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The Mom Challenge – Week 19 You are Awesome

Week 19 of The Mom Challenge! Woo hoo! If you have missed any of the previous week’s make sure to find them all here.
As most of you know a few weeks ago I was at Bloggy Con. It was so much fun and I had a chance to meet so many amazing women (and a few good men!) while I was there. But do you know what I was finding myself doing? Comparing! I know, it’s normal. I know, we all do it. But why?
Here I was having lunch with some amazing new friends, learning about their lives and all I could think of was “How in the world is she running 3 blogs, have 10 kids, and probably wear the same size she did in high school. No wait, I bet she’s skinnier now than she was in high school.” Then I found myself feeling self conscious about oh I just have 1 child. No, I haven’t tried that. I uh- don’t have time? (Saying this to a person who obviously must not sleep in order to fit everything in a 24 hour period).
Ok, so maybe that example above was a little exaggerated BUT you know what I’m talking about! That PTO mom who manages to run every function. Or the woman who runs a successful company and household. Or the stay at home mom who does things like paper mache with 8 kids and looks perfect as she does so (and so does her house!)
The truth is that yes, those women are super heros. They manage great, wonderful things each and everyday. But I am too! And so is every other so called ordinary mom out there.
So this week’s challenge is to not compare yourself!
So what that Michelle Duggar has 20 kids and makes her own laundry detergent or that the woman who works 60 hours a week also has a sparkling clean house or that the mom down the street lost all of her baby weight as fast as Heidi Klum. Stop comparing yourself to others and do the best that you can do.
And sometimes that means asking for help (gasp – I know!) or telling someone no you can’t take on another project as this time.
Do you have a day where your to-do list is out of control? Get a babysitter for the afternoon! So what if you are sitting in your office 1 room over. Some people say that’s silly but who cares! Your children are having fun (supervised!) and you are getting your work done!
Or if you work all week and just want to relax with your family do it! I know there are dust bunnies under the couch and the windows need cleaned. Get a cleaning lady to come once a week! If you go through a private person (check out, your local classifieds or even check to see if there is a small business Facebook group for your area) many of them have 2 hour minimums but will work for $10-15 an hour. To me $25 a week to have the house vacuumed, windows washed, furniture dusted and 1 day I don’t have to do dishes is worth it!
We all know that being a mom is a 24 hour job! Instead of comparing ourselves with others and thinking about all of the things we don’t do or the things we struggle to get done take this week to reflect on all of the awesome things you DO each and every day!
What are some awesome things that you do each day?

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