How to freeze cheese & why you should

Did you know that you could freeze cheese?  I’ll admit I didn’t for the longest time!  If you were to ask about about what some items that would be great for stockpiling cheese wouldn’t have even been on my radar.  But now….Now I know!  Saturday I was at Target (to get a printer….and only a printer….) strolling around the food section and what caught my eye?  But a little red tag inside the dairy case.  Kraft cheese, on clearance!  I looked closer and saw that the bricks of mild cheddar cheese were only 66 cents each!! What is wrong with them?  Nothing - it’s not even close to the expiration date!  So I picked up 6 and resisted all urge to do a little happy dance right in the middle of Target.  I was already getting an odd look from the lady watching me put 6 blocks of cheese in my cart.  (I told her - only 66 cents each she should get one.  She didn’t.  Sigh.  Some people just don’t get it.)I brought them home and opened them up.  Then I shredded them.  If we are going to eat cheese and crackers we are more extra sharp cheddar lovers, but mild cheddar is perfect for homemade mac and cheese, casseroles and baked potatoes!  

Now each block of cheese was 8 oz. - the same that would be in a bag of shredded cheese you would buy in the store.  So after I shredded each block I put into a sandwich bag.  Then I put all of the sandwiches into a freezer bag.
This week Kraft shredded cheese isn’t on sale at my stores, but the generic brands are.
Kroger brand $1.88
Marsh brand $1.98
My cost: $0.66

By stocking up when I saw this awesome deal I saved $7.32 compared to the Kroger brand!
So WHY should you stock up on cheese?
1. It saves you money!

2. It saves you time - no more having to make trips to the store for 1 item.  I don’t know about you but those 1 item trips end up usually costing me at least $20! I always find something else.

3. It’s easy!
So here are a few tips:
1. Hard cheeses freeze better.  These are cheeses like cheddar and not like goat cheese.

2. Shredded cheese freezes the best.  Sometimes when you freeze cheese the texture changes a little bit (it sometimes will crumble a little bit) so start out with freezing cheddar cheese.  It’s going to get melted anyways!  

3. If you want to freeze cheese but not shredded, cut it into slices.  I have a Food Saver (FoodSaver V2244 Advanced Design Vacuum Sealer, Black) (which I LOVE and highly recommend   Honestly, it pays for itself!) so after I slice the cheese I vacuum seal it and don’t have any problems with any change of texture.  If you are using regular freezer bags wrap it in plastic wrap tightly and then put it into the freezer bag.  

4. Let the cheese defrost in the refrigerator prior to use.

5. Stock up and save!! :) 


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