Re-Grow your veggies - How to replant your kitchen scraps: Re-Growing Celery

regrow your veggies how to replant your kitchen scraps

Celery is one of those veggies that I love because I can throw it in all kinds of stuff and no one even knows it’s there.  I especially love to put it in spaghetti and pizza sauces! Did you know that you can replant your celery?  It’s not quite the instant gratification like the green onions but it still grows fairly quickly.

regrow your veggies celery

Cut the celery stalks leaving the base.  Then put the base of the celery in a dish filled with water.  The celery drinks a lot of water so you will have to keep adding water fairly frequently.  Your celery will start to grow from the center.  Keep the celery base in the water until you start to get stalks forming and leaves.  The photo above was taken about a week and a half after it was put in the water.

regrow your veggies celery 2

Once your celery has started to grow you will be ready to plant.

regrow your veggies celery 3

regrow your veggies celery 4

So here is our celery plant about 2 weeks old.  You will want to keep it well watered!  Soon our little plant will be shooting up!  Celery plants are neat looking plants as they grow.  This makes a really great project to do with the kids! I will make sure to keep you updated as our celery plant grows!

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