DIY: Silk Dyed Easter Eggs Tutorial

Silk dyed Easter Eggs eggs together

Silk Dyed Easter Eggs Its a Fabulous Life

See this year’s eggs here!  (They turned out AWESOME!)

Easter is about a month away; can you believe it?  I wanted to share with you my family’s favorite way to dye Easter eggs so you have time to get your supplies if you want to make some as well! We make silk dyed eggs each year for a few reasons:

  1. They are super easy.
  2. They are mess free!  No spilling, no dripping, no dye stains!
  3. They are gorgeous!
  4. Everyone thinks you are an Easter Egg making master because they are quite impressive. :)

Silk dyed Easter eggs step 1 cut the tie

You will need 100% Silk ties.  On the back of the tie there should be a small tag that says either 100% silk or all silk.  Dark colors work best and we’ve had the best luck with some of the ugliest ties!  You want ugly ties on your egg - not your man! :) You will also need some white fabric of some sort (I’ve used an old pillow case before and last night I used a flour sack that I had cut up.  You can get a pack of flour sacks for about $1 each at Target).  You will also need hair ties (or you could use bread ties but hair ties are the easiest), vinegar and a pair of scissors.

First you need to cut the tie and take out the lining.  Flip your tie over and just snip like shown above.  There will be a lining piece that comes out. All you want is the pretty silk pattern.

Silk dyed Easter eggs step 2

Place your egg on a section of the silk tie.

Silk dyed Easter eggs step 3

Gather the silk around the egg.  Try to pull it tightly around so the pattern lays flat on the egg.  Secure it tightly with a hair tie.

silk dyed Easter eggs step 4

Then wrap with the white fabric and secure.  In a pot, boil water and add 1 cup of vinegar.  Place the eggs in the water for about 20 minutes.  Remove the eggs and place in a colander to cool.  This is the hard part - waiting for them to cool!

Silk dyed Easter eggs step 5

After they have cooled unwrap them!

Silk dyed Easter eggs egg

Silk dyed Easter eggs egg 2

I bought a wild flower print tie and I absolutely loved the eggs that it made!

Silk dyed Easter Eggs egg 3

The yellow wasn’t quite dark enough but the other colors from the tie made some really great details!

Silk dyed Easter Eggs eggs together

We only did a few eggs last night, but I will show you our Easter Eggs when we dye them in a few weeks!  In the mean time, hit up the thrift stores for some great ties!  I can usually find them for $0.50 - $1.00 each.

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    • amanda says

      Cyndi the white fabric helps make sure that the silk designs are pressed on the egg. Since it is white you don’t have to worry about any other color transfer on the eggs. It also helps make sure that the colors don’t bleed in the water or onto the other eggs in the pot. I would use cotton (that’s all we’ve ever used so I can’t vouch for other fabrics). In the past we’ve cut up an old pillow case and a flour sack. Hope that helps!

    • amanda says

      I haven’t tried re-using them honestly. The colors fade though from the tie. I usually get 3 eggs/tie.

  1. Anonymous says

    do you do this a an already hard boiled egg? do u put eggsnin water already boiling or let them soak while its heating up?

      • Shelly says

        Do you put eggs in the water before or after the water boils? Do you turn the heat off after the water begins to boil and let the eggs sit or keep the heat on?

        • amanda says

          It doesn’t matter - I only put 5 eggs in at a time and when I take them out I put another batch in (the water is already boiling at this point). I keep the heat on the whole time. You just want to make sure they are boiling for about 20 minutes to make sure they are cooked!


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