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Party Bark Treat Recipe

Party Bark Blue Jar

Want to know my go to treat for any holiday or celebration? Party bark! It’s so easy to make (it takes just minutes to put together!) and is a fun, festive touch. Plus, it’s delicious. And incredibly addicting. So if you are making for a big group make sure you double!

party bark ingredients collage

The ingredients are simple. M&M’s, pretzels, white chocolate and sprinkles!

party bark step 2

Step 3 Rainbow Bark

Yeah. It’s really that good.

party barkIf you’ve made it this far without it disappearing – congratulations! 🙂

Rainbow Bark3

Rainbow Bark2


At this point you have 2 options. Put it out for everyone to enjoy or stick it in a jar so you can hide it. You can tell which route I like to take. 🙂


Isn’t it pretty? So colorful!Party Bark green

If you are looking for some fun ideas to customize:

Use holiday sprinkles (they even have themed sprinkles like butterflies, flowers, heck, they even have Spongebob sprinkles!)

Customize the M&M’s to your holiday or event (We’ve even made these as teacher gifts and made the M&M’s our school colors!) Amazon is a great place to order them! You can order all blue, yellow, green etc. You can order directly from M&M’s but it can get a little expensive!

Use food coloring to color the white chocolate.


If you are giving them as a gift you can put them in a treat bag with a colorful ribbon or even small Mason Jars. I love the jars! Print off a cute label for the tops and you have an instant adorable gift!

party bark blueOr you can leave it as is. Because it looks pretty darn festive already! 🙂

Party Bark Green Jar

Party Bark Treat Recipe

Party Bark Treat Recipe


  • 12 oz of M&M; Mini’s
  • 2 cups pretzels
  • 16 oz white chocolate chips (1 1/2 bags)
  • Sprinkles


  1. Line a 9X13 baking dish with wax paper.
  2. Spread 3/4 cup of M&M;’s out in the baking dish.
  3. Crumble up the pretzels and add to the M&M;’s. You don’t want to crush them too much!
  4. Melt the chocolate chips. Just microwave for 30 seconds and stir until melted.
  5. Pour the chocolate on top of the M&M;’s and pretzel mixture.
  6. Top with the remaining M&M;’s and sprinkles.
  7. Put the dish in the refrigerator to set.
  8. After it has set, cut into pieces and it’s ready to serve or gift!

We first learned about this fabulous treat from Simply Staci who calls it Rainbow Bark.

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    • We do too Stacie! I’m so glad I had found yours! We make it for just about every occasion! It definitely does not last long in our house!!

  1. Loving the beautiful rainbow colors and how simple this is. Such a cool treat. Thanks so much for sharing on Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in next week’s issue.

  2. I love this recipe! It’s so simple, yet looks very fancy. I bet it would be delicious with reese’s pieces, too! Hmmm….might have to taste test a batch this weekend. Thanks so much for joining Whip it Up Wednesday this week!

  3. These sound delicious! I’ve made some chocolate ones with caramel in them too. They were also yummy! Thank you for sharing these and you fun leprechan posts at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week! ~Deborah

  4. Hello! Just dropping by to let you know that I featured you today over on my blog. Thanks you so much for linking up to {wow me} wednesday! I really appreciate it! 🙂

    Ginger @


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