Wedding Vacation - Hampton Beach & World’s Largest Arcade

If you are wondering where the wedding pictures are, they are coming! :) I’ve got to have a grand finale!


So OTHER than the Big Day, the rest of our trip was pretty low key.  Filled with lots of time at the pool and of course, the cool hot tub.  We did however, head on the Kancamagus Highway and visit Hampton Beach.



Hampton Beach

North Hampton Beach

When we got to Hampton we were a little early to go in the ocean - it was COLD!!! So we wandered around a bit and headed up and down the boardwalk.

The next day we headed to the arcade.  But it’s not just an arcade.  It was Funspot - the World’s Largest Arcade!  They’ve hosted video game tournaments here and have even filmed a movie here before!



There are 3 levels - over 500 games (these photos were taken on the classic video game level), a bowling alley, indoor and outdoor miniature golf, cash bingo, a restaurant, and outside is a place to go ziplining and go carting.  WHEW!!!

When we got there I don’t think Josh or Andy even knew where to begin.


It didn’t take them very long to find a place to start!  The price was great - $20 got us 100 tokens!  All of the classic games (and most of the games that gave out tickets) were just 1 token each.  That’s a lot of games!

Josh was in video game heaven and Andy was on a trip down memory lane.  :)

Wedding Vacation Day 1

Wedding Vacation Day 2

Wedding Vacation Day 3

Wedding Vacation Day 4

Wedding Vacation Day 5

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