The Mom Challenge: Week 12 hugs and kisses

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I’ve thought for a few days: to post or not to post.  This seems like such an obvious one and I’m sure one that is done regularly by so many.  But then I thought about kids growing up.  Josh is almost 9 and I will admit that I don’t hug him as much as I used to.  Before you judge me, know that I tried!  But sometimes hugs are met with pushes aways and “MOM, I’m not a baby” phrases.  Our bedtime hugs are still there and hugs before he goes anywhere and are still there but what in a few years.  Will he continue to hug me before he runs outside to play with his friends?  And at 16, 17, or even 18 will he hug me goodnight?

So yes I am going to post this.

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This week’s challenge is to hug your kids.  Not just once.  Not just twice.  But hug them at least 3 times.  In the morning - send them off to start their day with an I love you and a hug and kiss.  During the day sometime- tell them you love them or you’re proud of them and sneak in a hug.  And before they go to bed. And not just a quick hug!  Make your hugs count!

Make sure that you are consistent with your hugs.  Daily hugs will come to be expected!

If you have a teenager explain to them that they aren’t optional.  Tell them they don’t have to hug you back, but you are going to hug them even if they are there rolling their eyes.

(I love this - boys hug too! Source)

Don’t be discouraged.  If you have a (pre) teen who is acting like they are too grown up for hugs just know that you shouldn’t give up.  Again consistency!  After a while of hugging them every morning before they leave for school know that they will eventually come find you for that hug.

Hugs are important.  And I think it’s important for us mom’s to realize that growing older doesn’t mean that hugs are any less important.  Just because our kids tell us they are too grown up for them doesn’t mean they need them.  So hug your kids this week.  If you have younger children vow that even they get older that you will continue to hug them daily.

After all who doesn’t love a hug?

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