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The Blog Shop

Welcome to The Blog Shop!

If you are a blogger, here you will find awesome content available for purchase.

I highly recommend joining our private Facebook group so that you can get updates on when and what is being posted for sale. You can also join a tag list to be notified or make requests.

Looking to enhance your post? (Or to just make life easier?) We have a few things to help!

  • Videos perform on Facebook so much better! Get a simple video, complete with your logo (like shown above) as well as a horizontal, branded image for $15
  • No time to write your intro/outro? We can do that too. Add on $10 for us to write your entire post focusing on the keyword.
  • What about those images? For only $10, we will watermark all of your images and create 2 Pinterest vertical images making your content, post ready.
  • Want the entire package? Video, intro/outro and branded photos? Purchase the whole shebang package and get your post all ready to go for $50 (includes content).

Amazon Round Ups

Did you know Amazon changed their policies on using their images. (I know, UGH) Our roundups are mostly from Amazon, with a few additional links from places like Target, Wayfair, Walmart, etc to supplement enough links to create a Pinterest style image that meets Amazon’s updated TOS. No worries here!


  • Do you do pre-sales?

    Usually not. We have a lot of requests, but with over 360 people in our private group and some of our tag lists being 70+ people, it’s just not fair to give some people a jump start. We try really hard, like really, really hard, to deliver good, quality content that everyone can afford. We also try to make sure that we give everyone a chance to snag it up!
  • How many people is your semi-exclusive content sold to?

    Typically it is sold to 5 bloggers and I keep a set for one of our blogs. We run FIVE websites (crazy I know!!) and so I like to keep our sites loaded with content too!
  • Do you offer exclusive content?

    Sometimes. I’ll be honest though, if it is exclusive, it usually goes on one of our sites. And if I’m really honest, I make more money on semi-exclusive posts than I do on exclusives. But every once in a while there will be an exclusive post. Exclusive posts start at $85.
  • Do you do custom orders?

    Yes, but they will be very limited. We put out a TON of content. And again, we have a TON of websites. And a TON of kids. Those three things keep us busy! But sometimes we will take on a custom order. Prices start at $85 – it might be a little more if you are on a tight deadline, require in-store photos (such as for a sponsored post), or if the cost of the post is more expensive than a standard post. If you need something, just ask! You can send me a message on Facebook (through our group!) or email me.
  • What is included in a post?

    First, you get your instructions. It is also accompanied with process photos and at least three final vertical photographs. Majority of the time there are more than that! Sometimes there are a few shared final images. There is also a list of possible Amazon links. Occasionally posts will include printables as well. Shared finals and printables will all be noted in the description.

Thanks so much!