Gift Ideas Under $20 (SHIPPED!) for men, boys, girls & pet lovers!

I love Groupon!  I’ve ordered quite a few gifts from them for Christmas this year!  Here are a few ideas for gifts for men, girls, boys and pet lovers!  Remember, no shipping charges on orders over $15 and returns are always free shipping!!

Men’s Puma Lounge Pants
List price $42
Your price: $19 + FREE shipping!
You save: $23 or 55%!


Discovery Kids Play Tent
List price: $40
Your price: $19 + FREE shipping
You save: $21 or 51%!

Shure Magnetic dress up dolls - chose from 4 different sets (Daisy Girls Ballet set is shown) (I ordered a few of these!)
List price: $25
Your price: $11.00!  (Shipping is $2 on orders under $15.  If you get 2 sets shipping would be free)
You save: $14 or 56%!

There are 9 options for this tent and push light set - Dora, Princesses, Cars, Big Time Rush, Fairies, Toy Story, Princess and the Frog, Smurfs and Spongebob!
List price: $35
Your price: $19 + FREE shipping
You save: $16 or 46%!

Barbie Make your own Natural beauty products set, Monster High tshirt designer, Fashion Angels t-shirt designer, Art-titude 3D Set
List price: $15
Your price: $10 + $2 Shipping (Shipping is $2 on all orders under $15.  If you get 2 sets there would be no shipping cost!)
You save $5 or 33%!

NFL Collars and leash set (48 options available!)
List price: $33
Your price: $20 + FREE Shipping
You save $13 or 39%!

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