How To Replant Your Avocado Pit

How to replant your avocado pit - regrow avocado?  Who knew!?  #garden #avocado

Did you know that you can replant your avocado pit and out will grow a new plant?  Pretty cool, huh?  It’s really easy to do!

So the process is really easy.  All you will need is a dish (like a custard dish or an old jar) and toothpicks.  Oh and a little patience.  It will take a few weeks to get started!

How to Replant Your Avocado Pit - Regrow Your Avocado!  How awesome!

So after you have cut your avocado (learn the right way to cut it here) insert 4 toothpicks into the avocado pit.  You will want to put the toothpicks into the center.

Fill your dish with water.

Then, balancing the toothpicks on the rim of your cup or jar, put the avocado so the bottom half is submerged into the water.

Place in a sunny spot.  You will want to watch it.  Every couple days you will need to add more water.

In a few weeks you will begin to see the pit begin to split open.  Then, in a few more weeks your stem will shoot up.  Then again, a few more weeks will yield leaves.

Replant Your Avocado Pit - Regrow your avocado!  Awesome!

You will want to transplant into soil when your stem is about 7 to 8 inches tall.  Prune the top few leaves.  When you plant your avocado (you will need about a 10 inch pot), plant root side down and leave the top half of the pit exposed.  Slowly add a little water.  Keep your plant in a sunny spot!

Here are a few tips for growing a healthy avocado plant:

* You can plant your avocado plant outdoors, but they like warm sunny weather.  If it gets below 45 make sure you can bring it indoors.

* Keep the soil moist, but be sure not to over water it.  If the leaves begin to turn yellow that is a sign it is over watered.

* Now, before you go planting and expecting to harvest your own avocados in your backyard.  You should know that this will probably NOT produce avocados unless you graft a fruit bearing tree onto your plant.  And I am not an expert on that so you will have to do a little research.  But this WILL give you a really nice plant and also be a fun project to do with the kids! :)

how to replant your avocado pit

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  1. Pam says

    This is something that I could grow in my climate and would be fun and interesting. I probably should try and grow a fruit bearing avocado tree since I live in that type of climate and I like to eat avocados.


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