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How To Make Veggies Fun For Kids

How To Make Veggies Fun

When it comes to snacks and packing lunches for our kids there are so many options! But sometimes when we offer up vegetables instead of treats it is met with grumbles or sighs of disappointment. However creating healthy habits early is really so important. And if that means making vegetables fun to help kids reach for them (and realize “Hey, this is really yummy!”) then I am all for it!

Here is a quick and easy way to kick the plain ol’ celery sticks up a notch in the fun department by creating Celery Friends!

How To Make Veggies Fun

First wash your celery and cut in half. Spread with peanut butter. (If you need to make them nut free try Sunbutter!)

How To Make Veggies Fun

How To Make Veggies Fun

These candy eyes, mustaches, teeth and lips can make just about anything fun!

How To Make Veggies Fun

Use them to make silly faces in your peanut butter.

Other Ideas:

You can really use these in so many ways to make kid’s food fun.

  • Make a face in a dish of hummus and pack with carrot sticks.
  • Add eyes to cherry tomatoes and put in a side salad.
  • Stick funny faces on apples or bananas.

Let children make their own funny faces!

If you are packing a lunch for your child, spread the peanut butter (or SunButter) on your child’s celery sticks. Fill a small container with the eyes and mouths. Wait for your child to come home and tell you how their lunch was the talk of the lunch table! Kids think it’s so much fun to make funny faces with their food. And it’s so much more fun to play with your food before you eat it. Getting your kids to not only eat their veggies but to associate them with positive thoughts? That’s a mom win!

How To Make Veggies Fun

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