You Are Invited To The #BoogieWipes Twitter Party!

#BoogieWipes Twitter Party

This week on Moms Check In we are talking about our best tips to help our kiddos when they are sick.  There is seriously nothing worse than a sick child.  Luckily, Boogie Wipes has a line of products that can help.

What is a Boogie Wipe?

Boogie Wipes are perfect for kids (and adults!) to use when they are having to blow their nose again and again.  All that blowing and wiping can cause poor sensitive noses to be red and hurt!  Boogie Wipes helps to eliminate that!  They are soft, help moisturize and even smell good!  Not just for a cold, these resealable packs are perfect for tossing in your diaper bag, purse and in the glove box of the car.  (Bonus: Since they are moist they will help to dissolve any dried on boogies!)  You can find out more about Boogie Wipes and their other amazing products (and get coupons!) here!

Join us on Thursday, February 12th from 1-2 PM (Eastern time) for a #BoogieWipes Twitter Party!

We will be talking all about soothing sick kiddos and our best tips for happy, healthy kids.

We will be giving away 5 prizes including lots of Boogie Wipes gift boxes and one lucky winner will win a gift box, adorable Crane humidifier and a $50 Amazon gift card!

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