Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe Ninja Creami

Ninja Treat: Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe Ninja Creami

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Try making your own Vanilla Ice Cream with the Ninja Creami. It’s easy and you can tweak it for different diets, including vegan. Just swap in vegan cream cheese, unsweetened coconut cream, and unsweetened oat milk. This way, everyone can enjoy a creamy, dreamy treat. The Ninja Creami takes care of the hard work, ensuring your ice cream is velvety and delicious.

Creating this homemade ice cream is simple. Use vegan cream cheese instead of the regular kind. Choose unsweetened coconut cream over heavy cream, and pick unsweetened oat milk rather than whole milk. These swaps make the ice cream perfect for those avoiding dairy. You won’t miss out on any creamy goodness.

If you’re watching your sugar, there’s a lighter option too. Replace regular sugar with half a teaspoon of stevia and some raw agave nectar. It keeps things sweet but healthier.

Want something extra in your ice cream? Throw in some mini chocolate chips. They mix in perfectly and add a lovely texture to your ice cream. It’s a small touch that makes a big difference.

It’s smart to make several CREAMi™ Pints at once. This saves you time and means you’ve always got tasty ice cream ready. Perfect for when those ice cream cravings hit.

When serving your vanilla chocolate chip ice cream, get creative. Top off sundaes, fill crepes, or make delicious milkshakes. For something amazing, serve it with a warm brownie. It’s a heavenly match.

Looking to improve your ice cream game? Check out for our CREAMi™ Pints. The Ninja Creami gives you creamy, dreamy ice cream every time. It’s a game-changer.

Wondering why to choose homemade ice cream? Our FAQs explain how it’s tastier and better quality than store-bought. Plus, learn how to make your ice cream lactose-free.

The Best Vanilla Ice Cream With Chocolate Chips Recipe

Enjoy the ultimate dessert with the best vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips. This recipe brings together creamy vanilla and chocolate bites. It’s a homemade treat that will improve your ice cream experience.

To make perfect vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, balance is essential. The vanilla should be noticeable, with bursts of chocolate. This recipe guarantees a mix of flavors that delights with each spoonful.

Begin by making a creamy vanilla base. You can choose dairy or a vegan option. Add pure vanilla extract for a real vanilla taste.

Next, mix in the chocolate chips. Spread them evenly in the base for smooth ice cream with chocolate in every bite.

Pro tip: Try different types of chocolate chips for extra flavor. Mix dark, semi-sweet, or white chips for varied tastes.

Then, use an ice cream machine to churn the mix. A Ninja Creami makes the ice cream smooth and creamy.

When it’s ready, serve your ice cream in bowls or cones. The combination of vanilla and chocolate is stunning. It’s great alone or on top of brownies or pie.

Get ready for the best vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips. It’s great for any event. Enjoy it with friends or by yourself. This homemade ice cream is bound to be a favorite.

Five Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Dessert Inspirations

There are so many ways to serve vanilla chocolate chip ice cream. You can keep it simple or make something that stands out. Here are five ideas that will make your mouth water and impress your friends.

1. Sundae Toppings: Make your ice cream special with lots of toppings. Think hot fudge, caramel, nuts, and sprinkles. Mix and match to create your own sundae masterpiece.

2. Ice Cream Crepes: Upgrade your ice cream by wrapping it in thin, warm crepes. Warm crepes with cold ice cream tastes amazing. Try adding berries or powdered sugar on top for extra sweetness.

3. Milkshake Magic: Mix your ice cream with milk to make a creamy milkshake. It’s a perfect treat for when it’s hot or when you need something sweet. Top with whipped cream and a cherry to make it look great.

4. Root Beer Float: Mix vanilla chocolate chip ice cream with root beer for a fun drink. The ice cream and root beer taste fantastic together. This treat is both fun to make and delicious.

5. Pair it with a Brownie: For a wonderful dessert, serve your ice cream with a warm brownie. The warm chocolate brownie and cool vanilla ice cream are perfect together. It’s a dream dessert for any sweet tooth.

These ideas will turn your vanilla chocolate chip ice cream into something amazing. Take out your CREAMi™ Pints and get creative. For more recipes and to buy more pints, visit


Can I make the Vanilla Ice Cream recipe with the Ninja Creami using dairy-free ingredients?

Yes, making dairy-free vanilla ice cream is simple. Just swap in vegan cream cheese, coconut cream, and oat milk. This way, you can enjoy it without dairy.

How does the Ninja Creami ensure that the homemade ice cream turns out smooth and creamy?

The Ninja Creami makes this process very easy. It adds air while freezing the mixture. This gives the ice cream a lovely, creamy texture.

Can I adjust the ratio of ice cream to chocolate chips in the Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips recipe?

Definitely, you’re encouraged to tweak the ratio of ice cream to chocolate chips. It’s key to balance it so the chocolate chips complement the vanilla flavour nicely.

What can I serve with vanilla chocolate chip ice cream to elevate the dessert?

You’ve got lots of tasty options for pairing with vanilla chocolate chip ice cream. Consider adding toppings like sprinkles, caramel, or nuts.

You can also create ice cream crepes, milkshakes, or root beer floats. Pairing it with a warm brownie makes for a luxurious treat.


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