honey and lime dressing recipe

Fresh Honey and Lime Dressing Recipe

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Want to make your salads taste better? Try this amazing honey and lime dressing recipe. It’s sweet and tangy, perfect for many salads.

This dressing mixes lime’s brightness and honey’s sweetness with shallot and garlic. It makes your dishes both savory and fresh. You can also use it to marinate meats or in guacamole.

Making this fresh honey and lime dressing is easy. It takes less than 5 minutes. You need honey, lime juice and zest, shallot, garlic, olive oil, and salt.

To make the dressing, just mix the honey, lime juice and zest, shallot, and garlic. Add a bit of salt. Then, add the olive oil slowly, mixing well.

You can keep this dressing in the fridge for a week. This way, you can enjoy its great taste anytime. Just warm it up a bit before using.

The mix of honey and lime creates a special flavor for your food. It’s fast to make and tastes great. Using this dressing can make salads, marinades, and guacamole better. Try this fresh honey and lime dressing. Your taste buds will thank you!

Ingredients and Preparation

Making a tasty honey lime dressing is easy and fun. With just a few ingredients, you can make your salads and marinades taste better. Here’s what you need for the honey and lime dressing, and how to prepare it:


For this yummy dressing, grab the ingredients below:

  • Honey: 2 tablespoons
  • Lime juice and zest: 1 lime
  • Shallot: 1 small, finely minced
  • Garlic: 1 clove, minced
  • Olive oil: 1/4 cup
  • Salt: to taste

These simple ingredients mix well to make a delicious dressing.


Let’s start making the dressing:

  1. Whisk lime zest, juice, honey, shallot, and garlic in a small bowl. This blends the flavors well.
  2. While whisking, slowly add the olive oil. This makes the dressing smooth and silky.
  3. Add salt to taste, adjusting it how you like.

You can also put everything in a mason jar and shake it. It’s easy and you can store it this way.

Keep the finished dressing in the fridge in an airtight container. It stays good for up to a week.

The Perfect Blend of Sweetness and Tanginess

The ingredients of the honey and lime dressing blend well. Honey’s sweetness and lime’s tanginess mix perfectly. The shallot and garlic add great flavor. Whisking these ingredients well brings out a bright and versatile dressing.

Benefits of Honey Lime Dressing: Ways to Use Honey (Lime Dressing:
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Boosts immune system
  • May aid in digestion
  • Provides a natural energy boost
  • Toss with mixed greens for a refreshing salad
  • Drizzle over grilled chicken or fish for added flavor
  • Use as a marinade for vegetables or tofu
  • Enhance the taste of roasted vegetables

This dressing is great for your cooking and offers many benefits. It’s versatile and delicious.

Serving Suggestions and Uses

The versatility of honey lime dressing makes it a great pick for your kitchen. Here are some serving ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Drizzle honey lime dressing on your favorite salads to boost their taste. It gives classic salads a refreshing, tangy twist.
  • It’s a perfect match for a Black Bean and Corn Salad. It brings out a sweet and zesty kick.
  • Want to try something new? Use the dressing as a marinade for chicken and shrimp. The flavors seep in before you grill or bake for a tasty meal.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, skip the garlic and shallot in the dressing. Mix it with fresh fruit for a sweet and citrusy flavor blend.

This dressing opens the door to countless possibilities. Let your imagination go wild with different ingredients and dishes. Honey’s sweetness and lime’s tanginess will lift your cooking to a new level.

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Explore and have fun with the many uses of honey lime dressing in your daily meals!


Honey lime dressing is both yummy and handy in the kitchen. Its mix of honey’s sweetness with lime’s tanginess is perfect. It makes simple meals special. Drizzle it on salads, use it as a marinade, or as a dipping sauce to spice up your food.

It’s easy to make with just honey, lime juice, and some common ingredients. This dressing is customizable to suit your taste, making it a hit with cooks. You can tweak the sweetness or sourness to your liking.

What’s more, honey lime dressing lasts up to a week in the fridge. Its long life means it’s ready whenever you need it. Use it on salads, roasted veggies, or grilled chicken to add a zing. It’s a tasty addition to any meal.


What is honey lime dressing?

Honey lime dressing mixes sweet and sour in a delicious way. It’s perfect for many salads. This dressing is made from lime, honey, shallot, and garlic. All these come together to create a savory, balanced taste.

How do you make honey lime dressing?

Making honey lime dressing is quick, taking less than 5 minutes. You need honey, lime juice and zest, shallot, garlic, olive oil, and salt. First, you whisk everything except the oil. Then, add the oil slowly to mix everything well.

Another way is putting everything in a mason jar. Then, shake it until it’s well mixed.

How long can you store honey lime dressing?

You can keep honey lime dressing in the fridge for about a week. Before you use it, let it warm to room temperature.

What dishes can honey lime dressing be used with?

Honey lime dressing works well with a bunch of dishes. It’s great on mixed greens and boosts salad flavors. It’s also tasty in dishes like Black Bean and Corn Salad. Plus, you can marinate chicken and shrimp with it.

For a sweet treat, skip the garlic and shallot. Mix it with fresh fruit instead. This dressing is very flexible.

What is the flavor profile of honey lime dressing?

Honey lime dressing brings sweet and savory together. Its flavor enhances a variety of dishes. Honey and lime mix turns plain dishes into something special.


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