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It all started with me asking on Facebook if anyone was interested in my July meal plan menu.  (You follow me on facebook right?  You should!  I love chatting up new friends!)


I started typing it up and I found myself trying to explain things.  So I thought it would be easier to just start from the beginning.  Here you go.
How I do it.  Mind you I am no expert.  There are probably a million other (and many better) ways to do things.  This is just how I do it.  Maybe you will take a few ideas and make them work for you.  Or perhaps you will share a few things that work with you so that I can intergrate it into my daily plan.
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Here’s part one.  I plan.  I am most defintely a Type A person.  I need lists.  I love the calendar on my computer and phone but I NEED pen and paper.  Ask Andy.  I have notebooks all over the place.
See this stack.  This is my planner (excuse the binder clips I haven’t made it over to Office Max to get it binded!)  Did I mention that it was for 1 month?  Yes, that’s right.  That is my planner for July.  Now just know that before I was a ‘blogger’ my planner was no where near this big! :)
That’s my daily planner.  Here’s a closer look.
Obviously, the date goes up top.  Then I have my daily reminders.  Just things that I need to do and a reminder that I am blessed!
This tiny part of my planner has transformed my relationships!  I swear by it!  In the top right hand corner of my planner I have a spot where I write down 3 small acts of kindness to do - one for my husband, one for my child and one for myself.  Somedays I write things like write a thank you note, play Skylanders, paint my nails, pick up Andy’s favorite buffalo chicken salad at the store.  Just something small.  But it makes sure that the people I love the most know they are valued and that I care!
Here is where I keep track of my water (by the glass) and my fitness (by the minutes).  I also focus on a different body part each week to work out.  For example this week I’m focusing on arms.
Today is a special day - I write down things throughout the day that make it rock.  Not only does it ensure that when Andy gets home I don’t forget to tell him something important, but it is a great way to make sure I stay positive.  If I’m having a really crummy day where nothing seems to be going right I have this empty spot.  I can’t just leave it empty - it makes you think what is one awesome thing that happened.  I also write in birthdays/anniversaries here.  Plus, it’s nice to be able to look back at the week and see all the cool stuff that has happened.
Needs to be paid - Boo.  Bills.  I hate them, but they are a part of life.  If I don’t write down call in the electric bill I will forget.
To accomplish today - Here it is.  Finally my to do part of my planner!
A look ahead - Just what it says - a look at things to come.
Get in contact with - people to call, email, meet up with.  I also put in Twitter parties! #ihearttwitter
Ideas and inspirations - any new ideas for home decor, movies to watch, blog post ideas.  You name it I probably write it down!
Daily Cleaning - I have to stay accountable.  If not, well, I end up on Pinterest and before I know it I look at the clock and realize Andy will be home from work in 30 minutes, I’m still in my pajamas, I’ve gotten nothing done and dinner is still in the freezer.  True story.
There you have it.  My planner.  It’s nothing fancy.  But it works for me.  I need boxes to fill in, things to circle and more details than a from the store planner.  If you are interested in a copy of my planner you can download it here for free!
I print mine at Office Max for 10 cents a copy and they will bind them up for you too.
“How does this fit in with meal planning?” you may be asking.  Well, stay tuned.  It will!  Tomorrow will be part 2 of How I do it!
What are some must haves for your planner?



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    When I try to download it gives me a google docs error and says I don’t have the permission to access and I need to contact you. Love the look of your organization. I am a total list person too!

  2. says

    Thanks so much The Heeren Family for letting me know! I’m not the most tech sauvy person. I think I have it fixed. If it doesn’t work for anyone - please let me know! :)

  3. says

    Great idea! Too detailed for me to use on a daily basis…I like something more streamlined in list format. I make too many detailed day plans as a teacher and prefer not to do that at home. But that’s my personal opinion…I will reiterate that it is a great idea for those who like to have that kind of detail at home.

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