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$1.50/1 Advil Migraine 20 count +

$1.05/1 Jergens Daily Moisture or Daily Moisture Fragrance Free Moisturizer (10 oz +)

$1.05/1 Curel Moisturizer (7.5 oz+)

$1.50/2 Dole Fruit Bowls in 100% Fruit Juice or Dole Fruit Bowls in Gel

$1.00/1 Dole Fruit Crisp or Dole Fruit Parfait

$1.00/1 Campbell’s Skillet Sauces

$1.25/1 Sea Pack item

$1.50/2 Dole Smoothie Shakers

$2.00/1 Fiber Choice

$1.10/1 Dramamine product

$4.00/2 Tagamet (35 count +)

$5.00/1 First Step Pro Wellness

$1.50/1 Caltrate

$0.90/1 French’s Dijon or Honey Mustard

$1.00/2 Biscoff Cookies

$1.75/12 Alpo Cans

$1.50/2 Biscoff Creamy or Crunchy Spread

$1.25/1 Oregon Chai product

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Food Items:


$0.75/1 Desitin Product (SmartSource)

$1.00/1 Johnson’s Baby Oil product (Excludes 1-4 oz) (SmartSource)

$2.00/1 Enfamil 8 oz Ready to Use 6 pack (Coupon Network)

$3.25/2 Gerber Good Start Powder Formulas (22 oz +) (Coupon Network)

$5.00/2 Enfamil 8 oz Ready to Use 6 pack (Coupon Network)

$2.25/1 Gerber Good Start Soothe Powder Formula (22 oz+) (Coupon Network)

$1.50/1 Huggies Little Movers Slip On Diapers (Coupon network)

$2.25/2 Pedisure Products (Coupon Network)

$1.50/1 Pampers baby dry diapers (Coupons .com)

$1.50/1 Pampers Swaddlers Diapers (Coupons .com)

$2.00/1 Pampers Easy Ups Trainers (Coupons .com)

$2.00/1 Pull-Ups (Jumbo Pack or larger) (Coupons .com)

$0.50/1 Huggies Wipes (56 count +) (Coupons .com)

$0.50/1 Pampers (60 count+) (Coupons .com)


$0.55/1 Ecce Panis Bakery Breads (Coupons .com)

Baking items:

$0.40/1 Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt (Saving Star) (Expires 4/10/13)

$0.35/1 Diamond Crystal Salt Sense (Saving Star) (Expires 4/10/13)

$0.75/1 Truvia Natural Sweetener 40 count + (Saving Star) (Expires 4/3/13)

$0.75/1 Truvia Baking Blend with Sugar (Saving Star) (Expires 4/3/13)

$0.75/2 Betty Crocker Ready to Spread Frostings, Supreme Brownie Mix, Dessert Bar Mix, Box Muffin Mix, or 17.5 or larger Cookie Mix (Saving Star) (Expires 3/31/13)

$0.75/2 Betty Crocker Ready to Spread Frostings, Supreme Brownie Mix, Dessert Bar Mix, Box Muffin Mix or 17.5 or larger Cookie Mix (Coupons .com)

$0.50/2 Zatarain’s Breading or Boils (Red Plum)

$1.00/1 Olivari (SmartSource)

$1.00/1 any Star Olive Oil (16 oz or larger) (SmartSource)

$0.50/1 Duncan Hines Signature Red Velvet Cake Mix (SmartSource)

$0.65/1 Florida Crystals Organic Agave Product (SmartSource)

$0.75/1 Truvia Natural Sweetener or Truvia Baking Blend with Sugar (SmartSource)

$0.55/1 Florida Crystals Natural or Organic Sugar Product (SmartSource)

$0.50/1 Pompeian Vinegar (16 oz+) (SmartSource)

$0.50/1 Star Vinegar (8.5 oz+) SmartSource

$1.00/1 any variety Pompeian Oil (16 oz+) (SmartSource)

$1.00/1 Splenda Product (SmartSource)

$1.00/1 Splenda Product (Coupon Network)

$1.00/1 Truvia Natural Sweetener or Baking Blend (Coupons .com)


$1.50/1 Gevalia Coffee (SmartSource)

$1.00/2 Coffee-Mate Powdered Creamers (10.2 oz +) (Coupon Network)

$1.50/1 Gevalia Coffee Single Serve Cups (12-18 count) (Coupon Network)

$1.00/2 Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Coffee Creamers (Coupon Network)

$1.50/2 NesCafe Mementos (Coupon Network)

$1.50/2 NesCafe Clasico Coffee Canisters (7 oz +) (Coupon Network)

$2.00/2 NesCafe Taster’s Choice Canisters (7 oz +) (Coupon Network)

$1.10/1 Hawaiian Punch Aloha Morning 10 oz 6 pack or Gallon (Coupon Network)

$1.00/2 Orchard 100% Juice Blends (64 oz+) (Coupons .com)

$1.00/4 Old Orchard Fruit Concentrate (Coupons .com)

$1.00/2 Healthy Balance reduced sugar drinks (Coupons .com)

$1.50/1 Seattle’s Best Coffee (Coupons .com)

$0.75/1 Simply Cranberry Cocktail (59 oz) (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Maxwell House Coffee Single Serve Cups (Coupons .com)

$1.00/2 Cranberry Naturals juice drink (Coupons .com)

$1.00/2 Welch’s Refrigerated Juice Cocktails or Healthy Start 100% Juice (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Starbucks Via Ready Brew (5 count +) (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Minute Maid 10 pack Juice Box (Coupons .com)

Breakfast items:

$0.75/1 Wheaties Cereal (Saving Star) (Expires 3/31/13)

$0.50/1 Lucky Charms Cereal (Saving Star) (Expires 3/31/13)

$1.00/2 Boxes of Cheerios: Frosted, Apple Cinnamon, Banana Nut, Fruity, Chocolate, Yogurt Burst, Cinnamon Burst or Dulce de Leche (Saving Star) (Expires 3/31/13)

$1.00/1 Post Shredded Wheat Cereal (9.25 oz +) (Coupon Network)

$1.00/3 Kellogg’s Cereals – select varieties (Coupons .com)

$0.75/1 Kix Cereal (Coupons .com)

$0.75/1 Wheaties Cereal (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Sesame Street Post Cereal (Coupons .com)

$1.00/2 Big G Cereals (Coupons .com)

$0.50/1 Lucky Charms (Coupons .com)

Buy 1 Spooners Cereal get 1 FREE! (Coupons .com)

$1.00 off Fresh Fruit with 1 Kelloggs Crunchy Nut

$2.00 off Fresh Fruit with 2 Kelloggs Crunchy Nut


$2.10/2 Skinny Cow Chocolate Candy Cartons (4.65-6.0 oz) (Coupon Network)

$1.00/2 Dove Promises Chocolate bag (8-9.5 oz) (Coupons .com)

$1.50/2 Life Savers Peg or Laydown bag (6.25-14 oz) (Coupons .com)

$0.50/1 Altoids Tin (Coupons .com)

$0.30/1 Haribro product (4 oz+) (Coupons .com)

BOGO Snickers Bar and Peanut Butter Squared Bar (Coupons .com)

$1.00 off Snickers Peanut Butter Square Miniatures (Coupons .com)

$1.00 off 6 MET-RX Mini Singles or 1 Value Pack (Coupons .com)

$1.00 off 2 MET-RX Bars BIG 100 or Protein Plus (Coupons .com)

Canned & Jarred Items:

$1.00/2 Musselman’s Apple Sauce 46-48 oz (Saving Star) (Expires 3/21/13)

$0.60/1 Musselman’s Apple Butter (Saving Star) (Expires 3/21/13)

$1.00/3 Dole Canned Fruit (SmartSource)

$0.50/3 Campbell’s Chunky Soup or Chili (Coupons .com)

Cold Case:

$1.00/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough (Saving Star) (Expires 3/31/13)

$1.00/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough (Coupons .com)

$0.40/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands! Sweet Rolls (Saving Star) (Expires 3/31/13)

$0.40/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands! Sweet Rolls (Coupons .com)

$0.50/2 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (Excludes twin pack) (Saving Star) (Expires 3/31/13)

$0.40/2 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (Excludes twin Pack) (Coupons .com)

$1.00/2 Lunchables with Smoothies (Coupons .com)

$0.40/3 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands or Grands Jr (Coupons .com)

$0.50/2 Pillsbury Rolled Refrigerated Pie Crusts (Coupons .com)


$1.00/1Marie’s Salad Dressing (Saving Star) (Expires 4/11/13)

$0.75/1 French’s Dijon or Honey Mustard (Coupons .com)


$0.50/2 Yoplait Greek Yogurt, any flavor (Saving Star) (Expires 3/31/13)

$0.50/2 Yoplait Greek Yogurt, any flavor (coupons .com)

$0.50/1 Yoplait Fruplait Yogurt multipacks, any flavor (Saving Star) (Expires 3/31/13)

$1.00/2 Heluva Good Sour Cream Dips or Cheeses (Coupon Network)

$1.10/1 YoCrunch Yopa Multipack or 2 YoCrunch Yopa Cups (Coupon Network)

$0.70/1 YoCrunch Parfait Multipack (Coupon Network)

$0.50/1 Land O’Lakes Half Stick Butter Products (Coupons .com)

$1.00/2 Danimals Crunchers multipacks (Coupons .com)

$0.30/1 cup of Yoplait Simplait yogurt (Coupons .com)

$1.00/2 Danimals Squeezables Multipack (Coupons .com)

$0.40/6 Yoplait Yogurt (Coupons .com)


$1.00/5 Totinos Crisp Crust Party Pizzas (Saving Star) (Expires 3/31/13)

$5.00/$15.00 worth of Dole Frozen Fruit single serve cups, frozen fruit, fruit smoothie shakers & banana dippers (You don’t have to purchase all $15.00 at once!) (Saving Star) (Expires 4/24/13)

$1.00/1 McCain Potatoes (Saving Star) (Expires 3/27/13)

$5.00/$20.00 worth of Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes (You don’t have to purchase all $20.00 at once) (Saving Star) (Expires 4/17/13)

$1.00/1 El Monterey Snacks (SmartSource)

$1.00/3 Mrs. T’s Pierogies (Red Plum)

$1.00/1 Pagoda Express Appetizer, Egg Rolls, or Entree (SmartSource)

$1.00/2 Red Baron Singles (13 oz or less) (SmartSource)

$1.10/1 Tyson Stuffed Mini Bread Bowls (Coupon Network)

$1.60/2 Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches (Coupon Network)

$1.00/1 TGI Friday’s Frozen Snack (12-17.4 oz) (Coupons .com)

$0.75/3 Pillsbury Toaster Strudels, Pancakes or Toaster Scramblers Pastries (Coupons .com)

$0.75/1 Farm Rich Snack (18 oz +) (Coupons .com)

$0.55/2 Bagel-fuls (42 count +) (Coupons .com)

$0.75/1 Sea Pack (Coupons .com)


$1.00/3 cans of Swanson Premium Chunk Chicken Breast (Saving Star) (Expires 5/30/13)

$1.00/1 John Morrell Specialty Hams (Coupon Network)

$1.00/1 Jennie-O Turkey Bacon (12 oz) (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 lb of Butterball Deli Meats (Coupons .com)

$2.00/1 Hormel Cure 81 Boneless Ham (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Jennie-O Turkey Sausage Roll (Coupons .com)

$0.55/1 Armour Pepperoni (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Hormel Refrigerated Entree (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Llyod’s BBQ (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Hormel Always Tender (Coupons .com)

$1.00/2 Hormel Pepperoni (coupons .com)


$0.50/1 Del Monte Fruit Naturals Mango Cup (Red Plum)

$0.75/2 Dole Fruit Crisps (Coupon Network)

$0.45/2 Dole Gels (Coupon Network)

$1.00/2 Dole Fruit Parfaits (Coupon Network)

$0.75/1 Dole Fruit Crisp or Fruit Parfait (Coupons .com)

Quick Meals: (Pasta, Rice, Boxed Dinners, Etc)

FREE Uncle Ben’s Rice Cup when you buy 3 Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice Pouches (SmartSource)

FREE Uncle Ben’s Rice Cup when you buy 3 Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice Pouches (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Hormel Completes Microwave Meal (Coupons .com)

$0.55/1 Bob Evan’s Refrigerated Side Dish (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Campbell’s Go Soup (Coupons .com)

$0.60/3 Old El Paso products (Coupons .com)


$0.50/1 Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips (5 oz+) (Saving Star) (Expires 3/31/13)

$0.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks (Saving Star) (Expires 3/31/13)

$0.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks) (Coupons .com)

$1.00/2 Lance Crackers or Cookies (8 pack) Or Lance Creations (6 pack) (Coupons .com)

$0.50/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars or Granola Thins (Coupons .com)

$0.55/1 Hormel Country Crock Side Dish (Coupons .com)

$0.50/1 Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips (5 oz+)

Personal Care:


$1.00/1 Rimmel London product (Red Plum)

$5.00/1 Sally Hansen Salon Insta-Gel Strips Gel Nail Color (Coupons .com)

$2.00/1 Kiss everlasting Gel Polish (Coupons .com)

Hair Care:

$2.00/1 L’Oreal Paris Healthy Look Creme Gloss Hair Color (Saving Star) (Expires 4/3/13)

$0.75/1 L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Styling Product (Red Plum)

$1.00/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, conditioner or treatment (Coupons .com)

$2.00/2 Pantene Expert Collection Products (excludes travel and trial) (Coupons .com)

$2.00/2 Vidal Sasson Pro Series products (Coupons .com)

$2.00/2 Pantene Products (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, conditioner or treatment (Coupons .com)

Dental Care:

$1.00/1 ACT Mouthwash or Mouthrinse (16.9 oz+) (SmartSource)

$1.00/2 Reach Floss Packs


$2.00/2 Right Guard Total Defense 5 or Xtreme Deodorant products (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Mitchum Deodorant (Coupons .com)

Body Wash/Soap:

$1.00/1 Nivea Men’s Body Wash (16.9 oz+) (SmartSource)

$1.00/1 Tone Body Wash (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Eco Tools Products (Coupons .com)

Shaving items:

$2.00/1 Nivea for men Face Care Product or 2 Shave Gels/Foams (.3-8.7 oz) (SmartSource)

Facial Care/Lotions/Creams:

$1.00/1 Garnier Moisturizer (Red Plum)

$1.00/1 Jergens Daily Moisture or Daily Moisture Fragrance Free Moisturizer (10 oz +) (Coupons .com)

$3.00/1 Burts Bees Intense Hydration Face Care Product (Coupons .com)

$2.00/1 Yes to item over $6.99 (Coupons .com)

$3.00/1 AmLactin Moisturizing Body Lotion or Cream (Coupons .com)

Feminine products:

$5.00/1 Fresh & Sexy Wipes by Playtex (Red Plum)

$1.00/1 RepHresh feminine products (SmartSource)

First Aid:

$2.00/1 Icy Hot Advanced Product (Excludes Trial Size) (SmartSource)

$1.00/2 Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages (Coupons .com)

$2.00/1 Bengay (excludes trial size) (Coupons .com)

Children’s Medicine:

$2.00/1 Children’s Mucinex Product (Coupons .com)

Adult Medicine:

$5.00/1 Zyrtec 25 count or more (SmartSource)

$3.00/1 Miralax (30 doses) (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Advil Migraine (20 count +) (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Advil Congestion Relief or Allergy and Congestion Relief (Coupons com)

$2.00/1 Aleve 80 count+ (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Alka Seltzer (Coupons .com)

$2.00/1 Aleve-D product (Coupons .com)


$1.00/1 Sundown Natural’s Product (Red Plum)

$2.00/1 Nature’s Made Fish Oil Product (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 One a Day Multi-Vitamin products (Coupons .com)

$2.25/1 Nature Made Vita-Melts (Coupons .com)

Household Products:

Bathroom Cleaners:

$0.75/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel (Coupons .com)

$0.55/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Vanish Continuous Clean Drop Ins (Coupons .com)

$0.75/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Auto Shower Cleaner Refill (coupons .com)

$0.75/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Product (Coupons .com)

$1.00/2 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaners (Coupons .com)

$0.50/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Bleach Bathroom Cleaner (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Soft scrub (Coupons .com)

All purpose cleaning:

$0.75/1 Sprayway Glass Cleaner (Red Plum)

$1.00/1 Pledge or Armstrong floor cleaner (Coupons .com)

$0.75/2 Windex Glass cleaners (Coupons .com)

$0.50/1 Scrubbing Bubbles All purpose cleaner with Fantastik (Coupons .com)

$0.75/2 Windex Multi-Surface Products (Coupons .com)

$1.50/2 Pledge Furniture Care Products (Coupons .com)

$0.50/1 Pledge Multi Surface product (coupons. com)

$1.50/2 Windex Electronics products (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Windex Touch Up Cleaner (Coupons. com)

$1.00/1 Spot Shot Aerosol Can (14 oz) (Coupons .com)


$0.50/1 Snuggle Fabric Softener Liquid or Dryer Sheets (Red Plum)

$0.75/2 Shout products (excludes trial and travel size) (Coupons .com)

$0.75/2 Shout Color Catchers (Coupons .com)

Paper products:

$1.00/2 Brawny Paper Towels (Red Plum)

$1.00/1 Sparkle Paper Towels (6 Big Rolls or Larger) (Coupons .com)

$0.50/1 Angel Soft Facial Tissue (Coupons .com)

$0.55/1 Cottonelle 9 pack or larger (Coupons .com)

$0.55/2 Cottonelle flushable moist wipes (42 count +) (Coupons .com)Smells Good!

$1.50/3 Glade 4 oz candles (Coupon Network)

$0.55/1 Glade Premium Room Spray (9.7 oz) or Glade Fragrance Mist Starter Kit (7 oz) (Coupons .com)

$1.50/2 Glade Spring Collection Products (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Glade Plugins Scented Oil Twin Refill or 2 single refills (Coupons .com)

$1.50/2 Glade 4 oz Candles (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Glade Plugins Scented Oil Warmer or starter kit (Coupons .com)

$1.00/2 Glade Automatic Spray Refills (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Glade Scented Oil Candle Holder or 2 refills (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Glade Sense and Spray Refills (Coupons .com)


$1.00/1 Reynold’s Pan lining paper (Coupons .com)

$0.55/1 Reynold’s Crockpot Liners (Coupons .com)


$5.00/1 Ice Age Continental Drift on Blu-Ray or DVD (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Play-Doh case of 10 Color Pack (Coupons .com)

$1.00/1 Hasbro My Little Pony Figure (Coupons .com)

$1.00 off a $5.00 Crayola Purchase (Coupons .com)

$4.00/1 Max and Ruby A Bunny for Every Season DVD set (Coupons .com)

$2.00 off a $10.00 Fisher Price purchase (Coupons .com)

$3.00 off a $15.00 Fisher Price purchase (Coupons .com)

$3.00/1 Hasbro Battleship or Operation (Coupons .com)

$5.00/1 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days DVD or Blu-Ray (Coupons .com)

$2.00/1 Hasbro Play-Doh Playsets: Frosting Fun Bakery, Chomper the Excavator, or Rapunzel Hair Designs (Coupons .com)

$1.00 off Crayola Giant Coloring Pages with purchase of any Crayola Crayons (Coupons .com)

$4.00 off a $20 Barbie purchase (Coupons .com)

$2.00 off Rio Blu Ray+DVD+Digital Copy (Coupons .com)

$5.00/1 Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Elite Roughcut 2X4 Blaster or Nerf Vortex Diatron Blaster (Coupons .com)

$2.00/1 The Sandlot on DVD/Blu-Ray Combo (Coupons .com)

$2.00/1 Robots DVD+Blu-Ray+Digital Copy (Coupons .com)

$2.00/1 PlaySkool Heroes Toys Rescue Bots, Marvel Super Hero Adventures or Spiderman Basic Vehicles (Coupons .com)

$2.00/1 Horton Hears a Who on Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital Copy (Coupons .com)

$5.00/1 Won’t Back Down DVD or Blu-Ray (Coupons .com)

$3.00/1 Crayola Jewelry Boutique (Coupons .com)

$2.00 off a $10.00 Hot Wheels Purchase (Coupons .com)

$5.00/1 Words with Friends or Draw Something (Coupons .com)

$2.00/1 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital Copy (Coupons .com)

$3.00 off a $15 Barbie Purchase (Coupons .com)

$3.00 off a $15 Hot Wheel Purchase (Coupons .com)

$2.00/1 Baby Alive Kicks and Cuddles Newborn Doll (Coupons .com)

$2.00 off a $10.00 Thomas and Friends purchase (Coupons .com)

$3.00 off a $15.00 Thomas and Friends purchase (Coupons .com)

$5.00/1 Sesame Street LOL Elmo (Coupons .com)