How to Store Green Onions (And an update on our Romaine Lettuce!)

Storing Green Onions

Since we are all re-growing our own green onions (right?) I thought I would show you how I store them.  This is great if you are growing them like us or if you simply can’t use all the onions that you come in the bunch.  It’s very simple.  Just cut the onions and place them in an empty and cleaned out water bottle (or in our case Gatorade).  Then just put in the freezer.  When you need some green onions you just simply shake out the desired amount and put the bottle back in the freezer.

I wanted to show you some updated pictures on our romaine lettuce that we have been regrowing!

romaine lettuce day 6

Want to compare them?

romaine lettuce compare 4 to 6

The left is from when we originally posted (on day 4) and the right is 2 days (2 DAYS!) later on day 6!

regrowing romaine lettuce 3

Day 4

romaine lettuce day 6 2

Day 6!

This has been one of our favorites to grow!  I like to garden but re-planting our scraps is my favorite.  I like the fact it grows so quickly (instant gratification).  The only problem?  I’m a little spoiled and when we start planting our seeds I’m going to have to learn to be patient! :)

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  1. Anonymous says

    Aloha from Honolulu! I stumbled on your pix of regrowing romaine-love it! So, I’d like to share a discovery of my own. If you look at recipes that call for using garlic cloves, they often tell you not to use the green sprouted garlic, saying it is bitter. Well, I discovered that we who love garlic, use green onions, now have a new treat-sprout those cloves and harvest the tender new leaves from your window sill pot! It’s fabulous in garnishes that you would use green onions, a real joy in salsa, beautiful to color garlic bread, spices up salad dressing, I could babble forever. Thank you for the tip on the lettuce. I thought that I was alone playing with recycling greens. Did you also know that the sunlight that your lettuce gets while sitting in your window sill adds extra nutrients?

  2. Cryteague says

    I have seen this in several blogs and have started one a few days ago. I was wondering if you could tell me if the nutrition value was less since the plant is not getting any nutrition from the ground.

    • amanda says

      I’m sorry :( I honestly am not an expert and would have no idea about the answer to your question. We do transplant ours into the ground but I’m not sure if they are less nutritious or equally nutritious.

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