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Did you know that October is National Pizza Month?  It’s also Friday which means for us, it’s pizza night!  So this Moms Check In topic couldn’t have come at a better time!  We want to know - what is your favorite pizza topping?



I’m weird. I love cheese, but I’m not a fan of lots of cheese on my pizza. It gets greasy. So I always end up ordering my pizza with ham and pineapple….light cheese and extra sauce. YUM! Needless to say I always end up getting my own pizza. But as a bonus: That means I always have leftovers for the next day!

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I love ham and pineapple, but I’m also a fan of just plain ole’ pepperoni. Sometimes nothing is better than pepperoni. YUM!! I could seriously eat pizza EVERY single day.

– Jenni is the mom of one and the author of Sweet Pennies From Heaven. A hearth and home website, Sweet Pennies From Heaven focuses on recipes, crafts and creating a comfortable home. Follow her on Twitter here!

Veggies! We usually order green peppers on our pizza but I also love black olives and spinach.

– Lindsay is the mom of 2 and author of See Mom Click. She shares great deals, Disney happenings and recipes. You can follow her on Twitter here!


Hawaiian - pineapple is my #1

– Stephanie is the mom to Sam and the author of Spaceships and Laser Beams. If you ever need party ideas her site is the place to visit! Specializing in all things boy, it’s full of inspiration! Follow her on Twitter here!

What is your favorite pizza topping?  Are you celebrating National Pizza Month?

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