Strawberry Lemonade

Some days lately it’s been really warm here.  Like summer warm.  Even when it was March!  Which is fine with me.  I can’t wait until summer.  I’ve been thinking about it everyday since November.  :)

So the last really warm day we had I decided that I would pretend it was summer and make a batch of strawberry lemonade.  I should have made a few batches because it was gone that night.  So good.

You need to boil about 2 cups of water.  Then add 1 cup sugar.  Lower the heat and let simmer until sugar disolves.  Add a little bit of lemon peel and squeeze about 1 cup of lemon juice.  Stir and remove from the heat.  I pour mine into a big bowl.

Add a pint of hulled and halved strawberries to the simple syrup mixture.  Stir and let it cool.  Then toss in the blender.  Add another 2 cups or so of water/club soda/sparkling water (it depends on how strong you like your lemonade!) and put in the refridgerator to chill.  (Ours didn’t have time to chill - it just got sucked down!)
Serve over ice (and with your rim lined with sugar - I know right!?)
Yum.  So good!
What reminds you of summer?
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    Oh, I will so be trying this SOON! It sounds absolutely delicious and refreshing. Found you on Not Just a Housewife’s Linky Party. I’m two after you with the Yorky Lamp Re-Do. You should Link up to my linky party, It’s a Piece O’ Cake Linky Party. I’m your newest follower.

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    Yum I love strawberry lemonade, I will try this recipe. I found you on Sew Much Ado, You have a beautiful blog, I’m a new follower and I can’t wait to read more. If you would like I would love if you came to share this at my Sunday Party, it opens Saturday afternoon
    every week @

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    Oh my goodness, this looks fabulous. I am going to have to try it! I want some just looking at the post! Oh and I LOVE your blog, it’s so beautiful. So glad I found you from the 30 handmade days linky party!

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    Oh this will be so perfect for summer time!! I would love for you to come link this up at our link party…

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    Hi! Found you through Flamingo Toes and I must say my mouth is watering at the picture of this! I will definitely try making some soon. Nice blog, thank,oh for sharing with us!


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