HUGE Spanx Swimsuit Sale!!!


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Spring break is here which means summer is around the corner!  Spanx is over on Zulily today with an amazing swimsuit sale.  These suits retail for $188!!! I could never pay that much.

You can get them today for $59.99 -$74.99.  Yes, that is still a lot of money BUT you would spend $30-$35 at Target.  A good swim suit is something you should invest in.  One, it will last much longer than a cheaper made one.  Two, finding a suit you look good in is worth it! I bought a Spanx suit last year on Zulily and I was a little nervous spending $75 on a suit I didn’t try on but oh my gosh.  Best.Thing.Ever.  It sucks things in all the right spots, stays in place, no wedgies, fattens tummies.  It’s basically a wonder suit!  :) And it looks brand new for this year - and we lived at the pool last summer.

In fact I’m buying another one this year! :)


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