The Mom Challenge: Week 8

Josh’s school does something special every Friday afternoon. It’s called Passion hour.  In the beginning of the year each teacher chose something they were passionate about.  Each classroom has a different passion - cooking, sewing, recycling, aviation etc.  Then the kids get to chose one of the themes and go learn about it.  Now the 6th graders are leading the passion groups sharing some of their passions every Friday.

The kids love it.  I love it.  The kids learn smoothing new - they are exposed to new things.  And they see that it’s important to have something to be passionate about.

This week the challenge is to help your child find something they are passionate about.  It could be painting, clay, sports, space, tractors.  Even small children have something that they are really into.  Or if your 2 year old loves to color why not try finger paint.  Or puffy paint.  Or looking up fun art projects.  Passions are something that are for all ages!

Has your child not found their passion yet?  Give them a camera - let them take some pictures.  Go out and play Frisbee golf.  Build a card house (do people still do that?)  Try all kinds of things.  It will be fun to try out new things and who knows maybe you will find some new passion as well!

If your child already has something they are passionate about why not harbor that and get involved with them.  Just an hour this week.  Learn about their passion.  Help them explore it - explore it yourself.  Have fun!

What are some things you or your kids are passionate about?



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    My 15 year old is passionate about music and programming computers. My 9 year old is passionate about sports and sports facts! My 4 year old is passionate about BATMAN toys and building a Batman village and playing with all the little men … and he likes to be read to!

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