy them by the coupon.

WHATEVER YOU DO … DO NOT BUY FREE COUPONS ONLINE.  Coupons for free items that are for sale online are usually fake.  Buying and/or using fake coupons is coupon fraud and is against the law.  Don’t do it – the rise of fraudulent coupons makes brands more apprehensive to give coupons out, lowers the value of coupons that are put out and makes retailers more apprehensive to accept them.  Don’t waste your time or your money!

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