How I do it - part 2 - Cleaning Schedule & printable

It’s day 2 of sharing how I get organized.   If you missed day one you can find it here (it’s where I shared my daily planning sheet - free to download and print!  Good stuff!)
Well today I’m going to share the rest of what is in my life saving book.  That way if you want to construct your own planner you can - and feel free to customize it to your needs!  That’s the whole reason I made my own instead of buying one! :)
Alright First off I have 4 Calendars for the month.  Right up front. Why 4?
Calendar 1: Meal Planning Calendar.  I write down each night’s Dinner while I’m planning it out.
Calendar 2: Monthly Blog Calendar.  I write down things like what advertising ads need to go up, what the daily post will be about (although it changes all the time!  I need to be better at keeping to my schedule!) I write down Twitter parties, guest blogging.  Basically if it has to do with this blog it’s on my Calendar #2.
Calendar 3: My deep clean calendar.  Yes.  I have one.  I hate to clean.  But I worked my butt off to get my house to a point where I can clean for about 20-30 minutes a day and never have to worry about unexpected company dropping in.  I don’t ever want to go back to the 30 minutes and people will be here, if they are on time and not early, and the house is still a mess and I still need a shower way.  More on my cleaning schedule in a bit.
Calendar 4: Here it is.  The family calendar.  Summer camp dates, doctor’s appointments, birthdays,  parties, bills.  It’s all here.
Next in line is my weekly cleaning schedule.

I list my daily cleaning items.
1 load of laundry - start to finish (finishing laundry is the hardest for me.  I like to either keep it in the dryer - and keep resetting the dryer OR fold it and keep it in the laundry basket.  Don’t ask why putting it away is the worst it just is)
Make the beds
Pick up the clutter
Clean up the dishes after each meal
Clean up the counters/table after each meal

Then, I have a schedule (told you I’m completely a type A person..with a little OCD. I’ll leave it at that so I don’t embarrass myself).
Monday: Master bedroom
Tuesday: Bathroom
Wednesday: Josh’s room
Thursday: Living room/Hall
Friday: Kitchen
Saturday: Outside
Each room has a few specific chores that I do in it.  We have a small house - just 2 bedrooms and 1 bath so it works out that I just have to do one room a day.

And don’t forget that calendar!  So today.  Today was Tuesday.  I did my daily items and I cleaned the bathroom.  (Yuck).  On my cleaning calendar I have things listed that are more deep cleaning things that maybe don’t get thought of too often.  Today it was clean the shower curtains.  Check.  (Tomorrow is clean the washing machine in case anyone cared!)

If you want to download and print my cleaning schedule go here.  I made sure to save it in a way that you can change anything on there and personalize it the way you want!

Come back tomorrow for more on my planner - and I’ll share about how to have the easiest meal planning system EVER!



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