Disney Infinity - Launching August 2013

Have you heard of Disney Infinity?  It’s coming out this August and I’m pretty excited!  It’s a video game where there are no rules, all of your favorite Disney characters are there, all ages can play and did I mention Disney? :)

It’s like Mindcraft where kids can kind of build their own world using the power of Disney.  It also reminds me of Skylanders - you choose your character and put it on a disc and it appears in the game.  Pretty cool!

Here is the announcement trailer for it:

The starter packs (comes with game, 3 characters and the disc) is $74.99 (this is the same price Skylanders came out as).  Amazon has a promotion that if you pre-order it you not only get their price guarantee but you also get a free extra character of your choice (a $13 value).  I’m sure this will be a really popular game for Christmas next year!!

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