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Must Have Carry On Items

One of my favorite things to do is to travel. I love going to new places. I love revisiting some old favorites. I love seeing new things, discovering new adventures and seeing old friends. However, with that being said, I do not like to pack for traveling! I always seem to forget something, my stuff gets all wrinkled, I take way too much or even worse, I leave something behind.

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One thing I’ve seemed to master over the years is my carry on bag. (Small steps right?) I admit, it’s gotten easier to pack my carry on (or my ‘grab bag’ as we call it for car rides!) the older Joshua has become. But I was curious, what are your must have carry on items? So, we asked the Moms from Moms Check In!

What’s in your carry on bag?


I do a fair amount of traveling, so over the years, I have perfected my carry on must haves. These are the items that I never leave home without when traveling and I always keep with me.

wallet + all id/credit/debit



earbuds (for their tvs)

water + healthy snack (because airlines have restricted what they serve)

jacket or lightweight blanket (it can get cold)

1 change of clothes

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I haven’t traveled a ton, but I have traveled enough to know what are must have items in my carry on.

I always have…

a small cross body bag with wallet, cash, debit card and ID

iPad with earbuds

allergy/sinus medication/sudafed (for my ears)

extra set of clothing

gum/mints/cough drops

phone charger or backup battery


pack small pack of wet wipes

pocket size anti-bac gel

travel sized deodorant

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My carry on bag has changed a bit over the years from when I would travel with an infant and then a toddler. Now that my son is older, I get to pack a little lighter.

My must haves include:

A book to read


A snack (my son is in the won’t-ever-stop-eating-because-he’s-a-bottomless-pit phase)

Portable charger for my phone (and one that will fit the iPad or his DS)

Noise canceling headphones (perfect to listen to music or just to wear if you have a noisy flight and want to nap!)

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